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I received the following request by a Celtic fan, it is terrible that people would resort to such violence.


I was hoping to appeal to your better nature as football fans!

I’m Celtic supporter and as many of you will be aware of our manager, Neil Lennon, is the victim of horrendous sectarianism abuse. He has received death threats and bullets and recently this week, parcel bombs addressed to him were intercepted by police. Our manager is under severe security as the threat to his life is very real. I know I’m a Celtic supporter, but as everyone on his forum are football fans, you can understand how much these bomb threats are completely beyond the game of football. It’s gone too far.

What we are asking every club we can get is that on the 18th minute (Neil Lennon’s squad number when he played for Celtic) of Liverpool’s next game, that supporters can have a 2minute applause and chant Neil Lennon’s name as a sign of support for our manager. It’s time for ALL football fans to unite and drive away the hatred that is ruining our manager’s life.

I was going to ask if its possible if the fans could do this this weekend? its would be greatly appreciated the more coverage of support for Neil the better as far as I am concerned.

Its time to show football fans united at the end of the day thats what it is about football not race or religion!! there is no reason why he should be treated like a second class citizen i would be extremley greatful if you could help with this – any questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you,

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  1. Grate idear hope fans if many clubs do this but especially Liverpool fans Celtic fans have been grate to us Liverpool fans YNWA Celtic & Liverpool

  2. Whilst I do not condone the bomb threats etc, the way Neil Lennon conducts himself is an absolute disgrace to football. Coming from Northern Ireland he should know better than anybody not to stir up trouble by goading people that are capable of that. He can go f*ck himself as far as I am concerned.

    1. This all started over the ginger twat playing a friendly against Norwich, while takin a corner he took an ulster flag of a child through it on the ground and danced a wee bit on it b4 takin the corner and so it began….

  3. Don’t mind showing support but don’t like this 2nd class citizen crap! We all want the bigots gone from the game but stop hanging on to old rheteric.

  4. hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahaha, will it stop you singing about the IRA killing Nacho Novo in his sleep and other biggoted songs….i doubt it, so pi$$ off….

  5. Am I missing something here? You want me to sit in my living room when watching a Real Madrid game on Sky TV and clap and sing for 2 minutes? And this will do what???
    Whilst I do not condone what has been done to Lennon, recently all I have seen from Celtic fans is abuse at apparently stealing ‘another’ of their songs with our Suarez version of I Just Can’t Get Enough! Just check out youtube videos of our fans singing it and read the comments!!

  6. you at celtic would not have a minutes silence for the dead troops fighting for our country i feel you deserve all that comes your way

  7. I don’t think there’s any need for a condemnation (or a show of support for lennon – he’s not exactly a role model in how managers or footballers should behave), im sure all football fans with half a brain cell already know that sending bombs or resorting to violence is completely disgraceful. Looks to me like a celtic fan trying to use the situation to get some sympathy. in all honesty – football is never worth getting violent over, especially not in the SPL.

  8. The song about Nacho Novo was done in a tongue n cheek way coz they daily record falsely reported that Novo was sent bullets even thou there is no police record of this. Just like they posted that Watty was under threat and then Watty came out and denied this. Obviously, looking back the song was a bad choice.

    This is about trying to get bigotry out of the game and with the ‘doubt it, so piss off’ comments its just going to keep it going.

  9. Great idea. Very sad what has happened to Neil. Can’t believe that the others leaving comments on this are real Liverpool fans. They are most likely Rangers fans with nothing better to do than spout hatred about a man who they fear may bring Celtic success for many years to come. Doubt they would care so much if he wasn’t been so successful. Good luck to you and your fellow hoops fans anyway.

    1. You obviously dont know very much about Neill Lennon or as a “Liverpool fan” you have at very least a slight bias toward Celtic.Personally as a native of Norn Iron who has absolutely no liking at all for Scottish biggoted football, and has followed L.F.C.home and away for over 30 years(think that qualifies me as a Liverpoo fan)I have little or no sympathy for Mr.Lennon.As I said being from N.I. and growing up and living through “the troubles” we here have witnessed a lot from people from certain parts of our Province,which sadly some have carried into sport, and Mr. Lennon is one of these………..sadly he has brought a lot on himself by his EXTREMELY BIGGOTED attitude. I wish you could personally ask him for his honest views on,the English, British Soldiers,the Republican terrorist movement etc etc etc…… AND GET AN HONEST ANSWER!!

  10. Whilst i don’t condone anybody involved in football recieving death threats, Neil Lennon and the Celtic ‘fans’ arnt at all innocent in this! Everything about Celtic is Anti Protestant/Unionist and their fans sing sick sectarian songs yet Rangers are the team who get the bad press all the time!! Neil Lennon is a spiteful, smug, twat-FACT!

  11. Totally agree with Allan. There is no place for this in football, but with the poisonous sectarian dribble that comes from Lennon’s mouth, its hardly surprising.

    He is scum, stating his love for managing a team that represents the whole of ireland (inc northern ireland) is one sure way of inciting sectarian violence.

    There is no place for bombs and such in football, in the same way there should be no place for Neil Lennon

  12. no stick it lennon is not this peacful non political person he portays there has always been hate between the old firm fans but ask yourself this , why has only lennon in the history of it been the only one to recieve this type of threat , also last rememberece day minutes silence for fallen soldiers !!? celtic fans sung rebels songs and shouting murdering bastards ,at arsenal this pre season (it might still be on you tube )soldiers back from afghanastan paraded on ptch to manic celtic fans screamin fuck off you murderin bastards . add the fact a lot of celtic fans call us thieves for stealing there song ynwa (stop laughing) yes ignore this stupid request

  13. Even if people don’t agree with Neil Lennon’s conduct as a manager or person, everyone should agree that him being sent a bomb in the post is a step too far. If you can’t applaud for two minutes in support of the man in general then please do so as a stance against this example of terrorism and violent intimidation. The request isn’t asking anyone to take a side in a question of religion or Northern Ireland’s troubles, it’s about the attempted murder of a football manager.

    And for anyone wondering why Liverpool fans should stand with Celtic fans, Google should come up trumps for you pretty quickly. Celtic were the first side to play Liverpool after Hillsborough when they met in a fund(and profile)-raising friendly at Parkhead and since have continuously showed solidarity with that particular cause, including displaying huge banners calling for justice.

    Further reading which may be of interest,+Hillsborough+Memorial+Match

    1. You obviously dont understand N.I. polotics, as soon as you take part in anything driven by one side of “the divide” you immediately take side. This is Liverpool F.C. we have had our own problems, and as soon as we appear to be seeing the back of them and starting to look like L.F.C. someone suggests we become involved in this BIGGOTRY. NO WE SUPPORT L.F.C. end off……

  14. Liverpool / Celtic hand in hand YNWA together we stand! Maybe would of been a better idea putting this on the Liverpool FC forums

    1. We are LIVERPOOL not Celtic not Rangers not secterian not biggoted. Beleive me this is bad publicity…. stay clear of this mess…….

  15. I don’t care for Northern Irish politics and I don’t care what Northern Irish LFC fans who might be protestant feel about Lennon. I would rather leave the lot of them to their sick ways.

    What has been done to Lennon is an utter disgrace and he as well as Celtic’s other fans who where sent such parcels dissever support from fans who have in the past suffered. LFC fans have sung about Munich so lets not get too big about it, all fans have elements who sign disgraceful songs, but no one should be threatened in such a sicking way.

    I for one would support the request, Celtic deserve to not walk alone like they walked with us after Hillsborough and at other times.

  16. People should stay well out of this religious mud-slinging and I, for one,won’t be chanting Lennon’s name.

    What happened to Lennon was awful, and I cannot and will not condone it, but you have the Celtic fans singing republican songs and chanting vile crap, then the Rangers fans get involved and spout their bile and hatred and this is where we end up.

    Celtic and Rangers should be booted out of football until such a time as the fans can behave like human beings.

  17. listen while the bomb threats are a disgrace and a step too far neil lennon is the most unlikeable person in scotland. 2 mins for him but banners and singing during silences for british soldiers and ira songs and general anti british attitude then when they want the sympathy vote they go running to teams in england! its typical celtic offended by everything ashamed by nothing and by the way rangers and liverpool supported each other through ibrox disaster and hillsborough thus the massive banner regularly seen on the kop, not condoning the bombs at all but at this point in time dont even know who is sending them and with the sympathy around the world vote going down it makes me wonder……..

  18. Behave, I have much more respect for Rangers than Celtic, I am catholic but british, the vile views of celtic fans make me want to be a prod.

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