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Considering that Kenny probably thought a point at the Emirates would be a more than decent achievement, the Reds (in black) fought tooth and nail all the way against a side that is 14 points ahead of us, has a score tally of +32 to our +7, that sustained only 5 defeats to our 12, and is still in with a shot to win the PL! They had more motivation, and they were playing on home turf. Perhaps at times even against the run of play, we had the occasion and opportunity to snatch all three points. In the end, just for mere commitment and persistence, the Reds obtained a valuable and well deserved draw which gives us dignity and also some hope for the coveted 5th spot and European football next season.

To start off with a few considerations it was a wise idea to field the same formation that saw of Man City, even though it needs to be said this was more due to force majeure than choice. Nevertheless the team seemed to be able to handle the possession and multiple attack options the Gunners are able to throw at any team. Then came Fabio Aurelio’s recurring hamstrings issue and I was relieved to see that Kenny opted for young but quick Robinson. I was a bit apprehensive to see Kyrgiakos come on for Carra, and distressed at seeing our vice-captain unconscious with the medical staff all sporting concerned expressions. Kyrgiakos did a sterling job and thankfully Carra was out celebrating the draw at the final whistle.

Bar a 96th minute glitch in an otherwise powerful and flawless performance by Jay ‘Atomic Bug’ Spearing, coupled with a just as awesome display by Lucas, one must say that our young defensive midfield pairing gave us confirmation that they can be counted upon to fulfill their duties against any opposition. They are working in such symbiosis that the both procured a penalty, one in our favour and one against! Flanagan and Robinson shouldered their responsibilities with a no-nonsense showing and counteracted the speed of Nasri and Walcott efficiently, not even batting an eyelid when fresh-legged Arshavin joined the fray. Well done lads!

As I said in the beginning I felt the plan was to contain the Gunners and resort to sporadic sorties up front in an effort to surprise on the counter. The first half performance from the half-way line upwards was disjointed, but things improved significantly in the second half with Suarez being a constant menace and even creating a couple of clear cut chances which he failed to convert. Kuyt and Meireles both seemed to have predominantly containment roles, yet both put in their high work-rate shift, and in the process they supported both Suarez and Carroll in the teams attacking forays. Skrtel and Carra were solid at the back and so was Reina, who was alert and vigilant and only had one ‘moment’ when he misjudged his leap which led to Koscielny hitting the crossbar in the first half.

Considering the adversities coming our way in the form of injuries which are exposing more than ever our lack of depth in the squad, there is no doubt that the work-rate and commitment levels have improved by leaps and bounds. Now we have two home games which we absolutely need to capitalize on to keep the pressure on and maintain hope. Kenny used wise words today in saying we need to take care of ourselves and not think whether we would be doing anyone favours.

On a final note, my compliments also go to the Arsenal fans at the Emirates that applauded wholeheartedly both the Hillsborough remembrance, and when Carra was stretchered off! Respect!


  1. re mr wengers disapointment, i too remember a last minute goal againt liverpool that wasnt a could cost the title goal but this goal actually did cost liverpool the title, boy were we disapointed but we never threw a hissy fit, we gave the winning arsenal team a standing ovation. can you spot the difference.

    1. Yes … but Kenny didn’t call the penalty … if AW has a problem, it’s with the referee, not Kenny.

      What does he do when he gets home? Kick his dog because Lucas dove?

  2. Dunno what the Goners are getting so wound up about, it was a penalty, and Farcenal are going to lose at Totteham Hoofspurs during the week anyway, allowing the Salford Pox to be gifted yet another Title.

  3. Hi Tone

    totally agree about the gooner fans, coulda heard a pin drop during the silence, wish all teams could show that kinda respect durin a mins silence, very impressed with them.

    I think at a minimum, Kenny should be handed a rolling 1 year contract immediately. cant understand why this issue is not resolved, he wants to stay and the impact he’s had has been phenomenal, i’m sure the owners can sense that.they want winners, kenny is a winner, get him installed pronto !! YNWA

  4. as the old liverpool saying goes, if kenny isn’t given a minimum 3 year contract “i will show my arse in lewis’s window”

  5. I am sure the owners want Kenny but a one year contract would be an insult, really.

    I think the obstacles might be length of contract, terms, salary and … most importantly, division of responsibility/authority.

  6. My sentiments exactly. Heart warming moment of silence and a tough battle which utterly frustrated the gunners. I think Suarez may feel a little frustrated that he couldn’t seem to get the ball out of his feet and set for a great shot though he had his chances. I say frustrated because he plays with such heart that you could see it on his face…he just expects to score and he will do so very ofter for us. Robinson has wheels…he went toe to toe with Clichy (i think it was) down the line and I was amazed he got there…loved it.

    Irish…am I crazy or did KD sign a 3-year deal? Or did I just read that in some rag and beleive it!

    I suspect poster Kenny will be here any minute Tonio…

  7. @ Erik! Yes he probably will. I feel Kenny is a supporter too, but he is way too negative at times.
    I agree a one year deal for Kenny would not look or sound right. The players are now playing for HIM! He is not only their manager, he has now become their mentor.

  8. Pts won since Kenny came back,

    1) Chelsea-26pts
    2) mancs-25pts
    3) Liverpool-24pts…..

    Not bad at all i must say!, It was great to see more youngsters play and scousers too. Also the u-18’s smashed the mancs 6-0 with the kids sparkling again!!!!

  9. Good article Tonio
    Yes Spearing must be compared to a bug or even lice. Those that bite and nip at you all of the time but always fairly. Lucas seem to have matured into an old timer protecting the youngsters.

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