Michael Owen: You have not been forgiven!

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With over 160 comments in the space of a couple of days, Liverpool supporters from very much every corner of the globe have, in a vast and overwhelming majority, made it clear that they have not forgiven Michael Owen for leaving Liverpool and especially for having had the cheek to play for Manchester United.

Though it is granted that the post on Caught Offside was merely a provocation, I decided to write the article not because the story is credible, but because the eventuality, whether we like it or not, could be possible. With Kenny at the helm, and Gerrard and Carra both still great mates with the striker, the thought may not be as blasphemous as many of us may seem to think. What is sure is that if Kenny ever gives EOTK a glimpse, the feelings of the fans have been made known.

The article I posted also managed to evoke other thoughts, with our latest drop-out in the figure of Fernando Torres getting special mention time and again, with some even closing one eye to see him back in a Red shirt at a discounted price.  The Torres’ case will be deal with in another instant.

Sorry Michael, you are not wanted back at Anfield!


  1. So you’d forgive Torres but not Owen despite the fact we passed up the chance to get Owen back twice?

    Great fans *Slowclaps*

  2. Yes he’s made a bad decision but he’s still liverpoool at heart and personally I am willing to forgive him if he wants to come back and play off the bench let’s be honest he’d do better than Ngog (then again so would my nan!)

  3. Not sure about that, we don’t want him because he is injury prone and he has lost his pace, but pretty sure I would welcome in to my home like family, same as I wouldn’t want Rush to sign for us either! I’ll allow the ManU thing because the poor lad has to earn a crust

  4. michael owen was a great player for liverpool and if king kenny has the vision to see the qualities that owen would bring back to liverpool if and when called upon and indeed
    does bring back owen….Then if you are a RED TILL YA DEAD
    you will support king kenny and liverpool football club.

  5. So let me get this right , real Madrid come in for you with a manager who isn’t your biggest fan , then he goes to newcastle , then with his contract up , man UTD come in for you , rather than go to Portsmouth , get realistic , we all would of done the same thing and you know it.

  6. On the torres subject…..no thank you not even for a knock down rock bottom price of NOTHING

  7. I’m still angry at Michael Owen for leaving to Real Madrid in 2004, and that after leaving r.madrid, he went to Newcastle, if that isn’t enough he went to Manchester United and became a hate object by many LFC supporters, but if King Kenny would ever think about getting Owen in the next transfer window I would support his decision because Owen is still a Liverpool man, and will always be a Liverpool man, his heart still beats for Liverpool FC.

  8. “I’ll allow the ManU thing because the poor lad has to earn a crust”

    That’s the reason you’ll allow it? So the man who was already a multimillionaire before signing for Utd can earn yet another exorbitant paycheck?

  9. never can forget owen he is one of greats player at all time he is always in my heart and i love you for ever.

  10. dont hate owen as much as torres, would be good on the bench, probably wouldnt go down well with the rest of the fans.

  11. Never forgive. Never forget. We don’t need this bluenose, injury prone, Manc Judas warming our bench. I’d rather we got a young hungry striker who can push Suarez and Carroll for a starting berth.

  12. Torres shouldn’t be allowed to come back. He’ll disrupt the harmony of the club and our current striker partnership. The man doesn’t look like the Torres we loved (past tense).

    As for Owen, the man is clearly past his prime. He has moments still but I question his reliability/health. I think it would be better if we keep N’gog instead of getting Owen for a free or better yet buy another up and coming or promote one of the young guns at the academy.

  13. if king daglish sees owen is needed..then go for it…
    We should’ve given him a chance way before man utd did…he has a greate history in liverpool and he’ll always be a red

  14. Michael Owen isn’t a Liverpool man. He showed as much by signing with ManU … and don’t try to convince me that he did it because he “had to”. He never “had to”. He chose to.

    Michael Owen loves Michael Owen … Its that simple.

  15. We used to regulary win trophies with Michael around, the FA cup win over Arsenal at Cardiff and the wonderful goals he scored brought us many a joy.I know how people feel betrayed about him leaving and joing Scum later but I have no bad feelings about Michael and would welcome him and feel that there is nothing to forgive as Rafa had to take some blame for him leaving and he did show the desire to return later but somehow I fell Rafa was not keen on him so not totaly his fault.

  16. Better than NgGog? Really. All those starts and goals and goals he’s getting at Old Toilet must have passed me by.

    Torres is less forgiveable than that Rat? Get real, anyone who plays for that shower, celebrating with Neville and the fans that sing that filth is dead to me

  17. Guys Owen went because of professional reasons…what he has accomplished for LIverpool FC is just Awesome work…so even if he has played for MANURE, he still n will ALways have a Place as a KOp…..


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