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What a game on Monday! We avenged the 3-0 in the second game of this season and in what style! No one told me Andy Carroll had a mean left foot! We just talked about the head. With this we have completed a double on the Manchester clubs, scoring 3 goals in both the game.

A lot was expected and promised from our new strike pair of Carroll and Suarez. We saw glimpses of that yesterday and I am sure there is more to come as they get more game time together.

Sitting up at 12:30am for the game to kick-off I was nervous. We had just come off a 2-1 loss and they had scored 5 against Sunderland. Obviously I was ecstatic after the game screaming my head off at 2:30am when the game finished much to the chagrin of my neighbors.

What a turnaround this season has seen. New owners showing that their intensions, getting the King back in the kop and most importantly getting the supporters and fans of this great club focused on the thing that we have all come to love. The game.

This game last year we had Masch not wanting to play, a hopeless manager tactically clueless and no pass and move. A striker who had set the league ablaze in the previous season searching for form and a general lowering in the moral. This game we had two world class strikers for the price of one, more threatening in front of goal than ever. Two lads from the academy who were promoted to the first team because of injuries and mostly because they deserved it.

It was a lesson in motivation and man-management to watch the King constantly encourage and give tips to Flanagan. And did he deliver. He was up against an England international in James Milner and he responded in style, with the kop cheering on his every touch and move. What needs to praised here was the work ethic of the team as a whole. This is a TEAM. Every one contributed going forward and every one helped out defensively. Carroll was mostly the lone man up. The passion for the club, the commitment from the players and the will to win was there for every one to see.

Moving on to the midfield Lucas and Spearing have been touched upon in the previous article by Ben Carr so I wont go there. Suffice it to say that what I really loved was that they did not let us miss one Steven Gerrard. The keystone and captain of our team.

With the will to buy big names from the owners, the academy producing good players, the future is bright, the future is RED!


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  1. now lets build for the summer, which is massive, if we use our money that fsg give to the King( when he signs his new deal) then we could, and i asy COULD be back iin business.

    We could in a dream world and all being well, have no distraction on the league next year.

    FIf we finish out side of the european places then maybe just maybe if we can get in major quality thaht we need and the owners must know we need it, then we can just go for a major league effort.

    We need a new left back, keep aurelio hanging around he has sych quality when fit, just think if he can stay fit for games as a second choice left back with say a baines or conetrao or even enrique( whihc it looks like being him) then what a left side.

    Sell the deadwood, its clear that poulsen should go, as to, ngog, jonvanvic, el zhar, brad jones, and soto (age and slow on the ground).

    Sell aquilani and use the money, sell joe cole too, and maybe even maxi, also out the door will be konchesky and insua and plessies too.

    Then if the owners can pump in 50 million plus players sales we just need quality.

    It would be great if we can keep reina and add 5 new proven young hungry players like the suarez’s and carrolls.



  2. flanagan was top class he looks like a kid but plays like a true red. his passing an positioning was excellent daglish has got it spot on wid style ov play wid front 3 roaming an interchanging

  3. I agree with all the above, i was devastated at the fist game against city as we were totally out muscled and were well beaten, this time we did it to them, maybe even more so. kennys tactics swapping carrol an suarez etc were spot on. we dont get the credit (city were bad etc)but who cares, i dont need the so called experts to tell me when the reds are playin well, twats.

    i was so proud to be a red watching jay spearing and lucas fighting for every ball and delighted for young john flanagan who had a very steady game. i hope carrol goes on to terrorise defences for years to come, him an suarez are awesome. mireles seems to be a class act too, (or mirelesh as the annoying twats of commentators seem to always call him, attempting to sound continental) a fit stevie g an a few key new faces in the summer an we should have a good season next year. Get in !!


  4. Lovely article and many fantastic points. Gerrard as much as I love him will need to bring his A game to next season if he wants to out muscle Jay.

  5. Yup I would love to see Stevie G actually fighting for his place in the team. I am sure he would relish that thought too. “Too long has the burden lain on his strong shoulders. It is time now for others to share in it.” Like India won the Cricket world cup for Sachin Tendulkar, I would love it if LFC won the PL for Stevie and Carra.

  6. Couldn’t agree more. I think all players should fight for thier position – surely this only makes them better anyway!

    Last night was magic and great to see Carroll lift the burden of scoring the first goal. Can’t say the same for ol’ El Nino……this story will never grow old WHAT A WASTER!! LOL

    Onwards and upwards for the mighty reds and King Kenny


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