What did Kenny tell Arsene?

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  1. Who said what ?? It wasn’t Wenger’s fault for sure..and I think we didn’t get what exactly Kenny said.

  2. After close inspection and plenty of rewinds on Sky+ I managed to find out EXACTLY what they said:
    Kenny: “That was a very close game, wouldn’t you agree Arsene”?
    Arsene: “Yes Kenny it was but I cant believe you let your boys score an equaliser in the last minute, now the gap between us and Man Utd is even further”?!
    Kenny: “Don’t worry my friend, you and your team can come to Melwood for some extra training and we will help you to beat them Cheats”!!
    Arsene: “Deal, you really are KING KENNY, Merci Beaucoup”!!

  3. Kenny celebrated the scored pen.
    Arsy got the arse.
    Kenny turns round and Wenger waves arms.
    Kenny says “What? Was a penalty….”
    Arsy still has the arse about it.
    Kenny tells Arsy to “Piss off”.

  4. Gareth come to LFC we would love you here!!! Plus we are going to win the title next year :D

  5. This is why I like King Kenny He is not afraid to tell the other team manager to F^&K Off and Piss Off. HAIL KING KENNY

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