Gerrard will be our new “Alonso”…

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Our Stevie G has gone through another successful surgery…. and like so many instances, our Captain has put his body on the line for our club. Cramps did not stop him from finishing the game in Instanbul and ensuring the runs of Serginho was checked. And cramps did not stop him from equalising at Cardiff either, inspiring the other teammates and giving the rights for our Pepe to stop 3 penalties. He is 31 this year, at this age and coupled with his injuries, his pace will be questioned but not his spirit and determination.

After Alonso left, it was obvious, we missed him, we missed the quality that he brings to the team. Our player who could effortlessly give a 40 yard pass onto the feet of his teammates and scoring from halfway lines was no more. Before Alonso’s arrival, the player we had that could spray these direct balls and dictate the tempo of the game was none other than our skipper. Then with Stevie G’s pace, directness, penetrating runs and a knack of scoring goals(and important ones too), he was best suited to play just off the Striker. Alonso sat in centre midfield giving Stevie the freedom of Anfield to create havoc to opposing defenders. When Alonso left, there was a void, Aquilani could have been that player to fill that void but sorry Roy had other plans.

Stevie G playing in a centre midfield role will be best suited if he was to be freed off his defensive duties or if there was another defensive midfielder behind him to serve as an “insurance”. That insurance is our Lucas. When Manure came visiting this year,that was exactly the role that he played in. Kenny played 4-2-3-1, with Lucas and Stevie in midfield, the 3 attacking players(Suarez, Meireles, Maxi) in front of him swapping positions during attack confusing the Man-ure’s defence and supporting Kyut in attack.

Now what I would think we need to do(apart from strengthening all other areas that all of us already know) is to find another Stevie G, and that my dear REDs would be very difficult. Will we or will we not come across another Stevie G(2004-07) in our lifetime? Feel free to comment my dear REDs….cheers

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  1. Liverpool will never be short of world class players that will want to wear the shirt with pride some will turn out to be a complete judas and others will be as faithful as is possible, but find another Gerrard??? I doubt very much in the entire future generations of the game that another Gerrard could be found. It’s like saying on Kennys last game for the club that would we find another KING??? In short the answer is no!! plain and simple not taking anything from any of the strikers we have had since Kenny but we are talking about an unbelievably exceptional talent that breaths liverpool football club. The flops like morientes who should have had a long and happy career at our club as one of the most talented strikers to grace the more modern era of football, put them in that red shirt and they fail. How about the Judas’s of the world like Owen or Torres no doubting they’re ability at the club but If Owen was so loyal he would have died rather than play for the scum and much the same for Torres (who by the way has got to be kicking himself at missing the chance to be managed by the exceptional experience of King Kenny who would have surely passed on an absolute fountain of experience). No My fellow Liverbirds players like Dalglish and Stevie are a once in a millenium player and I feel proud to have had both and carra at our club (not forgetting the other boys of the past). These players are the type that make Liverpool more than “some” football club. These players are the foundation that make Liverpool the proudest, loudest and most intense club in the world!! Stevie on behalf of all lfc fans we salute you for your past, present and future commitment, Passion and Loyalty. You truly are a special player and possibly the only player in the history of the club that could be put on par with the King. So go on lad take your throne next to the only “true” special one Kenny. YNWA

  2. We gonna miss him 2 much. We ve to buy some quality midfielders next season if we are to go far next season. Anyways up liverpool!!!

  3. Stevie Gee? Maybe we will get some one like him but there’s no other Stevie Gee under the sun LFC can find than this Dedicated, Determined and Disciplined talented captain. He is our modern legend and we love him.

    For me I throw all my weight on signing at least 5 players for next season. Though this season is yet to end I’ll say it’s better to focus on next season rather than to shift attention to completing the season with Europe hopes. It’s better to retreat and go back to prepare and come back with new LFC than to continue the race relying on hopes and dreams.

    But for Stevie Geee? We surely gonna miss you!!! YNWA. LFC for Lyfe!!!

  4. It aint about replacing players because each player has his own individual strengths and weaknesses making him unique. It’s about evolving as a team and a club.It almost feels like fate with Kenny back at the helm just as Stevie and Carra start to wind down their careers and look to the coaching/management side of the game.If we play it right as a club a whole new bootroom culture for the 21st century can be cultivated here…. YNWA

  5. I totally & whole heartedly agree with Dave “the Liverbird” Moore, could not add to his sentiments & thoughts.
    There was only one KING, only one Stevie & so on. Hopefully there will be other gems like them in the not too distant future.

    However, we must ensure IS NOT TO LOSE the top quality players WE ALREADY HAVE for whatever the reason.
    Xabi : Got injured in an FA cup tie at Preston , was out for six weeks. By the time he was back & to full fitness we had gone from being 6/7 points? ahead of manure to being the same behind them. That year we should have gone on to win the PL.
    Raffa fell out with Xabi as he stayed behind with his wife who was giving birth. Ultimately he sold him, the real losers were us the fans as,Raffa got the boot himself as well as his compensation so we lost out again.
    Chelsea’s New No.9 (even though , has turned out to be fantastic business for us) should never have been in a position to actually think he was going to ” a bigger club”.

    Morale of the story; preserve & protect your gems

  6. 200% right sharde YNWA LFC 4 ever!!! in business terms: RETAIN and Preserve your BEST PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the essence of business… i hope FSG understand that but i dont think so since they SOLD TORRES!!!! man which team would do THAT!

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