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I would have wanted to start by ‘No mates, it’s not Torres I am talking about!’, but the picture above gives the game away in an instant.

I read an article on Caught Offside which suggests that Kenny & Co could be considering a return to Anfield to no other than Michael Owen! Okay, now I got you going and I’m expecting comments ranging from the hopelessly romantic to the blunt swearing!

Fact remains that Owen is a free agent this summer, and Kenny, Stevie and Carra, amongst but most certainly more than others, maintain an unblemished friendship with the Chester-born now 31 year old and he is still very highly regarded. With 118 goals in 216 appearances for the Reds, Owen is up there amongst the best, but there is one important stumbling blocks in the eyes of all Liverpool fans…..he played for the Enemy!

It is known fact that calling Owen injury-prone is an understatement, but then again Dalglish will not want him to lead the line. He will want him and use him as a back up when he is needed and called upon. There would be no signing on fee and perhaps he will be convinced to go for a performance based contract.

I do not think I need to add anything further at this stage. I am sure that the comments coming in will say all there is to say on this possibility. Just let us know if as a Liverpool supporter you are ready to ‘forgive’ Michael Owen and encourage the Club to make an effort to bring him back. Fire away!

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  1. I’m still embarassed abt wearing one of my Reds jersey with his name on it…like Torres, i don’t see it happening. Even less so with Owen on the wrong side of 30 and whatever his records were for us, it was history…lets leave it at that. I can easily go on with a list of strikers which WE the reds will choose over him. (and Torres is now just 1 place in front of him in that queue of strikers i would like to see playing for us…in fact i don’t think i will ever wear my jersey with his name on it too…)…mecenaries..

  2. a finnigan says:
    April 14, 2011 at 1:03 am
    he can go to everton like all the other manc rejects

    Hahaha, damn right on that one!

  3. we already have a wash up like Joe Cole no need for Owen. We have young talents already dying for a chance to prove themselves pick them instead. And if they are not good enough buy Conner Wickham young and talented for the future.

  4. NO!!! I will never forgive him or even try too …. But if kenny thinks that it’s better for the club if he’s back then I trust kenny but I won’t sing him as a kop hero

  5. No I think most of us would not want him back. We thank him for past services but that is all.

  6. Personally, I wouldn’t want to sign him back! Shows disrespect to the fans who idolised him and when he turned his back on them, they were shocked but accepted it. But imo, if Kenny signs him, I’ll put everything aside and get on board, because I know that Kenny only has the best interests of the club at heart and all actions taken will be to that effect. And I trust Kenny!

  7. Bring him back… Yes, we can go on and on about the backstabbing things that he has pulled on LFC.. its all down on paper and its a fact…

    But Michael Owen could be the best free signing we could make as a backup striker. Something that LFC have tried to fill with the likes of a certain My little Pony character recently and a certain Jova which both have been total flops.

    Owen wont be required to play full 90min week in and week out… but will be required to be fit and ready to poach a goal for LFC in those dying minutes of the game when we give our front line a rest or to add another goal threat in the mix in those closing minutes…

    This is something Owen has shown he can still do.

    At 31 his best years are way behind him but he has matured into an intelligent player now and will be able to fill the void….

    Give him stick the first few games and once he pounces and thrashes a few late winners, will once again be a kop hero… Thats a fact…

  8. Professionally I’d prefer Torres to be back rather than Owen, bcuz Torres is still young and knows how to score with Liverpool, Owen is just injury asset…

  9. dont wont him back he was good in his day but then he went to man u and is injury prone give pachedo a chance he is quality

  10. Don’t take the Michael…no way should we take him back. Give a youngster like Adam Morgan a chance instead!!

  11. To be honest i dont mind owen coming back he will only be needed as a backup and dont forget he is a natural finisher and we need dat liverpool forget wat Owen has done he will always be a red at heart..if i was a player and i had d option to join aston villa or wigan or newcastle and i see man utd com along i will definitely go for utd he did it for his own good and yh as fans it wud piss us bt stil i wud take owen ryt nw on a free better dan ngog by far or even better dan kuyt in a way jst dt injuries will mke him mediocre bt hes still got dt finishin touch in anyways i dont see it happenin

  12. I like what Suj said…we have plenty of youngsters coming through how need the experience, I for one believe once you burn a bridge you can never fix it, Owen and Torres left LFC for a brighter futures, owen went to Real to win the Champions League, but we won it (haha) Torres left LFC to play in the champions League…he played in total maybe just over 1 game.

    Bring in the youngsters…Amoo, Suso Rahim..etc

    1. @ Red Sky! I do not agree on the ‘burnt bridge’ concept in general, but I feel Owen did go a bit beyond that. All this outrage at the thought of a return is more than justified in my view.

  13. It’s not about him playing for United- we shouldn’t want to take him back because he has hardly played this season, has lost his main attribute (pace) and offers nothing off the pitch except for the fact that he is a mate of Carra and Gerrard’s. Hyypia coming back would be much better (as a coach). Owen would be a step back. Hopefully Carra and co. know better than to try and get their mate one last pay day.

  14. Tonio, I believe that at the time when Mr.owen left us we really needed a strong striker to help build a team starting a season, he left last minute not giving the club alot of time (hmmm..sound familiar) the way I see it he left us in the lurch when we really needed him so how can you say that he did not burn that bridge? ask all the supporters here?

  15. Owen back to LFC, the thought shouldn’t of even entered our minds!!

    He sold his SOUL to the DEVIL(Manu).

    When released,he should put down his footie boots and pick up his riding boots and sign up with his horses!


  16. Well that says it all “read an article on CaughtofSide” a website that provides nothing but bullsh*t.

    However, Owen coming back? no thanks.

    1. @ DubRed! You might have gathered that it was the pretext to create the article and a point of hot debate. As I said last night, NOTHING I read or hear is believed until the Club’s website makes an official statement.
      The point of the article was very simple: is MICHAEL OWEN forgiven or not. Quite evidently, HE IS NOT!

  17. Kenny Dalglish should not try to incur the wrath of the Liverpool fans by bringing Owen back. He abandoned us when we needed him to selfishly pursue a dream of his own. NO TO OWEN.

  18. Owen was a great player for Liverpool and nobody can deny this. He is one among the best striker Liverpool ever had. Remember the final against Arsenal? We were one goal down and thanks to him. We came from behind and we won that cup. We adored him and he was our messi. When a player is a great one, we cannot deny it. But, Owen broke our heart when he went away. He did not bother about Liverpool, his mates and us the die hard when he left. He left us when we really needed him. So why bother about him now!!!! What will he bring to us??? He is playing for our enemy. He is among the players for Utd who perhaps will make Man Utd creating the history by winning their 19th titles. His goals he scored this season for Man Utd in some matches was very crucial this season. I donot hate him but Liverpool cannot do this to his fans. If he would not have played for Man Utd perhaps then we could have forget his mistakes. Please donot bring him back. Thanking you for considering my comments before making any move for Owen.

  19. never in a millon years i dont want him near the club he slated it when he went madrid saying the best club then he said the same about the mancs well he can rot all i care

  20. I am truly surprised that an unsourced comment on caughtoffside has generated so much interest.

  21. i am not willing to pay any more money to watch a traitor play for the reds, shirt name on then left to further his ambition. he is a mercinary we dont need him bring pacheco back

  22. While i may still be seething at the fact that he joined the Scum, the fact remains that he and stevie g have an understanding on the pitch that is probably only rivalled by the one stevie and torres had. Owen and torres flourished having a player like stevie picking them out in the right positions for a goal. Lets face it also that when he was available on a free we didnt sign him up and his options were limited to mid table teams and then along came Scum utd. Think about it, if u are a professional in any field wouldnt u choose the best company possible to join if you were given the option ? i know i would. I think this guy can still do a job for any team, albeit as a 4th choice striker , because he definately knows how to score goals. In KK we trust YNWA.

  23. No way. This is a kind of player that doesn’t have any loyalty what so ever. The remarks he made when he went to manure pretty much sounded lke he was trying to piss liverpool fans off. He should move to the lower divisions because thats where he belongs. He’s a has been and should stay that way for his miserable life. I never liked him even when he was banging goals for pool. And nothings gonna change my perception of him. If it was Fowler making a third comeback…then ….Hell Yeah!!! But not this scoundrel of a human being. He should buy an apartment with Gary “whinner” neville and live out the rest of their miserable lives together.

  24. Mikey76,
    Don’t be too surprised, THIS IS WHAT MAKES US LIVERPOOL SUPPORTERS THE BEST, PASSIONATE TO OUR CORE, Isn’t it great that Tonio has manged to still have comments posted on this blog?
    I posted comments last night at 10.04, 11.02, 11.20 which you may wish to read. Last night I was with a whole pile of my old buddies from Liverpool down hear in London, my comments absolutely reflected their’s too, (10 of them)!

    Tonio , I dare you to post the same on Chelsea’s No.9 , you may get Mr Abramovich joining in too as well as John Terry!!


    1. @ Sharde. In due course my friend. One topic at a time! :-) Comments on this one are still coming in………………

  25. no chance, the way our team is going and how we are investing in youth, his mates gerrard and carra might have trouble gettin into the first team in the future. Michael Owen was a good player for us but chose to reject us when we needed him, so no thanks!!

  26. Even though owen is a great player I would not want him back as a player as he betrayed us when we needed him. I would not want torres back either as he didn’t say thank you for making him into a great player. Do you see that when he plays for chelsea they don’t stick up for him when he gets into a fight but when he played for liverpool they put their bodies on the line. If they really want a striker to play give sterling a chance.

  27. fowler was welcomed back with open arms (im his biggest fan) but as for owen forget it hes a traitor fowler was a true red as hypia as mcmanaman as mcateer as for owen he is the only one of these true reds who moved to the scum ! owen moved to win cups and didnt win a thing with madrid but we went on to lift quite a few :D ….torres is next lol Y.N.W.A

  28. Tonio,
    I see & I am amazed with the biggest smile on my face !! Cheers to you pal. Thank you


  29. we have to remember dat owen was one of the anfeild heroes, he did lot for liverpool, imagine how many times did he make you feel happy by scoring crucial goals against our rivals and opponents, i dont say that he didn’t betray lfc, offcourse he did but he must be treated & regarded as anfeild hero
    I believe that one day owen wil be lfc player again as stevie said in owen’s first game back to anfeild wearing newcastle shirt when lfc fans chanted slogans against owen

  30. Just Amazing (not his return per se) but the fact that we are by far the greatest club and the best fans ever! If he does return, it just shows how faithful we are and how wonderful the club is! We just are BIG! once and Liverpool player always one i suppose… so we can expect torres to be back when he is 30?! hehehe… would be funny if he accually won the CL with us this time:) Talk about irony!!!! I just gerrard and Carra are the smartest Liverpool players they understood it all!!! We must WIN EPL next season for them!!!! :) just amazing…

  31. HE’S gone and he’s gone go get alonso insteed bcos he was forced out and abviously we need him thanks

  32. It’s not the fact at all he has played for Man UTD that doesn’t bother me. I mean how many people were bothered when we tried to sign Heinze. It’s the fact he is very injury prone and not very good anymore because of it. We should be looking to get rid of our injury prione players like Aurelio & Agger as good as they can be as Kenny said they are no good to us injured! So why would he go and sign another. You mention he has scored 118 goals for us he has actually scored 158 in all competitiions, but the last of these he scored was nearly 7 years ago. Enough said!

  33. Micahel Owen was never and will never be a red.

    When he played for us he put England first – he left to win things (what a joke) and then played for the Scum – our biggest rivals – which makes him SCUM

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