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When Kenny took over he said he just wanted to put back the smile on the players faces again and that they enjoy playing football again. And did he promise too much? Not at all! Look at our team today! The players were fighting and enjoying themselves and had so much fun!

Second thing he said was to play the Liverpool Way again so that no-one is bigger than the club. Today we didn’t have Gerrard in the line-up. First half of the season that would’ve been our death. But today the team showed its fighting spirit. Some critics were also saying what the hell is Maxi doing in the squad. Well he showed them why. So everybody in the team can score. Look at Lucas he’s developed to such a good midfielder and then Dirk he’s been a great leader today and ‘replaced’ Gerrard in a great way. Last but not least I also want to mention Reina! he’s also back in form and keeps getting us clean sheets.

The third thing what changed for me is that Kenny gives the youngsters a chance. Jack and Flano were brill today and let’s not forget about Spearo. He and Lucas- what a midfield! Kenny also loans the youngsters out like pacheco or ecclestone so that they gain more match experience and when they’re coming back they’re gonna be massive.

All in all Kenny not only gave the players a smile back on their faces, he also gave us fans a lot to smile and celebrate and to be sooo proud of our boys. With just a few signings in the summer our team can be a force again and play at the top of the league. I do believe that the next season will be our season if Kenny finally gets the manager job! So please dear Liverpool Football Club give ‘Sir’ King Kenny the manager job!!




  1. Not really like to call him Sir King Kenny even he receives knighthood. I perfer King Kenny. Anyway which is bigger, King or Sir. He has to be the biggest.

  2. Why was Dalglish too cowardly to put on Coady for the last 10 minutes when the team was 4-0 up? Likewise why wasn’t Ngoo on the bench instead of Ngog? Maxi scored a hattrick today, big deal, he should still be got rid of in the summer.

  3. Bang on Nina!! Agree 100%.. Kenny simply does the basics right. This squad would have given shivers to most LFC supporters but end result was 5-0. What a beautiful irony. Players like Lucas, Raul, Spearing, Maxi, Kuyt, Flanagan, Robinson playing so well is a testament of how much players want that extra word of praise from the manager in the dressing room. It is a testament of Kenny’s management skills.

    1. EXACTLY!!! HE HAS GREAT MANAGEMENT SKILLS! without him we would be fighting relegation! But why isn’t he given the job yet! i still don’t get it… media hype?! waiting for what?!

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