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It’s a question that has been asked multiple times since his appointing: should we hire Dalglish as a permanent manager? No one is going to question that he has the expertise and the ability to get it done. Let’s examine his career as the player-manager for Liverpool from 1977-90 (player from ’77-85, player-manager from ’85-90, managed that ’90-91 year):

7 League Titles
3 European Cups
5 Domestic Cups

Later won (player-manager):
3 League Titles
2 F.A. Cups

Resigned in ’91 in wake of the horrid Hillsborough Disaster
Named #1 on the 100 players that shook ‘The Kop’

But that was then, and this is now.

After the departure of Rafael Benitez over the summer, H&G along with a few others brought in Roy Hodgson from a Fulham side that had just made an appearance in the Europa League final against Atletico Madrid. Many questioned the decision, wondering if Hodgson was truly the right man, and if he was really as good as he looked or if he was just on a hot streak with his then club Fulham. Nevertheless, LFC brought him in and on July 1st, he signed for the club. Now I bet you’re wondering, why is this bloak talking about Roy? Why do I care? Well I need to bring up his numbers for LFC.
Roy took over at the beginning of the year and was fired (or left by “mutual consent”) on Jan. 8. Here was LFC under Roy.

7 W, 4 D, 9 L = 25 Pts

Not to mention our embarrassing crash out of the Carling Cup to Northampton.

So clearly, Roy was not our man. With all the speculation of who would take over, LFC brought in a king named Kenny.

Under Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool have true, gotten knocked out (undeservedly) of the F.A. Cup and knocked out (more deservedly) of the Europa League, but let’s look at to who.

F.A. Cup
Man U 1-0 LFC with no Suarez, no new signings, away match, first game with the new manager, with 10 men for most of the game, and no prominent striking force.

Europa League series

Braga 1-0 (agg.) LFC

More of a rough series but that’s for a different argument. Point was it was tough fought series of games by a capable Braga squad.

Kenny did not have a whole lot to work with for the F.A. Cup tie and couldn’t do much about Braga because we weren’t capitalizing. But this does not affect how we should look at Kenny. After all, it’s not like we got beat in pens by a Northampton-like side in either of these competitions. Now let’s look at the league:

6 W, 2 D, 3 L = 20 Pts (2nd best since the break!)

I’m not questioning whether the Kenny can do the job right, he will have plenty of work to do though. We need:
New CBs
New wingers
To get rid of the deadwood
To attract quality names
To qualify for Europe
To bring home a trophy

But regardless of the facts and the numbers and the stats, everyone knows the King is right for the job! There were a few who were saying that the King wasn’t in touch with footballing reality and therefore didn’t know if he should take the job. He has silenced those critics with the most points since the break, and a revival of the squad’s hopes and spirits sparked by new arrivals and new philosophies. The King has had some unfortunate breaks in injuries and squad availability but there is know question that this man is right for the job.
Will it be one of the toughest footballing tests of his life? It’s very likely.
Do I think the King has it in him? Yes I most certainly do.

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  1. I like Kenny to manage Liverpool in PL… however… I’m still concerning with his european experience… I don’t know… should be stay.. should be going… 50-50

  2. He has no European pedigree as a manager and his inept performances in this years Europa league all but confirm he doesn’t have a clue how to break down the more stubborn European teams. Braga are not “capable”, we were incapable of beating them.

    Also you ignore the fact that despite spending £55million in January, we are still losing to considerably weaker teams and as a result, are out of contention for the Europa League spots.

  3. The loger it goes on, the more i think the owners have other ideas. I dont think the set up with an MD and a Director of Football suits Kenny and his management style. I think the owners are looking to bring in a young coach, rather than a ‘proper’ manager

  4. I still think you all are too harsh on Kenny. He’s been in six months! true, we crashed out of Europe and true, we spent too much in January. But it’s not his fault that Gerrard and Agger are put for the season with Johnson and Kelly out big on injuries. we lose because we don’t play well with our semi back up lineup. I like it lad YNWA

  5. Today i have been told that Liverpool are talking to Carlo Ancellotti about the Liverpool job, this is 100% true but i can’t say how i know this lads. Also the Gazzetta Dello Sport is reporting that Porto boss (Andres Villas Boas), has signed a pre-contract with Liverpool, apparently Franco Baldini tried to recruit him for Roma but was told he will join Liverpool?.

    Where if true does this leave KK?, Is he going onto the board for life or something???????. I can guarantee that we have been talking to Ancelotti!!!!!!

  6. Agreed. Kenny’s stats are excellent in this 2nd spell. The losses to west ham and the baggies aside, this has been a hugely enjoyable run. The remainder of this spell is ruined by injuries to stevie, Dagger, jonno and kelly’ but 11/12 is a prospect i am already relishing

  7. all ye kenny bashers cmon wat do u expect from him he signed carrol and suarez. suarez was cup tied in europe and he would of made a difference v braga but wait till da summer and mark my words they will buy big then we can c a team 2 b proud of lay off lads whos out there king kenny is da man

  8. @Mini-Me:
    Are you are world class idiot mate? How can you possibly judge whether a manager can cut it in Europe based on so few games. That is clearly idiotic.

    As for spending money and losing 2 games, well factor in injuries and new players settling in and you have an explanation of sorts.

    How you can make such sure judgements based on so few games is beyond me. Fickle huh?!

  9. Just seen another comment ‘Mourinho’.

    Clearly, not a ‘pool fan are you? Mourinho is one of the most defensive, counter attacking coaches in the game. His style would not suit us at all. Plus he is still disliked amongst the kop.

  10. I dont know if i want or i dont want?! but i can say ANCELLOTIIII????? can he get torres back with him:)?!

  11. Kenny might have to finish 5th to have the full time job. If we are still 6th or less that means that we have lost a few more games and if we have lost a few more games then maybe the players are not responding to the manager. I think that he deserves a full season, while the new owners get to grips with running the club and then see where we are next season.

  12. Mini-me you have a Mini-brain. Injuries & players being cup tied cost us against Braga, So you think Jose or Carlo would have done any better with the players we had? even you may have been used as a sub!!!
    KK has a TOTAL footballing brain, I suggest you listen , watch & learn something about football.
    Yes we need real world class players like A Sanchez to break down packed defenses like the Bragas or WBA’s of this world.
    You strike me as a manure fan who is shitting himself knowing KK is back to piss on your old whisky nose perch once again.

    Remember & say the name aloud a few times , DALGLISH, DALGLISH.

    Under Dalglish’s reign we have beaten Chelsea, MU and now M City City,don’t talk about European football as two of those beaten by DALGLISH are playing each other to get to the semis of the best Cup there is.

    The likes of you deserve agent Woy and his lover Whisky nose.

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