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By Kieran Thorne

So the end of the season is approaching, rumour mill started months ago but what do we really need. We have one of the best academy structures in the world that was implemented by Rafa and King Kenny. Everyone was wondering what Kenny’s role as ambassador was but now I believe we are starting to see what it truly was.

It wasn’t to thrust LFC into the limelight, public appearances etc. it was to make sure that the future is bright. We are now starting to reap the benefits with Kelly, Spearing, Shelvey, Flanagan, Robinson excelling when called upon. That’s without the other youngsters who haven’t played for the first team yet: Suso, Sterling, Morgan, Coady etc.

The average age of the team that started against Arsenal on Sunday was 26 against Arsenals, which was just under 24. Arsenal are referred to as the young pretenders but with 2 years difference we are not looking too bad. The thing that excites me is these young players are getting a chance and not looking out of place.

Talk about a game of 2 halves, this has been a season of 2 halves and we have seen the deepest darkness and the lightest day. With the end of the season approaching there could be many permutations for qualifying for the Europa league but from what I have seen this season in that competition, I do not believe the players wanted it and it was more a hindrance rather than a competition that you wanted to go all out for. Yes it is always nice to win a piece of silverware but did we ever go into Europe and show the kind of performance that we showed against the 2 Manchester teams and the grit and determination that was shown at the Emirates on Sunday, I don’t think so.

As mad as it may sound, I would prefer us not to qualify for Europe and concentrate on that League finish and the FA Cup and also give the aforementioned young players a chance in the league cup. Anyone remember Fowler against Fulham, this is our chance again.

Onto the summer, transfer rumours flying about everywhere but do we need as many players as people think. I am 95% confident from what I have been hearing that Reina will be at Liverpool next season and captain in 3 years. With the defence, we only need a left back; we don’t need the Aly Cissokho’s, Michel Bastos who have been rumoured. I would suggest going for Wayne Bridge or someone of that mould who is late 20’s to early 30’s to help integrate Robinson into the first team. With the midfield, Ashley Young who we have been linked with would be perfect for the right wing to help Sterling come in. Also I like the idea of Downing who has one of the best deliveries in the premiership. We also need a backup striker and I think there is a certain Ruud Van Nistelrooy who is out of contract in the summer. I know he played for Manchester United but what better goalscorer to lead the way for our young strikeforce and youngsters coming through.

Here is to a successful 2011/2012 campaign





  1. well said, i agree with you in the sense that we do not actually have to spend big, because of the great emergence in talent coming through from the academy…i think a winger is a definite, and a left back…but i think the left back needs to be mid 20s, so enough experience, but not too old. and people are saying we need a another defensive midfielder…i really dont think so…we already have enough midfielders and with aqua likely to come back..and spearing given more games could turn into a mix of alonso and masch. a left back, enrique, winger, young or sanchez and another back up striker…and i cant believe i am saying this, but owen would be a good back up, and a great help for the young boys.

  2. I agree, the future’s bright for Liverpool FC. With many talented youngsters the club has it will be exciting for us, especially Shelvey, Flanagan, Robinson, Sterling, Morgan, Coady, Ince and Suso. But it would be good if we buy other youngsters too such as Pjanic, Canales, Lukaku, Neymar, Sakho and Jones. They’ll be surrounded with many established and experienced players like Gerrard, Carragher, Kuyt, Reina, Agger, Aurelio and others that they can look up to. YNWA.

  3. wayne bridge? Lol, are you serious? The entire article is excellent, except for the part where you have suggested wayne bridge for left wing. First, he is not the kind of player we need, there are better players than him and we should buy one of those. Second, he is nearly 30, any player at that age doesnt qualify the policiy of our owners to bring in young and quality players.

  4. Ridiculous article. Wayne F**king Bridge? Are you crazy? He’s muck. If someone is needed to blood in a youngster at left back then Aurelio would fit that mould. A new established quality left back would be better though.

    What about centre mid? Centre back? Nobody needed for those places?

  5. Hate to disagree with a fellow red, but i VERY much doubt Kenny has much to do with the changes and players coming through the academy. Most, if not all, would have been there before he was brought back and most if not all would have been recruited by Rafa and his scouting network. Even Shelvey, although bought post Rafa, was a Rafa player as he had been scouted extensively and a decision had been made to buy him before Rafa left.

    I wouldn’t expect any less mind, most LFC fans on the internet seem to be intent on erasing any good Rafa did while here, you can see this by the way they blame him and him alone for our failure to win the title 2 seasons ago when it was as much to do with player performance and a shoddy referee in the Man U – Spurs game at OT.

    Your comments on the europa league are misguided too, our failure there was more to do with the fact that our best striker was sold and the one replacement fit enough to play every europa league game after Torres departure was cup tied. We suffered in the europa league due to this and a terrible injury list, the same thing that was the defining factor in our finishing 7th under Rafa, something again that was laid solely at his door. Everyone ignored the injury list and troubles at boardroom level that had obviously filtered down onto the pitch and called for his head, our subsequent downturn under Hodgson showed that they should have been careful what the wished for cause they succeeded in ousting the one man keeping us afloat.

  6. Thank God, you are not among those scouting for Liverpool!!

    “With the defence, we only need a left back; we don’t need the Aly Cissokho’s, Michel Bastos who have been rumoured. I would suggest going for Wayne Bridge or someone of that mould who is late 20’s to early 30’s to help integrate Robinson into the first team.”

    WTF!! Bastos is in his late 20’s..He is 27!! You suggest whom?? Wayne Bridge, a player who hasn’t done justice at the level West Ham needs!! Had Hodgson not bought would have vouched for him by now at this rate!!
    Robinson or Mavinga (possible left backs of the future) will have more to learn from Bastos than Bridge!!

    I think Jose Enrique tops the rumors and i think he is decent enough for the role!

    1. Look at the money spent on these players though, they are 15-20 million pound players, do we need to spend this much on a left back. I would rather this money goes into the wings more so. We have a SOLID defence not a classy one, we need to put the money in further up the pitch.

  7. Hi All,

    Thank you for the feed back, both positive and negative.

    Sury – You make a great point about the left back needing the experience. I thought of Wayne Bridge because he is proven premiership quality, would be available for about 4 million and i believe with Jack Robinson, we have a genuine future England left back. I believe in 5 years time the England back four will consist of 3 Liverpool players: Kelly, Flanagan and Robinson.

    I bleed red – Thank you, i agree with your suggestions of more proven quality youngsters but i think it defeats the point of going after your Lukaku’s and Neymars of this world. Yes i would love to see them in our shirt but they will be carrying 20/30 million pound price tags and so much expectation straight away.

    Faraway Red – Thank you but i suggested Wayne Bridge for left back, see comments above.

    Budge – centre backs, currently soto, carra, agger, skrtel. Remember Kelly is naturally a centre back not a right back and then if you watch youth games, wisdom and sama look very good prospects. Central Midfield – Not a chance we need more midfielders: Gerrard, Meireles, Lucas, Aqua coming back and then you have spearing, shelvey and Coady.

    Jose – I am not saying kenny was directly working with Rafa in the developments of the youngsters but don’t you think he would have watched them very closely from training and games etc. Kenny works very closely with Rodolfo Borrell and Damien Comolli to see how are youngsters are devloping.

    Europa League – This wasn’t down to us selling our best striker and replacing with 1 eligible striker, we never played a full strength team in the competition and were lucky to scrape through. The injury list is the same as we currently have, probably worse in fact now but look at the turn around since January.

    Thank you for your points though, i hope i have explained my reasoning behind the writing of this article


    1. I do watch the youth games and am well aware of Kellys natural position.

      Centre Backs – Soto and Carragher need replacing fast. Carra is great as an organiser but the legs are gone. Agger is injured most of the time and Skrtel is a liability.

      Centre Mid – We still haven’t replaced Alonso. Gerrard Aqua and Meireles are best in the attacking mid role so an Alonso type playmaker is needed. I’m a big fan of Lucas and Spearing is looking good but their passing isn’t great. That’s what is needed. A Charlie Adam type.

      Anyways, Wingers, wingers wingers…

  8. I skim read this. In fact I super skim read it. Cos one of the first things I saw was ‘Wayne Bridge’. As soon as you see someone recommend him as a signing you’ve got to instantly think ‘this guy has no clue’.

    Sorry, it’s just the way it is.

  9. I agree with you in that I think things are going to be great next season, but all the players you suggested are terrible. Wayne Bridge is a glamourous version of Konchesky and Ashley Young is a waste of money that could be spent on a good winger. RVN is past it – we need a good striker to challenge Suarez and Carroll and fill in for them when they get crocked.

  10. @Martin u started off well about Wayne bridge then it all went down the pan A. young waste of money “do me a favour” Joe cole is a waste of money & he was free RVN past it possibly but I’m sure he still got a few goals left in him & on a free aswell. I feel with a couple old heads carra gerrard & RVN what better teachers could the youngers have it hasn’t the “wanks” any harm has it?

  11. Kieran – Yes I would love to see them two wearing our shirt, although their price tag could very well pressure them. Plus if we could buy one superstar, who is young and world class I’d be delighted. I’ve been hearing rumours about Kun Aguero lately, fingers crossed. He’s still young, has experience and a proved superstar. There were also rumours circulating that Xabi Alonso and Luis Garcia will be going back to Liverpool, Garcia can be our backup striker and Alonso of course be our playmaker back. I’d welcome them with open arms everyday.

    Walk on.

    1. I hope your right about Alonso mate, where did you hear that. I am a massive Alonso fan and if we can get that core again, we will be in a good place.


  12. I saw it from twitter, lfctransferspec maybe. Yes I really hope he’ll come back, he’s literally why Liverpool has been out of form and plays inconsistently in my opinion. Plus Garcia is free this summer.

  13. I think we need only 4 player and then back in business. My 4 player will be m’vila , sakho, bastos and lamela

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