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I haven’t blogged a lot lately, due to all the non days of Liverpool stuff. No Liverpool blogger or fan, is unaccustomed to this. Watching, following, be around the sport, you know of the down days, weeks, and moments. You just have to live with this. Of course, the old guard of football, is probably laughing at the new generation. Many of our fathers, grandfathers, watched football at a time where, they only had newspapers, and the match at the weekend. Our generation is too spoiled. I’m cool with that.

Ok, but here’s the thing that is bugging me, the fans still talking about Nando. So he went to another club. So he unsettled the club, so he left King Kenny. So he’s at Chelsea. Folks, he’s not the first player leave Liverpool, he’s not the first to leave under a cloud. Nor is he the first player to fail at another club. And here’s something, he won’t be the last. After work yesterday I logged onto facebook to see what my friends were doing. Company rules prevent me from looking online during work. That’s fine, I have other things to do.

What was I greeted with, that daily mail article about how Chelsea are going to get rid of Nando. Now I know by speaking on it again, it’ll bring it up. I don’t care. Folks, he’s gone. He failed at another club, he’ll move onto another club, and probably fail again. Here’s the thing, he’s completely lost his pace, and his game. Why do we still care folks? Kenny is back, we have two new strikers, and Kuyt is looking pretty damn good.

Stop focusing on him, and his past here at the club. It wasn’t great, so we should just ignore everything by and about him. He’s the only part of the history on the club, that I want removed. In case people forget other people have left this past off season, and the supporters don’t obsess over him. Maybe part of it is, is the women fans still find him way too sexy for words. I don’t want to come off as sexiest here, but this is why male supporters are better.


  1. The problem is he was the first striker since God and Judas to make such an impact in such a short amount of time, he literally hit the ground running (or scoring I should say). We all fell in love with him and with Hicks and Gilette running our club into the ground and all the pressure financially we reds did what we should always do, throw our support behind our boys and it just so happens this one appeared to be in love with Liverpool as much as we all are he committed his future even after a dismal season, so I think it was the shock that made everyone bitter, to request a transfer, and no less to Chelsea, right after we’ve signed Suarez. He was an important part to liverpool but you’re right we can all move on, we’ve all seen him sulk, walk and show general disinterest sometimes and what we all need to do is look at our other players, look at Suarez – he wants to be here, he is smiling and he is working hard. We got the best years we could have out of Torres and in exchange got 2 younger, goal hungry strikers, which isn’t a bad deal- we need to look to the future, look towards King Kenny and our boys because a revolution is coming with these new owners and I believe Liverpool will be back on their top perch soon enough.

  2. I read your blogpost and wanted to comment on how right you are about finally letting Torres go but then I saw that last comment you made about women.. Are you serious? There are just as many male fans as female having trouble letting go, and frankly I do not think that fans of the club are sitting moaning about the loss of a “hottie” but rather about the betrayal.
    Besides, if I remember correctly, and I don’t want to come off as sexist either, it was men burning Torres shirt.. So yes, I totally accept your very clever and not at all sexist comment that male supporters are better because clearly LFC supporters are not an unity, but rather seperated by gender..

    Besides mate, why even think a second more about “sexy” Torres when we have guys like Kelly, Agger, Cole, Gerrard, Meireles (and I could go on and on and on) .

    You are no less a Red just because you live in another country, and you are no less of a Red because you are female.

  3. “Maybe part of it is, is the women fans still find him way too sexy for words. I don’t want to come off as sexiest here, but this is why male supporters are better.”

    What a rubbish thing to say. Loads of male supporters have been talking about him on twitter etc. Let me guess, you’re now going to say that they must be gay?!

  4. Kuyt is looking good? Im sorry but all hes got is work rate..which only compensates for 1 in 10 performances of his..he cant play as a winger coz he really doesnt have the creativity or pace to fit in that role,nor can he be a striker,now that we’ve got two very promising ones..the only thing good about him is that he has a knack of being at the right place at the right time(that too is seen very rarely nowadays)
    Easily past him prime,merely a squad player in my opinion.

  5. Hey it is not just LFC supporters that are talking about this it is EVERYONE…Every pundit and writer is keeping tabs on how many games, hours, minutes this guy has gone without scoring even with some really easy chances he has missed so far. He did not leave with class just like Masch and regardless of what they did with the club they did not honour it when they left. You’ll Never Walk Alone (except you who may not have the favour of women supporters anymore)

  6. This has to be the crappest, yes I said crappest article I’ve ever read, especially on EOTK.

    Firstly, Nando’s contribution to Liverpool WAS great. He was and is a fantastic striker and I’m one LFC fan that would take him back.

    Secondly, Nando hasn’t “failed” at chelsea. He is a phenomenal striker and will go on to do good things for them. Did Crouchy “fail” at LFC simply because it took him a while to score his first?

    Robbie Keane was a failure, Cisse was a failure. Nando was not.

    And yes, your last point does make you sound sexist. So, concentrate on becoming a better man/journalist and leave the writing to people who know what they’re talking about.

  7. I am an American supporter so my views may be different from others. I fell in love with LFC because of the unity of the fans and team and the history behind the club. I completely agree with moving on with Fernando Torres, but I don’t understand the hate behind the talk about him ad calling him a “traitor.” Fernando has always been my favorite player and still is to this day, and while I was very upset to see him leave LFC I never stopped liking him. He did what he thought is best for his career, I don’t see how that is a horrible thing. Sure, he left the club that he showed so much passion for, but he has had a rough year or so. Like I said, I may see things differently because I haven’t been raised to be an LFC fan, but I fell in love with the club as soon as I started loving the sport. I have as much passion about LFC as a born and bred Red. All I’m saying is that either we need to move on and leave Fernando out of LFC affairs or try to get him back because it seems obvious to me that no true LFC fan doesn’t miss him.

  8. The problem with Torres leaving was that everyone was taken in by the ‘You’ll never walk alone’ guff. and angered by his declaration that CFC were a ‘bigger club’.He hasnt failed at Chelsea (yet) but the fans here backed him during his difficult times I doubt his new friends at The Bridge will be so patient.

  9. No he might not have failed yet… wont pass any judgements for at least a season and I for one don’t really care he’s left, he’s just a footballer who was with our club for 4 years… hardly heroic! He was good for us and am thankful for that… but he won NO trophies with us and we focused on him FAR too much! As for the failing part.. no he hasn’t failed yet, but look at his body language and touch, it’s not the same!!! It’s quite shocking actually! One of his touches coming off a high ball at Wigan was just DIRE!!! I don’t want him to succeed at Chelsea, but then again, it’s a little bit sad watching one of the worlds former best players.. becoming slowly but surely decidedly average!

  10. Okay so this is my view. Notwithstanding what is said, there is NO DOUBT in my mind that the majority of Liverpool fans were sad when he left, period!
    Now it’s even worse when you see they way he was gradually coming back to his form at Liverpool to slump into a frustrating streak which has seen him go for 13 games without scoring.
    Torres did not make a mistake leaving Liverpool! His mistake was leaving Liverpool for Chelsea or any other team on the PL. Chelsea is a different set up and there is a predominantly french speaking core group which will not make his life easy, notwithstanding public declarations.
    Luckily for us, Chelsea came with an offer that could NOT be refused.
    Stephen, rest assured that talk about TORRES from Liverpool fans will not die away that easily!

  11. supporters aren’t “focusing” on him, it’s the media that’s focused on him. i admit, i’m loving his poor form, but that has nothing to do with him leaving the club. it has EVERYTHING to do with his comments, though. torres immediately stated in his first interview with chelsea, “i’ll never talk bad about liverpool”, but the idiot goes on to say stuff like chelsea is a bigger club, and how liverpool treats their former players badly. that’s why i, personally, am loving the fact that he can’t do anything on the pitch. if the little sh-t kept his mouth shut about liverpool, i wouldn’t enjoy his misery and might actually feel a bit sorry for the guy, but torres can’t seem to stfu about liverpool. if anything he’s the one focused on us, not the other way around.

    and stephen, if you truly wanted to put this “torres focusing” to an end, you wouldn’t have written about it, because it ultimately, PUTS MORE FOCUS ON TORRES. your little article did nothing but annoy female LFC supporters, shed light to your sexist view, and PUT MORE FOCUS ON TORRES. good job, you f–king idiot.

  12. I don’t want to come off as sexiest here, but this is why male supporters are better. You might as well off said I don’t want to come off as sexiest here, but you belong in the kitchen.

  13. I think the males talk about Nando more than the females. And you dont understand women one bit. Also we miss Xabi more (football wise that is). In case you are sexist again. So think b4 you jot something for the sake of writing an article.

  14. I personally have been having the urge to talk about Fernando’s move for a while! My brother claims he has moved on, so i cant talk about his move to him!I agree with BEN and ADAM 100%!
    1-What i don’t understand in Football (as a female) is who a player can play with passion for a club and then just move on when some turmoil and changes happen?(can someone please explain?)
    2- why move to chelsea when they already have strickers and their style is WRONG for fernando!!!! its not how he likes to play and he said it himself! plus Formation is not right for him and it wont be!
    3- Football for chelsea is a business and for fernando its a passion, so clearly a cultural misplacement! you have to be on the same wave length to play for a team… or so my romantic mind believes. As a professional you should consider and think about that before you move!PLUS he is only 27!!!!!!!!!! he still has time!
    4- If you are reading this anyone at LIVERPOOL or FERNANDO himself, if you/he is/are “for sale” this summer, MANY of US want you/him BACK! you are liverpool’s LUCKY number 9! and no matter what you do at chelsea and the accomplishments you will make ( if any – if Roman decides to keep you :) ) it will be missing something – (if you are reading this argue with me please on this point)!!!!! it will be an empty cup, just like the world cup because your contribution was just minimal!

    Still more to come…
    I am truely a disappointed FAN of the fernando sale!

  15. 5- Who would sell torres!!!! its like selling Xabi or Messi, or Roney or Giggs, you just dont do that! YOU DONT!!! you find a way to make things happen, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! NOTHING!
    6- I am sure the club regrets it in a way because we all know fernando will be back… his 30 min last time gave us a glimpse of that! I hope they think twice before they do anything with PEPE! coz if he goes to… this is a bad sign! we needed fernando to stay at LFC if we wanted our chance at CL and with a finisher like Torres would have been better..
    i hate the gloominess around this situation, would have loved to know what happpened between those closed doors… If someone had spoken to him in a convincing way, surely he would have stayed… i dont know, again, could be me and my romantic mind again… I love football and to see players like alonso and torres leave is SAD! we always have to get used to new faces.. we NEED TO HAVE SOME CONSISTENCY among players if we are to WIN ANYTHING!!! Torres-gerrard-suarez… would have been GREAT!!!
    ohhh… i just hate turnover! and we have had high turn over lately which explains why we cant seem to win anything!

  16. I think the biggest mistake everyone made was believing Torres loved LFC. Gerrard, Carragher, Dalglish are all passionate about Liverpool but Athletico was Torres’ love . Ultimately, he proved this by moving for more money and trophy chances – he wasnt a LFC immortal after all but simply a modern day footballer with more interest in paycheques than honour

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