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By Mayank Gupta

2010 – 2011 is coming to an end. Lots of dead expectations are giving hope to many new ones. The team is looking better prepared. The players are good and the owners are great and the manager a living legend. The KOP is louder by every game and the smiles are broader after every 90 minutes.

What is bringing these emotions to us? Why are we genuinely so jubilant for the first time in a long time? Why we are taking envy in the banter of the opposition fans? Why is the media obsessed with LFC? Why is the Old Whiskey Nose already taking notice of LFC for next season? Are we living a RED dream?

Too many questions at the same time but the answer to every question is interlinked to the next success of LFC.

The game yesterday was an epitome of discipline, character and spirit. The shape of the defense was immaculate to completely restrict the passing movements of Arsenal. No holes, no desire to make a mistake or commit to foolhardiness. Patience in a big stadium like Emirates to completely numb the oppositions attack was the perfect manner to achieve something from the visit there.

After a mauling of Manchester City on Anfield last Monday with a display full of attacking intent, it could have been easy for the players to carry the party to the Emirates. However, the canny King had other ideas as he is well aware what a late hangover could do the spirits of a young team.

The difference in style of play from Monday to Sunday was so evident and will have every manager in the EPL thinking – What next to expect from LFC? Even injuries will not deter this team as there is talent sitting in the academy to be perfectly blended into the senior team.

Flannagan and Young Robinson slotted into the game so naturally depicting the experience of Carragher at flanks. A 17-year old Robinson with his play forced Wenger to take off Walcott in the second half – so nullified was the LFC fan by the LFC player. It shows the ability of the teenager.

Flannagan is a player who is as aware of his potential as KK is. Hence, he plays within ability never being carried away to make those runs down the flank when unnecessary. He sticks to his primary job of defending and breaking jaws – albeit unluckily his own captain. It was a mature display in laying Carra immediately on his side after the freak accident. It was so good to watch KK call him immediately and tell him to forget it.

Kelly, Shelvey, Spearing, Flannagan and Robinson are exactly the reason why I always purport we do not need to spend big. However, none of us have still seeing the best of these – Ayala – in the first team. Imagine a back four of Flannagan – Kelly – Ayala – Robinson. Getting carried away, am I? Yeah, but then I am genuinely jubilant in a long time and will be for a long time until I watch this back 4 line of LFC in the near/distant future.

I am personally experiencing a very strange social phenomenon in my life these days. Somehow, my friends on Facebook and twitter do not respond to my banter when we play well or their team loses. Their usual response of – You will win it next year – has been replaced by the innocuous action of deleting my messages or not responding to them. Either I could be annoying them or LFC’s performance is giving them strokes week after week resulting in their declining mental health. However, I hope they do recover in time to watch us play under King Kenny next season or they can just envy us all along.

Another unusual phenomenon is in the tabloids. They link almost every world-class player with LFC now. Up until last December, according to the newspapers no players wanted to join us as we were a team in decline and no strategy for the future. There was utter doom and we were on our path to becoming the next Leeds United. However, suddenly there is a complete shift in the thought process and players from Alexis Sanchez to Lukaku want to join LFC. The media also thinks we will hold on to Pepe Reina now whereas some time ago they were writing about his philosophy of No Eternal Love.

Today the media cries foul over Wengers demeanor yesterday but I am pretty confident the media of yesterday would have cried foul over KK using p*** off. What hypocrisy in this world! How everyone wants to be a winner and talk about champions without knowing to lose or suffering of a loss.

After the thundering black night, the club has raced back to where it rightfully belonged in the 4 months of tutelage of the Lord himself  – KK. It comes not as a surprise to me this attitude of others who have ridiculed us and cried foul at each event of misfortune that we encountered in the last 2 years. I will stand tall and call them names as I can sense these arrogant fools going through the same phase  – The Transition phase and the rebuilding phase.

Thanks to Rafael Benitez, we have the type of youth who will easily slide into out senior teams thus reducing the time for transition and rebuilding in the next future generation of LFC stars as I firmly believe the brigade of the current LFC stars is here in the form of Lucas (24), Suarez (24), Spearing (23), Caroll (22), Kelly (20), Shelvey (19), Flannagan (18), Robinson (17) and Pepa Reina (28) – 28 is a young age of a keeper. With N’gog and Pacheco in the wings and Ayala also accompanying them, I can say the future is bright and RED.

Such a sound system of youth reduces are dependence on oil money to build the future RED. We will not need to sell to buy someone big. And if need be when someone wants to sit on the bench in a so called BIG club, we can always respond in the manner of January, 2011.

We as RED stood together for the last 2 seasons that in my short 14 years of following LFC were the worst seasons ever. We deserve this envy and media sycophancy but I advise us to remain cautious of the odd traitor who will come join us at this dawn of glory only to ridicule us if the day is not so sunny. (I expect it to be as sunny as the Sahara Sun)

All the above reasons make me Excited like a 4-year old awaiting Christmas for his favorite toy and so I ask you, are you as excited as I am?

PS – Thank you John Henry and Tom Warner for bringing stability at our beloved club.



  1. I don’t agree with N’Gog being being a member of a future LFC first team. He is crap and should be sold along with the dead wood in the summer.

  2. As a new fan from the U.S., I haven’t suffered though the long season with you all. Yet, I am very excited about the future of this club! Y.N.W.A.

  3. Nice one,Mayank.I’v been saying and thinking similar things ever since Mr.Dalglish returned from exile.Indeed,things continue to look even better for us next season with each passing week.Also,Chelsea,Arsenal and the Shite aren’t as strong as previous incarnations.Carlo’s probably getting the sack at the end of this season;Wenger hasn’t won shit for years and Old whiskey nose is fast nearing the end(as well as old duffers,Giggs and Scholes who he still relies on to deliver when it really matters.)I’m not going to say i expect the League Championship next year but i’m pretty sure of a top four finish-and lovely football too..MAHALO

  4. The past two seasons were the first two seasons for me to follow. Through all the adversity, it is great to be a RED! At the end of the storm, there’s a golden sky. YNWA!

  5. Good article, can tell your enthusiasm is gushing out! Time will only tell which of the youngsters make it. You forgot Suso, Raheem Sterling, Connor Coady, Adam Morgan and a few others who are chomping at the bit for first team action. Potentially very exciting times lie ahead, although let’s not get too ahead of ourselves!

  6. Let’s not get carried away, it’s still early days and, while the prospects we have are very exciting, we need to keep hype and expectations down and let the kids develop naturally. It is nice to finally have something to look forwards to with the names you’ve mentioned though. Add to that; Suso, Sterling, Morgan, Silva, Bruna and Brad Smith, but as I say, we need to keep our excitement in check and not put too much pressure on them early doors.


  8. stability and dalglish has broughth us to our senses these yanks not hthe last ones are determined to bring us back were we belong if we hold the spanish coaches along with clarke and the king i promise the skys the limit watch out barca the real deal is back ynwa

  9. There surely is not one single reason to believe otherwise, that we will get stronger and stronger and will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future !!!!

    And how nice to see will it be to have a “living legend” to guide us back to glory ?? – It couldn’t be any better !!!! It’s so wonderful to have the “king” back at the helm.

    All hail the “king” and long may he live !!!!

    We all deserve this what is happening at the moment and will happen in the future, because what we have had to endure in the last 18 months. Those fucking shitheads nearly got us down !!!!(Hope Karma bites them in their asses !!!!)

    The future is bright, the future is RED !!!!


  10. Dont forget the likes of sterling, suso, coady,wisdom, morgan and brad smith. 5 of those are england under 17 internationals and suso is spanish u19 international. Coady captained england u17 to european title and is now in under 19s as is andre wisdom.

    Raheem sterling has been tearing opponents up in the u18 league for us since 15 and looks the real real deal.

  11. Excited about the talent coming through but I can guarantee you that half of these lads will not make the grade or want to move on. Sorry, but that’s football.

  12. Am I excited?? Hell yeah. CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT SEASON STARTS.
    Robert Kobige & Bad Thadd welcome aboard, what a time, you will not walk alone!!

    It is great to see the rest once again beginning to quake in their boots, Old Whiskey Nose topping the lot! Great to see manure going out in the FA Cup. Our prodigal son’s return will mark the end for OWN, he knows his nemesis is back, long live King Kenny.

    Mayank, indeed you are right, it would appear that we are linked with a lot of top players wishing to join us. I do wish we would get rid of dead wood like Wickid says, the sooner the better!
    I Had not previously heard of Sanchez showing an interest in Liverpool, where have you read/heard this? He would be an incredible catch , hope we get him before City or manure.
    In addition to your comments we also have plenty of even younger guns coming through, just think about Stirling, Morgan & co.
    We have fantastically well (!!!) in a season when were supposed to be relegated, we’ve beaten Chelsea, Manure, City and have not lost to Arsenal, I believe under the guidance King Kenny we will BEAT the current top four/five, but we do need to have players like Sanchez to break down packed defenses of teams like WBA, Wolves, Wigan, Braga etc etc. Of course we have taken three major steps so far by off loading Chelsea’s new hot striker, buying Luis & buying Andy. However we do need to take it to the next level & beyond which I am sure with Kenny at the helm, Selling the deadwood can probably raise £30-£40mil !! Who knows, with another 50-60 invested by the new owners maybe we can lock horns with Barca. Now that would be a mouth watering prospect.


  13. i thought kk was a bad move. how wrong was i! but, don’t forget steve clarke!
    we have some talent in the reserves/youth! Sterling for eg. can’t wait to see him come through.
    the owners have the right intentions/mo.
    all is looking good! :)

  14. Excited I am,the right attitude is flowing through the club. Matt you are quite right half of these lads won’t make the first team grade but they will have had that chance in life to play for Liverpool football club.
    As for the ones who want to move on, move on we only want players who want to play for Liverpool football club, Kenny Dalglish has already expressed this, so don’t be sorry,be excited about the possibilities to come.

  15. I’m excited as well. The way KK blending youth in 1st team is inspiring. Its sad that we lost talents like Dalla Valle, Andras Simon & Krisztian Nemeth under previous regimes. However we still haven’t seen the best in action – Ayala & Pacheco. Undoubtedly, the future is bright and RED! YNWA.

  16. I can assure you N’gog will remain a member of the LFC squad as he is young has good technique in releasing the ball and can turn around defenders. Remember his goal against Arsenal where he slotted the ball home with half an yard of space and an acute angle. only natural technique can make u do it. Only 2 problems — lack of pace and physical ability. As Shanks would have said, give the lad stakes and he will be good. I hope KK does that too.
    Regards Sanchez, I read it on various websites about LFC in negotiations with him i.e. serious negotiations. With FSG as owners I think serious negotiations means business.
    With the youth like Sterling and Morgan, I think quite young as of now to see them fit into the senior team, promise shown at 18 is more good than promise at 15 as at 15, besides the talent it is more important to keep the lad focussed on the game and not it’s benefits which makes everything go wrong. At 18, 19 having played for LFC, the guys start playing for the passion and know the benefits will have to be earned. I hope u get my point in not mentioning Morgan, Sterling and others as they are a generation away.


  17. like ur attitude but cmon the Lord himself? stop the blasfemy mate, kenny is great but dont get so over your head. YNWA

  18. All credit must go to NESN as the change started when the new owners took over from H&G. After that everything else comes under the heading of “rebuilding”, which takes time.Hodgson was paid off to the tune of some £7M and KK brought in. Torres, who was sulky and a dispiriting influence, was sold and all the money used to buy Suarez and Carroll. After that KK did wonders with the players and even yet another mass injury has been fortunate rather than a reason for despair as it brought about the emergence of more very able youth players to the first team. Now, funds are promised for a few more top class players in the summer. We have every reason to look forward with renewed optimism BUT.. IF NESN HAD NOT WON THAT TAKE OVER BATTLE, WHAT WOULD BE THE SITUATION NOW????

  19. Just a reminder chaps, lets not get carried away…..but it is an exciting time to be an LFC fan, I was made aware by my grandad at the age 0f 2 years old about my beloved reds, and was their in the glory days of the eighties. To see such a decline in the nineties and noughties, well what can u say? We have had so many false dawns, but this feels like the real deal, with KK on boars, along with Steve Clarke and Little Sammy Lee, and the youth system wich is starting to pat dividends, the excitment is ;palpable but guarded, as i say due to so many false dawns, but even in our doldrums, we havent done to bad have we, a treble under Houlilier, 2nd place finish and a bloody European cup. Many teams would love just that, but at LFC, the expectation is much higher. Just read that Carra’s eight year old boy has just signed for his Dads team, Is rite.

    Sorry to bang on, I just hope we can win the prem next season for Steivie and Carra, these two boys have been more than loyal to our beloved club, and the 1 trophy they both want has eluded them, so maybe nxt season or the 1 after, lets win it for these two, kk. and of course….us lot. YNWA

    1. agree with you, especially on the 2nd paragraf.
      i hope those 2 get their trophy before they resign.

  20. Tbh, i started supporting Liverpool two years back ! and now, its turned into an obsessive love really ! i cannot live without looking over into Lfc’s news at least 3 times a day ! I love how everyone’s pulling together towards the same goal—getting back to the Liverpool way of everything !

    P.S: if anyone didn’t notice…when spearo fouled fabregas in the game, and skrtel cleared the ball, and saw the ref give a pen, Skrtel just fell backwards on the ground in despair ! that’s what the spirit should be for Lfc! FEELING every bit of it !

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