Courage in the face of adversity

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Imagine this.

You’re playing a side, undefeated at home all year. A side which still has a faint crack at the title. A side which will throw all its resources in the most desperado fashion possible in order to secure nothing less than three points. A side which ….. the list goes on and on.

It was a delicately poised situation for Liverpool Football Club. Strip points off Arsenal, and you’ll know Fergie will be subtly ringing in those champagne bottles. It was paradoxically at its best – self-contradictory – you win some, you lose some.

To bite the bullet and accept the bitter fact that subduing Arsenal meant presenting the title on a plate to Manchester United was no easy feat. But Liverpool is, and will always be, far greater than that. They owe no one favours, and they fight for the Club, the badge.

Now, to me and you – what is courage?

Courage is a simple yet abstract term – there is no one definition to it. Is it felt by the heart? Or concentrated, then carried out by the mind? No one really knows, but one thing is certain.

In the era where greed rules, Tom Hicks and George Gillett brought the Club to its knees, shaking the very core that Bill Shankly once built into a bastion of invincibility.

The Club, emerging through its most tumultuous moments in the past 50 months, has conjured up courage to continue fighting for a better tomorrow, a brighter future.

Money reigned, political infighting ensued, but bravery, that sense of belonging, and courage drove the fans and manager together to fight for what they believe is right.

It paid off.

Now, as Liverpool embarks on that long road to recovery, other forms of courage has illuminated.

For FSG, it was courage to sell one of their most prized assets, Fernando Torres, then break the bank to sign 22-year-old Andy Carroll. For Kenny Dalglish, this courage came to the fore when he placed utmost faith in Academy youngsters in light of the recent defensive crisis in the Liverpool back four.

Yes, what a moment it was for young Flanno and Robinson. Not many get the chance to run out at one of the finest stadiums in the world at 17 years of age. Their courage meant they exhibited maturity  that belied their tender age.

The clash at Emirates was a classic – showcasing all elements of unwavering belief and courage. Courage in the face of adversity. When van Persie scored in the 98th minute, we had courage to keep our chins up, courage to belief, and courage to score.

The clock ticked past the 102 minute mark, and Kuyt, having underwent enormous fatigue running tirelessly, had the courage to slot the ball with conviction to kill off Arsenal’s finally derailed title hopes.

And what is the one thing that is certain? That this Liverpool, has much more courage than any other side that plies their trade in world football.

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  1. U’r absolutely correct Bro! keep believing and we will never ever ever ever ever…ever walk alone.

  2. We have to finally settle on 3 major signings for next season.A creative player for central midfield and 2 great wingers.If we struggle to get 2, a possible compromise would be Gerrard on the right wing.The reason i say this is Stevie is a possession liability in central midfield,he is probably the finest crosser of a ball since Beckham.If stevie would give this new concept a chance,it could give his career an indian summer.Carroll is a brilliant header of a ball who up to now has had none of the service he thrives on from the flanks.We need to sell all the crap and yet not buy too many that may block the progress of the brilliant youth we have coming through.

      1. In reply to tonio-The playmaker we should look for is Javi Martinez of Bilbao-he would give us that marvellous sophistication we have lacked since Alonso.Gerrard has never had the patience for the playmaker role.Gerrard would be amazing at putting in crosses for carroll.He has never had a forward until now to make use of his brilliant crosses.Gerrards legs are not what they used to be.This is my one concern.Tonio much of uniteds early nineties dominance was built around an amazing group of young players allied to some great seniors.We have Gerrard,Carragher to teach our youngsters.We dont have enough quality seniors.If we can get 3 major players things could be very interesting.TONIO DONT UNDERESTIMATE HOW IMPORTANT THESE YOUNGSTERS WILL BE IN OUR BRAVE NEW WORLD.Commoli has already instructed our scouts not to block young players progress by looking for seniors in positions that young players are looking exceptionally promising in.Commoli spends many saturday mornings at the academy matches.Henry visited the academy with Commoli the last time he was over here.You can see TONIO this was mentioned by John Henry in his original mission statement that the club would only be viable going forward with the locating and production of its own players.TONIO its time that you encourage fans to temper their wild signings fantasies in favour of the greater good of the clubs future.Tonio united never again produced a large group of quality youths like those-WE CANNOT AFFORD TO TURN DOWN THIS MANNA FROM HEAVEN-IT WILL NOT COME AGAIN.

    1. Good post Steve,Rafa identified this with Gerrard 3 seasons ago? and as usual was crucified for it by the press,with his rampagging running and power he can always
      come inside to control right mid/ right wing as long as this groin op has worked,we need an Alonso/Masch type hard man in midfield and hopefully have this Enrique/Young combo in the bag :)
      Kenny IS the man to lead us and i can only hope the choice of new players are `Liverpool`players YNWA

  3. There is only one player we need – Ganso from Santos Brazil. Probably the most supremely hidras creative midfielder in the world. Oi Comolli he is coming to the end of his contract shortly. Get the FSG chequebook out quick before we lose him

  4. UEpic stuff from our lads! It would have been so easy to roll over after van persie’s. peno but they never gave. up! Fantastic team spirit it. gives me great hope for next season thanks lads, steve clarke and kenny keep up the great work

  5. If Huddlestone is consistent enough, I’d rather have him to replace Xabi Alonso. He can pass from our half of the pitch to Kuyt or Suarez or maybe to Carroll to flick on to Suarez / Kuyt. For now we need a left back and centre back, someone who is experienced enough to fill the void or maybe get Insua back. For a centre back, I’d prefer Shawcross or Cahill. Sell Poulsen, Jovanovic, El Zhar, Konchesky, and maybe Ngog. I’m having doubts about Ngog, and I think maybe we should give Joe Cole a chance for Liverpool. Hope he’s not frustrated about limited opportunities.


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