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I would have wanted to start by ‘No mates, it’s not Torres I am talking about!’, but the picture above gives the game away in an instant.

I read an article on Caught Offside which suggests that Kenny & Co could be considering a return to Anfield to no other than Michael Owen! Okay, now I got you going and I’m expecting comments ranging from the hopelessly romantic to the blunt swearing!

Fact remains that Owen is a free agent this summer, and Kenny, Stevie and Carra, amongst but most certainly more than others, maintain an unblemished friendship with the Chester-born now 31 year old and he is still very highly regarded. With 118 goals in 216 appearances for the Reds, Owen is up there amongst the best, but there is one important stumbling blocks in the eyes of all Liverpool fans…..he played for the Enemy!

It is known fact that calling Owen injury-prone is an understatement, but then again Dalglish will not want him to lead the line. He will want him and use him as a back up when he is needed and called upon. There would be no signing on fee and perhaps he will be convinced to go for a performance based contract.

I do not think I need to add anything further at this stage. I am sure that the comments coming in will say all there is to say on this possibility. Just let us know if as a Liverpool supporter you are ready to ‘forgive’ Michael Owen and encourage the Club to make an effort to bring him back. Fire away!

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  1. Lets be honest: He couldnt be worse than Ngog! Perhaps he might actually be a striker that could score!
    And also: he Was a great Red. Was.

  2. Nope. I’d rather take a youngster who wants to prove he’s got ‘it’, rather than an injury prone former player wanting to prove he can get ‘it’ back…rather have N’Gog now that i think of it…

  3. Great thought provoking post Tonio… as ever!

    I’d answer this one as objectively as possible ;-)

    Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind if he is a sub instead of N’gog and being a free agent is another plus. Just one condition, he would have to beg first. :-)

  4. He is finished, injury prone and no longer needed or wanted at Anfield. We should be aiming higher than Owen, standards will be raised by the new owners, so short answer….NO

  5. I doubt he’ll come back unless we’re his only choice, he’s never been interested in loyalty or money only silverware. The only reason he’s at the club he currently is is so that he can backdoor his way into whatever medals they happen to win this year. He’s appeared about 12 times for them this year and it’s possible that he could leave with the two main awards that he’s missed out on so far, EPL and UCL winner.
    He is a model professional footballer, make the most amount of money and win the highest number of medals as you can in your career, it’s a shame that he won’t be loved by any fanbase for what he’s done.

  6. Are they having a laugh he’s a dirty manc git who has evne come out and said before we played the scum that he was an Everton fan anyway this had better b a joke he’s forever injured and once again he’s a manc scumbag

  7. Its a very difficult call in my opinion. I loved Owen, he was my favourite player when he played for us. I still have my golden away kit with his name on the back.

    I’m quite willing to forgive.

    I know he played for the filth, but think about the reasons of doing so. whiskey breath only signed him (in my opinion), out of wanting to make us (fans) turn against one of our greats. He’s played a handful of games, and hes been fit since he’s been there. Owen also wanted to play games, and wanted to prove he was still top class material, hence signing for the filth, even though he knew the consequences.

    Only he knows why he signed for Newton Heath, really. Though he had the option of joining a lesser team.

    Its a difficult one like i said, but KK will make sure its in teh best interests of the club. Personally though, i would take him back if he can prove he can still delivery when called upon to give the goods.

  8. I would love to see him back at Anfield.I have no grudge against Owen..he really had no choice when there were only stoke and united made an offer..he gave us a lot to cheer about,and all he does at united is waste their money..

  9. my first instinct is NO way but only coz he played for the scum but as he is a free agent y not as a subsitute for carroll

  10. Owen we shouldve signed him bak before the enemy did! I would love to see him wear the right colour of Red! Bring him back! But as Kaushal says… First he must beg for the fans forgiveness..!!!

  11. I wish we’d got him when he was a free agent when he went to United. Such a silly move by Rafa to ignore him and have no cover for Judas when he was always injured – NGog is rubbish..

  12. Excuse the language but… No Fucking way in hell… Once a traitor always a traitor… Real understandable.. i’ll even forgive Newcastle but Man”fucking”chester United No Way!

  13. We shouldve signed him bak before the enemy did! I would love to see him wear the right colour of Red! Bring him back! But as Kaushal says… First he must beg for the fans forgiveness..!!!

  14. I said that Rafa should have signed him when he went to Utd. if Liverpool were struggling for money, then I’d say “yes resign him” but but otherwise I don’t think Liverpool will need him. Injury prone, getting on a bit, and played for Liverpool’s arch enemy. probably just rumour anyway.

  15. No thanks. He has shown nothing but disrespect for Liverpool and Liverpool fans. He cares about Michael Owen and England, in that order.

  16. No chance we just got rid of one injury prone striker for two young hungry strikers anyway looks like wer looking young talanted players

  17. Owen performance is not the same anymore. He played his best at LFC. I think he’s lost it and is not good enough to play in PL again.
    We need more quality like Suarez.

  18. Fuck him,to old,to injury prone and more interested in horses.he never gave Rafa a chance when he took over.Fuck him! Where were you in Instanbul!

  19. Cares nothing for our club, only himself. No not all footballers are like that. This lad is one of the worst self centred egotists in the game.

    Don’t give him the chance of forgiveness, let him lie in the bed he’s made.

    Hope he always walks alone.

  20. Yeah, I’d welcome him back if he was cheap and happy with a limited role. There’s no asterisk beside the “N” in “YNWA.” He’s just been walking through a storm for a few years, that’s all :) I’d rather get a younger player that would be with the team for a longer period of time, but if they see fit to get Owen back I’m not going to hold the last few years against him.

    As an LSU college fan (the “other” football) it’s a situation I’m familiar with… our old coach left to coach in the NFL, and when he decided to return to the college ranks he ended up coaching one of LSU’s biggest rivals. Most LSU fans hate the guy because of it. I never understood it – he never left LSU to go straight to Alabama, and Owen didn’t leave heaven to go straight to hell… hell just happened to be the best option at the time.

  21. Was a great player but rightly owners want youth and he isn’t. Not going to happen. His time at Anfield is limited to charity matches from now on.

  22. Absolutely no way would I want that little sh*t back, we look like we are on the start of something that could be great why would we want a areshole who walked out on us.Last night a 17 year old kid hit the winner in the reserves and has been scoring freely for the under 18s. Thats our future not a hasbeen no matter how much we loved him EIGHT years ago.

  23. No, bringing back Owen will not do any good for LFC. As someone else say’s he only cares about himself and England and bringing him back will only benefit Michael Owen .

    I would rather the club brought through Adam Morgan. This Kid is the real deal, at 16 he has shown maturity much beyond his age. He is the future not Owen

  24. Did he not go a “bigger ” club to win the main silverware which we won in the same year. Could not wait to jump ship for “brighter lights” rather like our recent man whore who in London in known as Chelsea’s new lifeless rent boy. 8 out of 10 pundits prefer a blow up version also full of hot air.

    So as for Owen; you don’t have your wife back when she has been sleeping with the enemy, will not go down well, will end up killing her!!



    1. Hey Sharde! Your question is legitimate. Would I want Owen back? No! Would I want Torres back? No! Owen for having played for Man Utd, Torres because the days of dark clouds over Anfield are over!

  25. No,no and NO!!!!! Let’s look to the future not the past. Pacheco and Sterling and even Ngog before Judas.

  26. better get a youngster from d academy rather than get him back…..seems to b youngsters improving well………

  27. Yes. Once class always class. As a back up to the strikers and his experience, he is a good squad addition. YNWA.

  28. I would prefer calling upon our youth prospects but i dont think we have the right to question anything Kenny does at the moment so as ‘John White’ said…’In Kenny we trust!’ YNWA!

  29. Lets be honest, he knew how LFC fans would feel about him playing for United, and he did it anyway. But Stevie G is an LFC fan and player, and he still likes and respects Owen.
    But then, remember how Tevez dismissed LFC as an option when he was leaving United? And likewise, I dont believe Reina will go to Man U even if he leaves. He just wont.
    But, loyalty arguments aside, the bottom line is that for Owen’s wages, we can get a younger, better striker, and one who won’t be injured as often.
    But we wont get a better striker for free, though. There is that.
    Personally, I would go for whatever option gives LFC the best chance of winning the prem next season, and if that meant playing Owen, Torres, Gadaffi or Postman Pat, so be it.

  30. The club is moving FORWARD. Taking him back would be a BIG step BACKWARD. He WAS a wonderful striker…WAS being the operative word. He’s 31 years-old, broken down, and can’t score from the stands. NO THANKS!

  31. Would’nt like him to back at all,read his book and could’nt belive how little of LFC he talked about,England this,England that.
    Like someone else said he’s only been interested in gee-gees for the last few years,plus he’s really injury prone.
    So thanks,but no thanks.

  32. Never, he left us in the lurch when he left at the last minute even though he kept banging on about signing his new contract!!!

  33. 3 years ago – absolutely.

    Now, he’s played for the scum(deal breaker – he knew what he was getting into), and I think he’s kind of finished.

    I would take torres back in a flash though!

  34. Leaving aside personal feelings about what he’s done said written etc. I can’t see how Dalglish could justify offering him even a temporary place in a team that is currently being rebuilt.If he was any other 31 year old player from another club would we even be having this discussion.

  35. firstly i thought we had money to spend on young quality players
    if kenny is thinking about bringing owen back he is not the right man for the managers job
    thirdly i would rather have torres back than owen

  36. I didn’t have a problem with Owen moving to ManU, it’s his career and he can do as he pleases. But, what it did prove was that he has absolutely no emotional attachment to Liverpool or the fans. Would Robbie Fowler have gone there? Not in a million years. For that reason, as well as the fact that he snubbed us twice and was more concerned about his England career than Liverpool, I would not touch him with a barge pole.

  37. No, putting playing for the scum aside for a second, he’s made of glass whats the point in signing a player who will only be fit for 1/4 of the season.

  38. Never never never he did a deal and sold his arse to the devil. Hes a judas and only ever thinks of Michael Owen!!!

  39. Neither Owen nor Torres back..i am not gonna look at the past.the only player i’d LOVE at Liverpool is Xabi Alonso,the other two are TRAITORS.and i just cant get this new thing about Liverpool fans wanting Torres back..Come on now you forgot how he treated us already??he is a traitor once and will always be a traitor.i’d rather bring a young gifted starlet than get these two s**t players.can we bring Bojan here?one thousand miles better..You’ll walk alone Torres and Owen cauz you never realised in what a great club you were..YNWA

  40. let’s see: he’s injury-prone, 31, on the decline, takes up opportunities for younger prospects, can’t build a future of continuity around him, and this is before any of the emotional responses come..do i need to continue?

  41. liverpool need to go forward n look to the future not look back get young players in we dont need owen…….. if we are going to get a back up striker gets someone else than owen we would never want trator back so why take owen back

  42. Steve,
    Who wants man whore back? no body, not even for free, I am not aware of any of us wanting HIM back.
    I mean come on 11 games without a goal for a striker who is now with all his superstar pals that don’t exactly pass the ball to him.
    May be the pair of them can go & buy a club together and then may be pick themselves to get a game or a goal!

    1. Sharde, if I am not mistaken it is 14 games now between club and country. There were however some comments here that said they would want him back.

  43. I would take him back, just for the back-up. You all talk about not taking anyone from the past but hiring kenny is going into the past and that was one of the best descisions by the club and fans… I think he was great and can still score a goal or two if he were to really want it. I beleive it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to call him back for free.

  44. We should look at Sturridge currently on loan to Bolton from Chelsea, as a back up to our front players. I bet we could pick him reasonably cheaply.

  45. He would help us to sell a shit load of merchandise in Asia, which would please the owners and the sponsors (and help to make up on the dip in merchandise sales we had when Torres went). He is still a quality player when fit so as long as it was pay as you play then OK

  46. If I had to pick one former Liverpool player who should return to us it would be Xabier Alonso Olano. Given our situation at left-back we could also think about John Arne Riise. And we should get Sami Hyypia back as a coach. The guy’s a true legend. As for Owen. Well, poor lad. His greed or whatever ruined his career. He should retire.

  47. Owen no. Torres yes. You simply have to take emotions out of it. If we could buy torres back for 30m. It would essentially mean we got suarez for free and be the best bit of business ever. Never going to happen though. Agree with all the comments about getting alonso back, he was immense tonight.

  48. Tonio. If you read this on caught offside it must be true (sarcasm). Read something a bit more reliable to provoke conversation.
    Owen has had it and he is not loved by the faithful not just after the way he left but also goinfg to Manure. It isn´t an option.
    I can´t see Kenny even thinking of this and this is just another tabloid based betting blog trying to stir up problems for LFC.
    I think you you should take your information from a better source.
    I´m not saying you should stop writing though.

    1. @ Shaun. I did not say I believed the article. I just quoted it to get the discussion going. Thereagain you know how Kenny is nostalgic and his relationship with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher has never faded. You will also know that the captain and vice-captain’s views are highly regarded by the manager.
      As far as I am concerned nothing I read on the media is reliable until the Club makes a statement on it’s website. 99% of what we read and hear is pure speculation. So don’t take it on the personal and as you might have noticed the ‘provocation’ did bring out some interesting issues to bear.
      I do understand where you are coming from and not to worry, until Antoine does not ask me, I will not stop writing! :-)

  49. My Michael WHO…. no wayz. Please writer go dig up a flippin concrete article than to publish this shit. We dont need traitors but good back up players. Geewizzzz what are you smoking!

  50. no way dude! What drugs you on?! Get adam morgan in the gym and bring him through! 17 goals in 12 matches. We have excellent youth prospects.. Sterling, flanagan, robinson, suso, silva, shelvey, kelly etc. These are the future. Not owen! Ever since he left his career has gone downhill.

  51. well, I’m Blood Red through and through all the way from MALDIVES.
    to start.. my love affair with LIVERPOOL started back in france worldcup 1998…YES i followed to this WONDERFUL club after Michael Owen YES and im proud of him, cuz without him i will never be this RED CRAZY,
    well lets stop… he left us for RM (watever the reason is..leave it!)..but Liverpool has been my early morning Coffee, afternoon Lunch, Evening Dinner…i always follow reds news on newsnow, LFC.tv, twitter and everything there is

    but for this matter i dare say “NO”
    cuz he shamed himself by joing the ‘scums”
    i dont like the guy now (though he was my childhood hero)
    Stevie is my inspiration..N0W

    and to EOTK – let me give you a better options than JUDAS, how about AMOO/ACCLESTON/PACHECO/there are plenty youngsters who can do better than him with blindfolded, so wats the need!
    let him rot, he chose his destiny.. the future is bright here
    suso/raheem/ince/COADY/oh man i can go on for hours..cheeers! guys

  52. No chance! as a backup i’ll take N’gog anytime
    he may not be as good as Owen once was. but he will be avalable when called upon and has time in front of him.

  53. yes i agree and he is nt a falt 4 owen the mistake 4 rafa kz owen want to comeback to joy lfc and then rafa benitez was said 2 him we did nt have place 4 u. and then utd was call him to play but owen he his a tru fans 4 lfc nt like torres

  54. oh thanx Bone, (have u been here??!)

    btw, Yeah we all had forgot how well Ngog was performing earlier
    i think he’d be a gud back up player for the BEAST ANDY..(hes not at Andy’s standard tho)
    i have a feeling that Ngog will come a better player next season, maybe he can learn from Lucas, so he goes to gym during holidays and beef up a bit…

  55. Hi Tonio
    Great topic as you can see by the number of the comments posted !!
    Thanks for correcting me, I forgot about the national side. I can understand his club wanting to play him as they paid 50mil, but his national side?? lets face it as much as I loved the guy he was damn right useless in the world cup, and nothing has changed since,Played when he shouldn’t have and Liverpool paid the price for his selfishness when he came back! I guess certain things never changed.
    Admittedly I have not read all the comments, I shall. I am astonished to read/hear that some of our supporters want him back !!! why?? he has not been the same player as he was when first arrived at LFC. For almost two years we put up with him only for him to jump ship when he thought the ship was sinking, he left thinking he was taking the last jacket with him, without a second thought for us.
    “Out of respect to our fans” he did not go to manure !!! well let me see, so he was thinking of going to manure (horrible thought in itself which also goes to show that the not so intelligent Chelsea fans did not realize that they were his second choice!!).
    So we take him back, nurse him to stardom and at the first opportunity he sells to next highest bidder again, no thanks.As he said ” it is just a business”, so just like a whore.
    LFC is an extended family world wide, the true red blood runs in our vain, so why taint it???!! we well & truly care for all our players, current & old as well as other supporters wherever they may be, in Japan,Ireland, Iran, the US, London or in Birkenhead. This is essentially the point that Fernando Torres failed to fully comprehend.
    Contrary to his latest comment, I believe he HAS to prove that he is as good as the rest of his new & aging Chelsea pensioners “superstar” buddies. It is pathetic, they are trying to buy him a goal!
    So I say to those who would wish to have him back; move on, utopia does not exist as you imagine it and we are already better off without him. The dark cloud has shifted over to Stamford Bridge, clueless, goalless , hopeless.
    Some one should spell the word LOYALTY and its meaning to him, without which you walk alone.
    He always was a lone striker, now he is lone walker.His Choice.

  56. absolutely not! I think Owen would only be a set back .. he’ll be as good for us as Torres is for Chelsea .. useless!! we need to look to the future & not to the past & how we can better rebuild our team with fresh youngsters who know Loyalty!!

    Torres & Owen can walk on with hope in their hearts … Hope that one day they’ll be able to play for Liverpool again but the Judas dogs Will walk alone!!

  57. Owen NO. Torres NO.
    What happened to no player is bigger than the club?
    They must walk alone.
    Only players who want to play for the club is good enough.

  58. Hey boys, concentrate!
    Tonio used A TOPIC to get a conversation going , he clearly states what range of remarks/emotions he expected. ok?!!

    Shaun – If the owners want to solely increase the sale of shirts they should have ELEVEN chinese players in the red shirt, we will make billions but that would probably be a Carlsberg Advert!!!

    Anteater- Completely & wholeheartedly agree with every comment you have made.

    Xna- Keep it rolling pal !

    Owen – I guess I don’t mind manure having our left overs. Hope they choke on it.

    Torres- Overpriced, overrated, overweight, overpaid, over hyped,…………… can you see the common denominator , yes , OVER, OVER, OVER, OVER, OVER, OVER.
    OVER & OUT

    Sharde YNWA

  59. Bring in Affelay , Enrique and Sturridge. QUality for years to come……

    Get good money for Aqui, though I wish he was coming back….We’ll have the best squad hands down next year….



    Who will have a better 11 in the world????


    Let Owen rot in a manc garbage can.

    That Judas played for the enemies and dared called them “best club in the World”. He deserves no mercy !!!

  61. He left us at eleventh hour for Real Madrid..He chose not to return twice when he got a chance b’cos of England…He went to Manure..and we want him back…Give a chance to Adam Morgan!!!

  62. Owen: My heart says NO … my head says NO.
    Torres: My heart says NO … my head asks, “How much?”

    Heart: They left. They are history. No longer a Red. Emotionally, I would take our last two managers back before those two.

    Head: Would any PL team want Owens? His days are over. Even on a free deal, taking someone like him could cost you a signing fee disguised as medical bills. I would take Torres if it came cheap. Otherwise, the money can be spent elsewhere. Why would a team with LS and AC need him? To play one match per month?

  63. I can understand the merits of signing experienced players as they bring proven qualities that can help a young squad as we develop our youngsters. Litmanen and McAllister are two good examples of that. But Owen or Torres? Owen could be good backup, and he is a good player though injury prone. He had lost his key facet time ago, his pace. Torres would not leave Chelsea so soon, it is just ridiculous to think that this is even a possibility. If it is experience we need, I would love to see Clarence Seedorf play for us for a season or two. Pure class.

  64. Forget what Owen has done or hasn’t done or said and look at the facts:
    He is a vastly experienced 31 year old striker.
    He is free and would possibly come on a pay per play basis.
    He doesn’t have an attitude or language problem and gels well with other players.
    He accepts he will sit on the bench.
    He is the perfect professional both on and off the pitch.
    We need strength in depth, having a bench full of 18 year olds sounds very romantic but in a high pressure tight game we need to bring on an experienced pro. We have often failed to win games because our bench has been piss poor for so many years now, Michael Owen would add real quality and experience to that bench and be a role model to the young lads too.

  65. A resounding NO! He left Anfield when Liverpool needed him most. I’d rather KD brings back Sami Hyppia as a coaching staff. He’s a true legend. YNWA!

  66. Forget It. Liverpool have absolutely no use for him whatsoever. Regardless of what connections we have in the past, Lets be honest, he ‘s no longer fit for any club with ambitions as high as Liverpool, not since 2004, when he legged it. Not tryin to stick the dagger in. Just tellin it how it is. YNWA.

  67. No problem Tonio and no bad intentions intended as I did give my opinion too.
    I’d rather have Hypia back than any other ex LFC player. He has the fans respect but i don’t think Owen will get much slack should he come back

  68. I watched him play against a kid in goal, think mccallister was also there. the object of the game was to stop Michael scoring. I have to say via what I saw sickened me. every goal he got he went crazy, he would do a running clapping rubbish. the poor kid looking on felt like rubbish. my man united mate was also watching it going, what a arrogant prick. six months later he signs for united. I got a text of my mate, the same united fan, going this guy is a total prickl…what have we done” so to answer you question I don’t care what kind of player he is now, I don’t want any more pricks like torres at the club. Michael own is a total prick. leave him where he belongs. get some kids to fill in the vacancy.

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