PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year Nominations.

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PFA Young Player Of The Year.

1. Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)
Arsenal’s young stars from England is indeed is shining all season. His appearance with the club and national team also looks very promising and makes people forget how young his age. The technique could even outwit one of the best teams in the world, Barcelona in the Champions League. But unfortunately, an opportunity to earn a degree at the Emirates Stadium this season running low. Three title hope has disappeared, and another one is still quite far from his grasp. So, is he worth a prize?

2. Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspur)
World’s Greatest Left Back? Hmmmm … Various praise indeed flowing into the left back / left wing of the Spurs this time performed brilliantly in several games. One example is when he silent Inter Milan in the Champions League. But at certain moments, he can also be no sound at all in the field. For example when turned off Rafael when facing Manchester United. Bale had a remarkable skill. But he still has not found the consistency needed.

3. Seamus Coleman (Everton)
Seamus Who? Well … If you look at the way Everton this season, which had slumped on the bottom of the table but now continue to rise and break through mid-table board, Seamus Coleman’s name will be sticking out. The role of new players they obtained cheaply is very vital. Although still young, he was able to lift Everton game and showed great potential. Watch out, big clubs are hunting him soon!

4. Joe Hart (Manchester City)
The contribution of this player for Manchester City are not allowed to doubt. Joe Hart is still included in the category of young players, but he did not replaceable under the rule City and also now the English national team. Glorious saves often made in an important game, and he is also known to be very assertive to lead the back line. A big capital that makes the City was able to sit in the top four standings today.

5. Javier Hernandez (Manchester United)
One year ago he signed a contract to join Manchester United. Now? He was nominated in the Best Young Player of this year. Hernandez-development is remarkable. The sharpness in front of goalkeepers has produce 17 goals for United. A tremendous amount for the size of the debut season of a young player. Plus, he often did after entering as a substitute. A game changer.

6. Samir Nasri (Arsenal)
Another Arsenal player who shone this season. Samir Nasri. The Frenchman was very influential in the Gunners midfield. The passes pretty often initiate movement that characterized and their mainstay. He also has the ability to create ‘genius’ goals, All of them has been demonstrated this season. In his best season so far, so it’s fair for Nasri through this nomination now.

7. Nani (Manchester United)
He is 24 years old and still nominated PFA Young Player of the Year. Maybe this is one way of PFAs “apologized” for not include it in the major categories. Nani’s appearances with United this season is remarkable. The simplest proof is that he now leads the most assists in the Premier League. Far above the names nominated as Player of the Year. It also balanced with the ability to score. This is the best year for him. And his role for United’s also very vital. A young player award for him? Maybe …

Now. It’s time for the main award: PFA’s Player Of The Year Nominees Are….

1. Charlie Adam (Blackpool)
At the beginning of the season, no one knows this name. At the beginning of the season, Blackpool became the club most often predicted to be relegated. But now, Charlie Adam’s success is known and took his club to emerge as a club full of surprises and dangerous for any team. His appearance in midfield area is very well and have a big impact with Blackpool season that runs great so far. Big clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United now are interested in him. A good pick.

2. Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspur)
Okay. This name has been previously discussed above. Bale’s great appearances in the game and also some incredible media attention made ​​him signed in two nominations. Although when we look closely, his contribution in the Spurs are not so bright. Indeed, its presence on the ground always add to the motivation to play and also add a little “fear factor” on the opponent. But in terms of the number of assists or goals, Bale did nothing special this season. In terms of media attention? Incredible.

3. Samir Nasri (Arsenal)
Living the best season for Arsenal and signed in two nominations at once. This is a proper appreciation for what has been achieved by Nasri so far with his club. As one of the most influential players and too often become the inspiration for his club game, he is worth to be mentioned as one of the players most developed and also the best for this season. Win this title? Maybe …

4. Scott Parker (West Ham United)
West Ham are struggling hard to escape the threat of relegation. And it seems it will be difficult to do. But they still managed to enter one name in the nomination, Scott Parker. This midfielder is undergoing a tough season, but his performance still stands out and above the average. Not infrequently, he became the only West Ham player who could shine in the match. He was also rewarded with a call to the England national team for his appearances.

5. Carlos Tevez (Manchester City)
For Manchester City, the most precious treasures they found in a backyard neighbor. Carlos Tevez. Since moving from United, he has always been a mainstay of City’s front-line to tear the opponent back line apart. This season is no different. Although having some time clashed with Roberto Mancini and threatened to leave, he remained outstanding contribution so far. And the ratio of victories of City will increase rapidly every time the Argentinian striker is played. A genius? Controversially yes.

6. Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United)
Captain at the same time the rock at the back United. Nemanja Vidic game so far to be one important element which helped United to sit comfortably on top of the standings. Leadership and composure in the back line often makes opponents frustrated. Although not without blemish-on a bad day, Vidic could look like amateur. Moreover, with various injuries that often hit the back of other players. So it’s worth the Serbian player is able to penetrate the nomination this time. To win it? It Could Be a good bet …

7. Rafael van der Vaart (Tottenham Hospur)
Transfer of the year? Well … One of it at least. Purchased at the last second of the transfer window last summer, Rafael van der Vaart prove himself for what is required by Spurs right now. His appearances was remarkable and his goal scoring ability is also not less powerful. In short time, he was perfectly adapted to his new club. Harry Redknapp will be very worried if the midfielder were absent. The commander of center-line always make Spurs look better this season.

So … That’s it! That all nominations for the PFA Young Player Of The Year and PFA Player’s Of The Year this season. Who would be your choice?

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  1. It’s a shame no Liverpool player in the nominations… but which Reds players u think deserve to be in the nominations??
    Well,… Martin Kelly perhaps(should’ve start from early season and didn’t get the injury)??

  2. To be perfectly blunt and honest, I really do not think this article has an relevance to us. Redvolution your articles are always appreciated as I am aware of how much effort you put into them, but this one, I feel, is really…..pointless! Sorry!

  3. Well, as you said Redvolution, there are no Reds in the lists. The objective of the article is a little lost for me.

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