Has it been THAT bad… and what is more important to you?

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As we reach the end of another season which…. well most of us would like to forget, has it been as bad as it could have been? We started the season after a poor 2009/10 showing and most of us hoped for better in the coming months, but what was going to be defined as better?

We plumbed to new depths in the Premier League with Roy Hodgson at the helm, but we also had positive news. New owners were on the horizon and quickly showed they were here to mean business. Obviously this didn’t detract from what was quickly turning out to be a nightmare season… Or it was until Kenny took over the reigns and suddenly things looked a whole lot brighter. 25 points out of the last 39, only the… pains me to say this… Champions in waiting have collected more than this, surely this isn’t the form of a team that was near the relegation zone, I know that Carroll and Suarez came in and have been superb, but every player who has pulled on that famous red jersey in recent weeks has played with a passion that wasn’t there earlier in the season.

I doubt we’ll ever know what was exactly wrong earlier in the season… people say it’s completely down to Roy and his tactics, I would say yes he had the wrong tactics at Liverpool but he can’t be THAT bad considering what he’s done to West Brom… case of a little fish in a big pond perhaps? I point to other signs though… having a striker who was sulking all the time did not help, is it a coincidence that after a certain Mr Torres left results picked up? I don’t think so. I think the loss of Aquilani to Juventus could have had a psychological effect on the players, just as it appeared he was getting used to English football, Roy goes and loans him out to the Old Lady, seemingly a barmy move considering the season he’s had over there. Also the ongoing saga with the owners, maybe when our new owners came in… the pressure was more on our players to perform… they didn’t have the excuse of the old owners shaking everything up. Whatever it was, it appears to be fixed and this brings me on to my second point.

Nearing the end of this season, what is more important to YOU as a Liverpool fan? In the next 5 games, and into summer! In these next 5 games do we go all out on reaching that supposedly important Europa League spot in 5th… (or 6th if City win the FA cup and finish 5th) or perhaps even a Champions League berth? or do we… not ease up… but blood some of our younger players and finish 6th.. 6th is certainly not good enough for our great club… but as I said, had certain individuals been at the club still, it could have been a whole lot worse.

In summer its obvious we need some new players… who’s on your serious wishlist.. I’ve seen people give lists with around 10 players on… not only do we not need that many players, we really aren’t going to get them all! I’d say with 2 World Class players in wing and left back position and maybe 2-3 decent covers all over the pitch we may be sorted.. who do YOU want? Who is most important? There’s clearly money to spend… what with Standard Chartered’s money, the Owners’ money and this new kit deal with Warrior sports. I doubt we need many more than 5 players, looking at the young guys we’ve got coming through and the quality that is already shown in the Liverpool team itself! All they need is the belief… Kenny gave them that back, I personally believe like a lot of you he should be given the manager’s job. If he isn’t I’d like Villa-Boas, but I’d still want Kenny around in that back room staff even if he decides the job’s not for him simply to always have that passion he instils. He’ll be a legend still in all our eyes no matter what he does I’m sure.

Positives from this season.

  • New Owners who seem to be willing to splash the cash. (no more Hicks and Gillete!!!!!!)
  • Kenny returning as manager.
  • The emergence of some young talent thanks to Rafa Benitez and Rodolfo Borrell. (Kelly, Flanno, Robinson, Suso, Sterling, Morgan, Wisdom, Shelvey and Spearing to name but a few)
  • Luis Suarez, Andy Carroll and Raul Mereiles.
  • Belief returning to Liverpool fans that we can challenge.
  • Big victories over Man U, Chelsea home and away, Man City and two decent draws with Arsenal.
  • I know i’ll probs get slated for this.. but the real emergence from Lucas as one of the Premiership’s best Midfielders.
  • A real path to the future has been shown, young intelligent players and a sense of unity.

Negatives from this season

  • 5th or 6th really isn’t good enough for this club, should at the VERY LEAST be challenging for Top 4.
  • Injuries to key players. Stevie G, Agger, Carra and Kelly being the most noteworthy.
  • Humiliating defeats against Blackpool, West Ham, West Brom and Wolves.
  • Sometimes… until recently, a lack of consistency and a reliability on one or two players (Lucas, Reina, Carra to name a few)

So overall what do you Reds think… has this season been as bad as it could have been? I know 6th isn’t good enough for us.. but sometimes with the hard times comes unity and a belief that in future years we can do this. I believe this club… the supporters and Players have a unity that is returning to Anfield in great amounts.. and we WILL be challenging for our 19th title next year with a real belief in our hearts.


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  1. ‘I know i’ll probs get slated for this.. but the real emergence from Lucas as one of the Premiership’s best Midfielders.’ – Don’t know why you think you will get slated for it, he has been our player of the season…

  2. I don’t feel I should get slated for it… I just know there are still some Liverpool fans who feel he’s not good enough!

  3. i agree entirely about lucas being one of the best midfielders in the league this year, he really has shown what he is capable of and the naysayers can keep saying how bad they think he is because that will make him play even better to prove them wrong

  4. agree that lucas has been excellent….
    but we need a midfielder who can influence the game and control it… like xavi does for barcelona or schweinsteiger for bayern…
    i dont think lucas is good enough when it comes to start an attacking move..

  5. Would love to see Schweinsteiger in a Liverpool shirt… believe we might still get Charlie Adam.. he’d certainly bring some creativity.. I do think Lucas does offer creativity but thats not his main role as is seen by his tackling stats.

  6. Are you guys insane! How in anyway is Lucas Leiva a good player! I’d rather send out 10 men… He constantly gives away possession, he passes the ball backwards at stupid times, silly tackles. I could seriously write a book! Y.N.W.A <3

    1. How many games have you watched any games this season. Lucas has been most consistent performer this season. Go watch a game or two and you’ll wish you weren’t so blind and stupid.

    2. In the first part of the season with Woy in charge Lucas was the only thing that prevented a much greater humiliation. It is obvious you dont like him, fine but judge him on his performances and not your imagination. Lucas – Thank you so much for ignoring the boo boys and giving it your all.

  7. Firstly… this article was not intended to be a discussion about whether Lucas is good or not.

    Secondly I just don’t agree with that, people saying he loses possession! Find some stats to back up your point and if you could write a book then ask Antoine to write an article with proof because I don’t really understand how you’ve come to the conclusion.


  8. Craig, really? Ok his first 3 seasons I would literally refuse to watch but this season he has been given a chance and has really stepped up his game. I’m not his biggest fan but I believe that he has what is needed in the midfield. Ali I do agree with you, but we do need a more influential player in the mid, WE NEED ALONSO BACK! :P

  9. Lucas has been outstanding. I think him and Meireles (after kenny took over) have been our best players so far this season…and i dont know why there are still some fans who dont like spearing?i mean give the guy a run of games, and he will be brilliant. perfect example in lucas! i think im quite happy with where we are atm, especially looking at the fact that we were second bottom. To be honest, i know liverpool without europe sounds weird, but as we saw this europa league isn’t great, and i think if we get rid of the distractions of EL, we can concentrated on the league and the dom cups! i really want us to be challenging for the title next season…i dont know whether we will win it…but i really want us to win the FA cup…we deserve a trip to the new wembley!

  10. Ok i totally understand where you’re coming from, I was just a bit shocked. But as you said its took almost 4 seasons for him to show his potential (Which I’m still not seeing). I have seen him play some very good games, but I’ve seen a lot more bad games. I’m sorry for my first outburst and i do apologize.

    And yes I’d love to see Alonso back! Y.N.W.A <3

  11. Craig, You must be on another planet. Yes Kyle we’d All Love to see Alonso back but we had Lucas learn from him, Gerrard and the nutter Mascherano. He has been seen to break down Man U and Arsenal and let our team score. He supports the team well, doesnt lose hus head like Mascherano and Stevie G sometimes, he is an intelligent lad and is Brazil Captain in waiting. Under Kenny he is being given confidence like all the other players and is the only possible player who could be compared to Alonso. Did you notice the great rapport between him and Suarez and the stability he gives to the ever improving Spearing. We lack creativity as KK has said and Lucas has not been given that role. He will be the leader of the biggest footballing nations in the world and he will be the first man on the LFC teamsheet for many years to come. No injuries, complaints, mediocre performances from this guy. Just stop being narrow minded

  12. This season our great club was saved from the jaws of hell.We were sinking faster than the titanic.Now we can even dream of a title next year.Wherever we finish this season 4,5 or 6 wont do us much damage.some are even sayin the lesser the games nxt season the better for us.After all we have new good sources of alternative income coming through.Our biggest concern right now is next season and how we prepare ourselves.We need to sell a few players who r not tp to the task.we all know who they are.We also need 6 new young world class players.My expensive wish list includes Gary Cahill,Fabio Coeantrao,Ashley Young,Eden Hazard,Steven Defoe and Romelu Lukaku.Alberto Aquilani shud return to Mersey side and support Gerrard and Meireles.I hope we can land Hazard if not Alexis Sanchez.These two are the next big thing in world football.We shud show ambition and intent by signing from this list. The alternative list includes simon kjaer,Enrique,Payet,Mart Jarvis,Charlie Adam,Connor Wickham. What do you think?

  13. Well don’t apologise Craig everyone deserves a view… be pretty boring if we all thought the same, but I do believe it’s not a view thats warranted any more. WOULD LOVE Alonso back… we miss that creativity. I doubt he will, maybe Adam or Defour could bring some creativity? I’d love all the people in that list mart… would say the most important for us if you had to narrow it down would be, coentrao/enrique, adam and young/hazard. Don’t think we need Wickham though… think he’s a little bit overrated :’)


  14. Little point to discuss this as everyone so far has ignored it and concentrated on talk and/or slating Lucas Leiva!

  15. Nice to finally read some common sense on a blog/website! Lucas, imho, has been solid all season, he gets my vote for player of the season. He may even Captain our club one day, after Steven retires! I said that two years ago and I stand by it. I have confidence in Kenny to do the right thing. I don’t think we will throw any games but we do have a lot of injuries and we will see how far up we get, depending on other results. IF, and it is a slim if, Kenny doesn’t get the job, I don’t want some pansy or goof ball or martin ‘bloody’ o’neil to take charge! There is only one man who can fill Kenny’s boots…..Rafa! He loves the club, knows the club, knows what is needed cause he rebuilt and constantly over achieved with all the shackles placed on him, internally and externally! Nuff Said! YNWA.

    1. YES I AGREE!!!and he has proven to have some negotiating strategies under his sleeves when it comes to getting players into liverpool! So Rafa does get my vote… IF and only IF its not KK

  16. We need some quality players which can change a game on their own in the like of young,enrique,adam,cahill and a strong holding midfield.
    With gerrard,mireless,lucas,kurt,young,adam,strong holding midfield,suarez,carroll, only 6 places out of 9.Good headache to KK.
    LFC will be back on top.

  17. I see the season as a miserable failure.There are no redeeming features.We were totally outclassed against city and arsenal in the last 2 games and only got away with it because of 4 flukey goals.Dalglish is the problem-he stabbed Hodgson in the back.Hodgson could have taken us to incredible places.Dalglish couldnt bear to see Hodgson working such miracles.Roy has been beset by jealousy all through his career.That is why he has had 19 jobs in 35 years.Roy will be vindicated when he leads brom to a domestic treble next season.Dalglish is just a roy wannabbe.Look at the players we might have had.He gave us a taste-Poulsen and konchesky-we have never had anyone that could match them.I forgot Joe Cole.What a player.Poulsen for captain.

  18. listen fellow red fans im a scouser whos bin all over the world whoever you fancy in whatever position you support end ov not when its goin good but also when bad lucas has been exceptional this year as has kuyt as has meireless and spearing. but if we are to progress and move on to the level of winning the title and “not just the next level” then these players should never be in our first choice starting eleven all good players who,ve served us fantastically and as i said early will get my upmost respect but if we want to get back then ?

  19. Kenny, you forgot, followed by CL & World Cub victories in the following season.
    This season has been positive;
    – The club was TAKEN OFF THE W.ANKERS.
    – Man whore left, he was right !” simply a business”? yeah , he never did kiss the badge on the lips! Though he could not take his goal scoring boots ( S. Gerrard) which belong to LFC, with him! Wish him well so long may his drought continue.
    – Agent Woy’s mission terminated , but how the hell did he manage to get over £7mil compensation for being in charge for such a short time. Surely he was still on probation!! sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster!! Nightmare on Elm Street for our pockets.

    We all have to fully believe in KK, he will hopefully bring in a few world class players as well as making the squad stronger.


  20. With all the stuff that has been happening at the start of the season, we have done pretty well. Kudos to the Kenny and the Coaching Staff and espically the Players who are playing with passion for the Red Jersey with the never say die attitude.

    If we can get into EURO thanso be it butI am not holding my breath all I want is 19….next season…


  21. Play the kids please Kenny, stuff the Europa League. Let’s have a good pre-season and no rubbish games to play in!!!!

  22. Great article! i myself told a friend of mine (man u fan) that lucas was one of the best PL players in his position, and they laughed at me.. they obviously hadnt seen him play recently.. and on the norwegian roma page it says “we are rumoured to buy lucas leiva from liverpool, but luckily he signed a contract so it wont be happening”.. cant believe they still judge him after the first couple of seasons..

  23. New owners seem willing to splash the cash.. . . . .says who.?
    There is not a jot of evidence that these owners will surpass or even match the previous spending. Don’t
    Peddle myths until you are sure!
    I didn’t see any willingness to spend until the torres money came in.
    I think many people may be disappointed this summer

      1. Says kenny…read that article,

        not peddling myths, do your research, also I think you’ll find that Suarez was set to sign before Torres left. Plus why spend money on players that Liverpool quite simply do not need or that don’t want to be with us, that’s why it was a great decision to sell Torres. Players that don’t want to be at the club shouldn’t be there.


  24. Sorry if my comment bothered you… i did do my research, and when they asked too much for him (suarez) they did not go ahead with it, then came the torres deal and so money came in and suarez was bought… isnt that how it happened… and yes he didnt want to be at the club because maybe we had no winning spirit back then, its not just him it was the whole team… even gerrard mentioned it in the press… anyway he’s gone now and i hate the way he left, but when we see him score the way he does, it will hurt a “wee” bit :) that its not with us but against us… SUAREZ is great but we will see the best of him next year… anyway… sorry if i bothered you with my comment…

    1. You didnt bother me at all.. everyones entitled to their own opinion.. however, we accepted the Suarez bid before the Torres bid ( a day before in fact ) day before Torres put his request in, Suarez himself thought he’d be playing with Torres… he said that. All we were waiting for on the last day was paperwork to go through! Yeah it’ll annoy some people when Torres scores… i’m not particularly bothered becuase he showed a disgusting lack of grace when he left so I don’t really care what he does now! haha! :)


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