Justice for the 96 (a poem)

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Saturday April 15th its Liverpool V Forest
It’s the FA Cup the greatest competition,
Both sets of players go with one mission.

On this sunny day they made their way,
Hoping to see the match of the day.

The fans gathered outside the ground,
With 45,000 there was plenty of sound.

The police horses treated them like cattle,
With pushing and shoving it seemed like a battle.

The fans poured in through the open gates,
They tried in vain to stay with their mates.

The fans surged on to the leppings lane,
Who knows, were the police to blame?
At 3 o’clock the whistle blew,
As minutes past the police had no clue.

Fans got crushed and lost their breath,
As police watched it led to their death.
Supporters screamed and climbed the fences,
But the police just pushed them back to their places.

People dazed in total dismay,
As bodies on billboards were carried away.
St John’s ambulance worked in vain,
On blue faced bodies twisted with pain.

Liverpool’s anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”
96 people never came home.
The inquiry will start to find the cause,
Superintendant Duckenfield retired of course.

Although this tragedy is extremely sad,
I’m very fortunate to still have my dad.

By Charlie Van Der Meer

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