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Before I go onto my main topic of discussion let me say, that although it’ll be a pain to see United win the league and tot up a superior number of titles to us, I NEVER want to see us effectively for fit a game before it’s played.


Moving on let me start by saying what a terrific finish to a tactically fantastic game of football. I raved after last weeks game about the performance of ‘Jay Leiva’ and if ever one of my articles was justified it was that one.  Once again both proved more than a match for their midfield counterparts, superb. Cesc Fabregas and Jack Wilshere had a lot of the ball sure but did they really create many clear cut opportunities? No. This was most of the time down to the excellent positioning of the pair of them, Arsenal are a team that like to play the ball through teams not around them and we just didn’t let them. Kenny, Steve and Sammy set our boys up brilliantly, we were able to stand up and clear anything that came up against us. The possession stats may look as if Arsenal ruled the game but we know that’s not quite true. We looked dangerous on the counter in classic Liverpool fashion, Suarez and Carroll looked a threat and defended well from the front. Raul Meireles and Dirk Kuyt were absolutely tireless throughout making it difficult for Arsenal to move around our back line. Oh and what a last minute penalty that was!

A word on Jack Robinson and John Flanagan, these boys were fantastic. An absolute credit to our youth system and a credit to the club. Flanagan got booked early on and it didn’t phase him at all, he knocked out Jamie Carragher (not an easy job by any means) and continued professionally and calmly. Jack Robinson hasn’t had a first team appearance for a year and his first task is to stop Theo Walcott having an impact on the game, and didn’t he just do that. The fact a relatively experienced Walcott was taken off before the end is a credit to Robinson, shut him out of the game and Bendtner barely had a touch when he was introduced. As I say both lads an absolute credit to the club and shows are back line has some terrific strength in depth.

Pepe Reina, if we cast our minds back to the first game of the season Pepe’s mistake was a huge blow so late in the game but he made a save from Robin Van Persie that has gone unnoticed, he stuck a left hand out to deny the Dutchman and keep Liverpool in the game when it mattered most. Kyrgiakos came on and did a great job, he had a torrid time against West Brom but came on when we had our backs to the wall and was faultless, well done to the big Greek.

Finally I want to talk about a player that in my mind was actually Man of the Match, Flanagan and Spearing had brilliant games once again but Martin Skrtel was key to the point gained today. He has been great all season under difficult circumstances but today had to deal with many obstacles. He kept Van Persie relatively quiet and had to deal with the loss of Carragher and Aurelio either side of him. Every time a boot HAD to be stuck in it was his, headed away countless balls in and made clearance after clearance. Fantastic performance and one I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Our positioning was brilliant and made us so hard to be broken down. That when it’s teamed with our work rate makes us a force to be reckoned with. After such a good match against City I was worried we’d come into this jaded but we were anything but. A point for Liverpool and it was deserved, Arsenal never did enough to beat us.

I was worried at half time I wouldn’t have much to to about for his weeks podcast, the worry for some reason has gone now. (You can download the podcast on Itunes here for free – http://www.tinyurl.com/EOTKPodcast)


Well played boys


Ben Carr


  1. I through I would like to add on this about Arsene Wengers after match reaction, I don’t normally stay frustrated so long after a game but he has really wound me up.
    Sorry Mr Wenger I think you need to stop and think about what you are saying before you come out to press. Yes 8 minutes was put up on the board for a horrific injury, But Arsenal scored on 97.07 seconds. Your players celebrated which is fair enough and kick resumed roughly on 98.02, so that was 55 seconds of celebration done by your own players. Liverpool then won there free kick on 98.40, and it took your players over 1 minute and twenty seconds to set the wall properly the penalty was then awarded 3 seconds after the free kick was taken, now if you look at that it was only your own players wasting time not the ref or any Liverpool players and as for the Liverpool penalty Fabregas was looking for a penalty and won one. But the difference was Eboure rushed in on Lucas and caused the penalty him self, So in effect your own players dropped you two points today not the ref or the Liverpool players.

  2. Lucas was magnificent today. His performance was one of the best that i’ve seen on a red shirt. He sat in front of the back four beautifully along with Spearing helping out our young full backs, he broke up play on numerous occasions and to cap it of when we went 1-0 down he push forward got us the free kick and then cleverly got his body in between the ball and the defender to win the spot kick….He is a future captain in the making.

  3. The hear beat is back and is pounding as strong as its tradition.
    Ben , I agree I also thought Skrtel was outstanding.
    A real statement of intent by LFC, cannot wait till next season.
    Every single player is once again wearing the red shirt with enormous pride & doing their level best every time they play as we saw today. No FT, no misery, no comment!
    Kenny has brought the belief that WE CAN INTO EUROPE.


  4. Thanks for not even mentioning Shelvey. I know he played a part in rumbling, bumbling through Song to get the final free kick at the end …. BUT …

  5. Glad to see Skrtel getting recognized too much stick for a few poor performances under Roy. Since kenny has come in he has been solid and i still heard some crap lately. The kids have been impressive the future is bright and we got a point against Arsenal with as many injuries as we have things are still looking up.

  6. When is Kuyt going to do it in the small games? He got a poxy late penalty today that any fan could have scored. His lack of a first touch was again a huge liability. His inability to do it in the games against the small teams this season has cost the club dear. Kuyt should only be picked against Tottenham in the remaining 5 games because the club cannot tolerate anymore insipid performances by him against the small teams.

  7. When is Kuyt going to do it in the small games? He got a poxy late penalty today that any fan could have scored. His lack of a first touch was again a huge liability. His inability to do it in the games against the small teams this season has cost the club dear. Kuyt should only be picked against Tottenham in the remaining 5 games because the club cannot tolerate anymore insipid performances by him against the small teams

    ‘You Are Mug’

    1. Start seeing the big picture here, are you happy with sixth place? The only position that matters is first place. Will Kuyt do anything against Birmingham, I doubt it.

  8. When is Kuyt going to do it in the small games? He got a poxy late penalty today that any fan could have scored. His lack of a first touch was again a huge liability. His inability to do it in the games against the small teams this season has cost the club dear. Kuyt should only be picked against Tottenham in the remaining 5 games because the club cannot tolerate anymore insipid performances by him against the small teams

    ‘You Are A Mug’

    1. Tonjo: Kuyt scored a penalty that you are I could have scored. Are you happy with the dizzy heights of sixth place? Will Kuyt do anything against Birmingham, I doubt it. We live in a democracy, not a dictatorship, I stand over my views. Fans need to stop it with the settling mentality.

      1. You say that it’s a democracy … fine.

        Then you say that “fans need to stop it …”

        So if it’s a democracy ,.. just do what KK told AW to do and piss off, Kenny.

        You think you have the right to say what yu want, but you want others to stop it????? Who died and made you King?

        Think what you want to think … but don’t tell me how to think. I love 6th place because it’s better than the Championship and that is where we were headed a couple of months ago.

        1. You are not a fan of LFC if you say you love 6th place. This league is a dreadful standard and LFC fans need to start realising that this league is there to be won next year, but this settling mentality has got to stop. Blackburn and Sunderland drew at the Emirates, it was hardly a fortress. Are LFC fans happy to be at the same level as those clubs fans?

          1. I support LFC. Given the circumstances, I like 6th place this year. Unlike you, I will support LFC even when they lose. Live with it.

  9. Jesus Christ Kenny…enough with the Kuyt bashing. Especially since you are sooo far off here. It seems to be your contention that because we have had bad games against some teams it is all his fault? There are 11 guys out there each and every game, win or lose, and you can’t reasonably say that the losses are all him and the wins are nothing to do with him other than a goal that “any fan could have scored,” especially since he (and you can check the stats as it seems to be what you are focused on) he covers more ground than any player out there…on either side. Get real

    1. Are you happy with the dizzy heights of sixth place?Kuyt scored a penalty, it is hardly difficult for even an average football player. Will Kuyt do anything against Birmingham, I doubt it. I stand over my views. We live in a democracy,not a dictatorship. The remaining 5 games should see Morgan,Ngoo,Coady,Silva and Sterling getting serious game time in these games. Rubbish like Cole,Ngog and Maxi should not even be on the subs bench for these remaining games. Robinson and Flanagan showed they could handle it so there is no reason for Dalglish not to give the other 5 their chance. The results in these remaining 5 games are not important. The only crucial thing about these last 5 games is to give these other youth players their introduction to the Premier League on the pitch. The club would massively reap the benefits of this next season in the Premier League.

  10. @ Kenny. Definitely not a dictatorship, but I do hope you notice that your views, as extreme and negative as they always are, remain the cry of a lone voice.
    Nobody is happy with 6th! And Kenny will not field the players from the Academy you mentioned and which you recently flogged for loosing to Man Utd at home in the FA Cup!
    We are still mathematically and theoretically still with a shot for 5th and your extremisms will find no ground as Kenny will continue to field the best most experienced team injuries will allow. Good night Kenny!

    1. Once again you fail to see the big picture, the Europa League is not a competition worth bothering with, it is detrimental to the aim of winning the Premiership next season. It is nonsensical that Cole,Ngog and Maxi occupy 3 positions on the subs bench that should be occupied by supremely talented youth players. These youth players must form a big percentage of the squad for next season’s Premier League assault as they bring running power, better technical ability and a winning mentality that has been instilled in them by Borrell and Segura. If you believe in fate Tonjo you would have to agree that everything happens for a reason including injuries to players that have given the likes of Flanagan and Robinson their debuts in the Premier League. In this same way fate has intervened in the injury Carroll sustained against Arsenal. This has opened up the opportunity for Dalglish to give Michael Ngoo his debut against Birmingham next week and to put Adam Morgan on the bench instead of that waste of space Ngog and to bring Morgan on as a substitute in the secondhalf. If Dalglish fails to utilize these last 5 games as an opportunity to give serious game time to these excellent youth players then it will be a huge mistake that will come back to haunt the club in the Premier League next season. Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. It is of no use to the club sending these players out on loan next season, they would only pick up bad habits and lose the winning mentality that Borrell has instilled in them.

  11. Kenny you are just way off base by targeting Kuyt who is one of our top 3-4 players and has been huge in some of the big games. Funny, usually the complaint is “yeah…but can he do it when it counts like in the BIG games.” I guess if he didn’t stick out by scoring 3 v MU then you would not have noticed him or had the complaint “but can he do it in the lesser games?” your logic makes no sense…the team has faltered more than we like and nobody is thrilled with our position in the table (in and of itself) but to say THERE…we are in 6th…I hope you are happy with Kyut because I sure aint!
    Is it all his fault alone? Surely you know another regular you would like to point out…no? There is no direct line to your reasoning. Kuyt didn’t score against Blackpool so there you have it…he is rubbish!!! I don’t really care that you have been a fan since ’77…that means nothing when it comes to your ridiculous stance and maybe it means you should know better.

    NO I am not happy with 6th. BUT, considering where we started (I know…all Kuyt’s fault) and how we were playing/looking, I have a very positive outlook on our future…one that includes Kuyt. New owners who have been positive, some great new players and a manager that they will die to play for…I am happy about that. It must be tough to exist in a world where you know better than KD, everyone on this site, the Dutch manager and most all people who know the game, and not be able to get anyone to see the wisdom of your ways. Chin up…we will be a better team next season and have bright days ahead and someday you may just crack a smile…though I am beginning to doubt that.

    And last, to your point that you could have scored that pen…HAHAHAHAHA! I have scored many in my time but NEVER on a stage like that and certainly not against a 6’4″ pro keeper who would make you look a fool. Yes, they “should” all be put away but we all know that they aren’t…well maybe except for every one that I can remember Kuyt having to score for LFC. Just go ahead and ask Baggio, Gerrard (who has actually missed…HE’S GOTTA GO!), Shevchenko, JT, Gyan…oh but I am sure you put these guys to shame daily! I will never get you man…you just sound off.

    1. In your opinion about Kuyt and the big games, does Kuyt have to contribute in the 28 unfashionable games against the small teams? This league is a shockingly poor standard. The top 5 are totally overrated. This league is there to be won next season, but will you like so many other fans come out with the lame excuse that the club cannot compete financially with the top 5. LFC achieved the same result yesterday that Blackburn and Sunderland achieved so it was hardly a groundbreaking achievement. It was ridiculous yesterday that the bums Cole,Maxi and Ngog were on the bench, they contribute nothing. I seem to be the only fan here that is annoyed the club has not won the league since 1990. The settling mentality that exists now among LFC fans here would not impress Bob Paisley.

      1. This is a completely different argument, which is fine since we will not get anywhere on Kuyt. No question there needs to be some clearing out and the writing is on the wall for those players you mentioned…assuming a deal is struck. Remember, the new owners/manager just arrived and these things don’t happen overnight. As much as we all would love to have our own window open to ship out and buy we just can’t. Everyone here that you disagree with would say we need more signings (with the assumption that others would be sold) and it has been obvious all year where we need players. I think the difference between us is that I can’t watch every game and complain about something which will not change until the summer whereas you like to rant about it as if the “problems” all could have been solved yesterday. It’s as if you would rather forfeit the game and go handle off field business (when we can’t)because no matter who plays well you will just say that they don’t even deserve the shirt and therefore the points are worthless. Rant and rave all you want but maybe…just maybe you should get behind the squad we have while they are the only ones out there. After the season you can call for heads to roll but clearly you will never be happy because Kuyt will be there next season…thankfully. Don’t you think KD knows who needs to go and would love it more than even you to clear the books of fruitless wages? Surely he can see what needs to be done.

        1. It is the mentality of fans like you and the hierarchy at the club since 1990 that has caused LFC to not win any league titles since 1990. It is the youth policy where the majority of the transfer money from the sales of the dross this summer should be focussed on, Comolli should be told to forget about rubbish like Marvaeux and instead buy up the best teenage talent around the world. Keeping Borrell and Segura in my opinion is just as vital as you feel it is in giving Dalglish the manager’s job permanently. For the very first time LFC have people coaching and instilling in the youth setup the winning mentality. With the financial fairplay rules coming in in two years time the youth system integrating into the firstteam in the Premier League becomes even more important. So you can call me a complainer if you like but unlike you I view a successful season for the club is when they win the Premier League again.

  12. Depending on the year, around 22%-28% percentage of EPL players missed penalty kicks are missed or save.

    It’s not that easy, Kenny … even though you might think it is. Football isn’t played on a PlayStation, you know. Try running for 90 minutes, then step up for a kick under tremendous pressure … and you think you could have scored????

    As for Birmingham, Kuyt could sit on the bench and pick his arse … he’s done enough in the past few games to do nothing and still be in the plus.

    1. Good point loading…with 101:48 on the clock and after the many miles Kuyt had run it is not a walk in the park and needs to be burried to get the point. And bo did he crush that one.

  13. Many thanks for taking two points off the Gunners and making our task of getting 19 that little bit easier

    1. You’re welcome, mate.

      Do you regularly thank the refs too? They help you more than anyone else.

    1. In Kenny’s world, he has made that same penalty kick on his PlayStation … and if he could do it sitting on his arse drinking chocolate milk and eating Chinese Chopsuey, then anyone could do it … except maybe Baggio in the World Cup final, of course.

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