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‘’ We will see once again against birmingham that the huge energetic performances of the big games abruptly disappears.The likes of spearing,lucas and kuyt will be well down in energy levels.We have struggled against the smaller teams all season because of the failure of the management to insist on a high powered first 15 minutes to get a 2-3 goal lead and then sit back and hit the opposition on the break.Too many times Dalglish fails to implement this requirement.It will turn out to be yet another small team opponent failure.How is a team that cannot beat small teams ever going to win a title?The management and players are weak in the head.Even southampton beat man utd in 1976 to win an fa cup.So any poor team can play above themselves now and again.What are our fans getting so excited about?You will alll be be frustrated and depressed by 5pm on saturday evening.’’

The above is a comment made yesterday morning on a post in which Antoine (our host) presented the Liverpool vs. Birmingham game. I have not touched it. It is what the author wrote (copy and paste).

The author of the above comment claims to be a Liverpool fan, and in all fairness, I have no reason to doubt this. Had this comment been made 5/6 months ago, it would have likely proved to be correct, but to post such a comment now, April 2011 with the events that have been unfolding, is an nothing short of unwarranted disbelief.

I will not comment yesterday’s game or the outcome which, as I had hinted, proved the author of the above comment utterly wrong in his assumptions and wayward predictions. What I wanted to say is that when there is scope to believe, people should believe! I cannot understand what joy people find to be so upsettingly negative, so helplessly destructive, and so pretentious in making sure their lone cry forces its way into the minds of others.

Another point I wanted to make is this! The Reds are now 9 games unbeaten at home, and in the last 6 games played the Reds have notched up 13 points against 8 gained by Spurs (who are currently our direct competitors for 5th). May I also bring to your attention that three of those six games the Reds played Man Utd, Man City and Arsenal, beating both Mancs and holding the PL title contending Gunners to a draw on their home turf?

The above achieved with what remains a shallow squad and with injuries that have hastily yet wonderfully promoted Jay Spearing, John Flanagan and now Jack Robinson to first team starting berths. And they have NOT disappointed!

5th is closer. The math keeps us in contention. Believe Liverpool fans, believe!



  1. we may be heading for one of the most exciting end of seasons! title of BPL, CL and EL spots and relegation spots..
    YNWA LFC fans, we got stronger in our love, trust and belief during the Roy Hodgson era. we got to thank RH for this.
    with the current form, we are definitely contenders for CL 4th spot – which would be great for a team many were considering relegated in October/November… we got to thank (Sir) King Kenny for this.
    i love Liverpool Football Club… YNWA!

  2. There is that allowance to believe, the oneness in the team now vivid. Still we have a lot to work on but a fact is the belief and respect is back in every fan and player alike.
    There was a past ,the present is the mauling of Birmingham , the future is alive the passion shown by every player.
    With the belief in each other we certainly will challange for honours. Above all I believe in every player in a liverpool jersey! One !

  3. I’m believing.

    Spurs have to play Chelsea, Man City and Us away in 3 of their 5 remaining games. They also have blackpool at home who will be fighting for their premier league status, although brum on the final weekend will probably be an easy win.

    We have Newcastle at home, Fulham away, Spurs at home, Villa away. 3 teams that are comfortable in mid table and very winnable games and Spurs themselves.

    I honestly think we will get 12 points from those 4 games. I can’t see spurs getting 10 points in their remaining 5 games.

  4. I have FULL belief in our club, our owners, our squad, our management and us the fans. Too many times this season we have expected a dull draw or a bad loss when we shud have looked for the win. Under Sir Kenny we will push forward nd if utd are LUCKY enough to win their 19th title then so be it because I can see us winning our 20th before they do, give them something to chase again ;) because they aren’t gonna catch our 5 stars anytime soon nd who knows the king will probably take us to our 6th. If this is how it was written from the start to bring us fans closer together with the club then who can argue with it but I certainly believe it has always been sir dalglish’s destiny to have a second shot at it for the club he loves like everyone of us fans.

    1. i like they way you say that we can win our 20th before manure do, and give them something to chase again, plus they aren’t gonna catch our 5 stars anytime soon and who knows the king will probably take us to our 6th.
      and i’d really love or rather i belief to see those thing happen when we still have stevie and carra in the team, cause they deserved it.

      mind my bad english as it not my mother language

  5. Why are you peaple so desperate after the fifth place???? HELL dont you lot want to be fourth???? City are just four points ahead, but with 2 more games to play. If they draw tomorrow we can get that fourth spot.. And predictably there was an article on the positions of the teams come the end of the season, and liverpool were fourth considering their last 8 matches from 2 games before yesterday. City were Sixth and spurs were fifth.. So we need to believe..

    1. Varun, we are not desperate after 5th. You need to walk before you run. 5th is a possibility, 4th is a miracle. The math leaves us in contention for both, but we cannot abuse the Gods!
      Watch this space!

    2. If your thinking about 4th then your going to be very disappointed. Just enjoy the results until the season and if we finish 6th then were 6th if its 5th then we are 5th. 4th would be an incredible achievement but until the scenariois in our hands is a waste of time thinking about it. Considering the season that we have had it just a joy to see the teams playing very good football with a smile on their and the fans faces.

  6. 4th or 6th is all I’d want. The europa cup would be more hassle than it’s worth. I’d rather have a season to just concentrate domestically.

    1. Kevin I do not agree. Europa Cup is good if CL football is not possible. This would give the up and coming stars valuable european experience which will bear it’s fruits once we become a domestic and european force yet again!

    2. The reason why we didn’t win the Europa league is because we don’t have a champions league squad. The quarter finals of the cl featured 4 ex- Liverpool players so we need to buy 4-6 more top class replacements over the next 2 years along with developing our promising youth players to get us back to that level. If we are in the latter stages of the el next year then we are heading in the right direction.

  7. Great display by the lads. Passion, spirit, determination and flowing football are the trademark of Liverpool teams, but remember this is the same squad that the media, Woy and many of our own supporters claimed “just wasn’t good enough”.

    When Kenny came in the first thing he did was to tell the media that he was happy with the squad, the second thing was to to tell the players remind players how good they are and tell them that his job is to help them improve – and boy have they.

    Our old values – pass and move, attacking football, no player bigger than the club, the Liverpool way but most of all a unified club – are back. Kenny has infected the club, fans and players with his belief, vision and enthusiasm. Long live the KING.

  8. I truly believe. Always have. Always will. My non-red friends call me naive and detached from reality.

    Comments like “You´re not a big team anymore” and “you´ll never win again” goes by me unnoticed. All I have to say is “5 times” or “Next season” to really wind them up.

    Soon I´ll be saying 19-6 but even that won´t be enough for those poor bastards, living under their rocks.


  9. i knew the person who posted that comment was our dear friend kenny, not our king. But the old timer, who is on a mission to undermine, discredit and disregard our heroes, that is, KK, Gerrard, Carra, Reina, Kuyt etc.
    Im nt sure if kenny celebrated our goals and our win. He must have been caught inbetween. Coz he sure as hell hates Kuyt and Maxi. He dislikes Cole too. Bt he loves Lfc.
    To Kenny, u should stop supporting Shankly, Fagan and Parsely ONLY etc. They can neva cum back. Lets all support the current crop of players we ave and the coach too. As Lfc fans.

    When i first read Kenny’s comments about Gerrard and KK. Man i thought he wasnt an Lfc fan but a Manc or toffie.
    Then i realised he was red. Shock of my lyf. I jus thot sum1 shuld shoot him.
    But i accepted him as he is. We all cant think the same.
    So long live the two Kennys, our king and the perssimist

  10. well said tonio (as usual).

    Unfortunately some supporters are still living with ghosts. Do they understand that almost 10 players are dead wood in our squad?

    Do they realise how lucky, and proud, we are of what King Kenny and his staff are doing.

    Don’t they feel fresh atmosphere when they see the King smiling ? Don’t they feel confident when the see players happy again?

    Unhappy faces are behind us, like pathetic performances. Of course we sometimes fall, but it’s impossible to be blind like that: King Kenny is making the club alive again since Rafa.

    We should sing louder, because we are no more “in the Red”.

    Yesterday it was not a great match, but we made something unusual: winning with 5 goals with confident way of playing against a “small” team.

    We just can’t wait for the next transfer window :)

  11. Tonjo: You should have put my name to that post you quoted from last week. I stand over my comments still irrespective of yesterday’s result. It was great that Dalglish had the guts to put in two more of the UP AND COMING YOUTH PLAYERS MAXI AND COLE. HOPEFULLY IN THE NEXT GAME WE WILL SEE THE EXCITING YOUTH PLAYERS CHRISTIAN POULSEN AND MILAN JOVANOVIC. Liverpool were 4-0 up against a team who had their summer holidays on their minds and who are still hungover from winning the league cup but yet Dalglish had not the guts to give Conor Coady the last 10 minutes which would have been invaluable for this superb prospect. All you fans forget that the policy of introducing the superb youth players is been forced on Dalglish by FSG from America, it is not Dalglish’s policy. He has said that Flanagan and Robinson are only playing because of all the injuries. I am extremely disappointed with the goal return of Suarez and Carroll. One goal each (THEIR OTHER GOALS WERE OWN GOALS). What is Dalglish doing to rectify this? 57.8 million for these 2 has not proven to be good business. All those fans lauding Suarez as a goal machine are looking seriously deluded now. So Kuyt scored yesterday, big deal, he always starts a season with a few goals, then he forgets during the winter where the goal is, and once the clocks change he scores a few more before the season ends to put a modicum of respectability to his stats. Kuyt even had to admit himself after scoring against Sparta that it had been time for him to score again. Tonjo, your lauding of the Europa League has me dumbfounded. This mickeymouse competition was detrimental to LFC’S league form this season and would be equally damaging next season. The only competition that matters next season is the 38 games in the Premier League. That competition can be won next season with only one or two major signings in the summer and promote Coady,Wisdom,Ngoo,Morgan,Sterling,Suso,Adorjan and Roddan into the Premier League 18 man game squads for next season. These guys are exceptional players already but Dalglish like so many other managers wants the lazy option of buying in lots of players instead. The Europa League being played on a Thursday gives clubs only one day Saturday to prepare for their Premier League games on a Sunday, that has not proven to be enough time to win crucial Premier League games for example the debacle at West Ham. By the way those 3 points would have been nice and handy now in a push for 4th place. You say the Europa League would provide valuable experience for the young players, the only experience that would provide them is what a lower level poorer standard of football is like. It is the equivalent of a Premier League player being forced to play in the Championship. I BELIEVE Tonjo that LFC can win the Premier League next season under the circumstances that I list here. Paisley always said that the League was always the top priority every season and that is the way it should be for LFC every season irrespective of who is manager not mickeymouse cup competitions. I stand over my views about Gerrard also, he is finished as a top player and he should be one of the first to be sold in the summer as 7.8 million a year wages for him is a disgrace. If he is kept at the club he should be forced to take a pay as you play contract instead and at only half the wages he was on. I believe Gulasci should be picked in the last 4 games, Reina is only interested in selling himself to potential buyers so Gulasci has the ability and deserves the chance at a real taste of Premier League football. He will not learn enough by sitting on the bench.

    1. Kenny! I will leave you in the good hands of all Liverpool supporters that come online on here. Most of what you say is correct, what I don’t agree with is your negativity, and I believe I have told you that a few times no?

        1. Tonjo: Were you happy to see Poulsen on the bench yesterday instead of Andre Wisdom? Were you happy to see Ngog on the bench and then on the pitch instead of Michael Ngoo?

      1. Pointless is a fan who is not bothered the club has not won the league in 21 years and that Man Utd will have no.19 in a few weeks time and no.4 European Cup. I am a real fan of the club, I wish I could say the same about you.

        1. I don’t care if Man u win the 19th 20th or 21st. Unless you think that the world is going to end in 2012, football will still go on. History tells us that teams go through cycles of success. Soon there will be a changing of the guard maybe not as dramatic as in 91 and this time there will be 5 or teams that will be looking to be top dogs. I just glad to see that the reds are on the road to being in this pack. To be bitter about other teams successes is not gonna make Liverpool a better team, why don’t you enjoy the games as they come. The cloud of the last 4 years has been lifted I am glad that Maxi got a hat trick and Joe Cole bagged a goal, it beautiful to hear people giving Lucas and Kuyt credit for the performances, it wonderful to see the local lads shining bright and Spearing and Kelly making their mark in the 1st team , It a pleasure to see the n.o 7 shirt being on display and being worn by hero in the making once more and its a joy to see everyone push to together as one at the club…so jump on board and enjoy the ride.

          1. Hi Shuggieo. Thanks for your reply to Kenny, but he is no longer allowed to comment on my articles. He is too negative and insulting to merit any space here.

  12. Tonio Shankly once said that he wanted to build liverpool into a bastion of invincibility,you seem to want to change that into a bastion of invisibility by peddling this europa league rubbish.It interrupts the preparation for far more important premiership matches.Xabi alonso once said that he would refuse to play in it.Frank riberry of bayern munich has said its for rubbish players.I think that maxi should be given a new 15 year contract on the basis of that one game,we will forget about the endless crap games he had this season.Clever of dalglish to spot that cole was panting after 10 minutes at home to sparta and realising that this guy could be dynamite for the last 10 minutes but might be at risk of needing oxygen if asked to play any longer.Paisley and shankly would be so proud of the club now.We might get 5th.Wipee!!!Wipee!!!Another season to face all the other auto windscreen level clubs.Tonio do you want to win the premiership or not???Its time you toughen up!

    1. Kenny, the point here my friend is that yesterday morning you made a statement by posting those words that were mercilessly shot down by the Reds on the pitch! I am sure you are convinced of what you are saying but you have to submit and say that all the facts and predicaments you came up with in the morning were dismissed by the afternoon. If you don’t concede that, than your credibility holds no value. Sorry!

      1. You talk about credibility. You are the guy advocating the Europa League, the competition where quality football goes to die. You have a responsibility on this website to lead fans the way paisley and shankly would have.I think you are a manc plant.There was a guy called jamie kanwar on the net for months before hodgson left defending that moron.Torres woke up in january and started playing better to attract chelseas attention to get a move.That is all reina is doing now.Who is reina linked with incessantly.Yes thats right,the same team he played a blinder against at the emirates.Maxi is out of contract this summer.He was suffering from that condition running rampant at anfield called auditionitis.I think its time for a MCCARTHY WITCHHUNT of liverpool fans.We need to know who is real and who are manc plants.Mancs are like communists.United are heading towards title no 19 and champions league no 4 and tonio is urging us onto 5th place.Tonio wants to keep us distracted next season so the mancs can claim no 20.Tonio you and rick parry belong together.The same parry that had the club shop closed the night we won the 2005 champions league final.Tonio the manc!

        1. Yes I may even be a Manc, if you say so, but you are not MAN-C enough to admit you got it balls up yesterday!

          1. In reply to tonio.YOU HAVE JUST ADMITTED LIVE ON THE NET THAT YOU HAVE BEEN A MANC MASQUERADING AS A LIVERPOOL FAN.LIVERPOOL IS A CITY OF UTTERLY INCREDIBLY PASSIONATE PEOPLE.EVERY MANAGER THAT COMES THERE BECOMES TRANSFIXED WITH THE PLACE.The city is utterly brilliant full of joy.TONIO BONE THE CRIME YOU HAVE COMMITTED IS ENORMOUS.You have tried to lead astray honest genuine people.I want just nothing but the best for this amazing club,for the people of this amazing city because that is just what the fans deserve.Tonio i dont think we will be seeing you on here anymore somehow.MANC SADDO.Nothing surprises me with manure.

          2. I could even delete you but I don’t. Firstly because you are one piece of work, and secondly because you are not even worth the time of day!

          1. Yawn,Yawn,Yawn: To (BENEDICT ARNOLD) ie Tonjo. Headquarters at Old Trafford will not be happy with you. It is typical of United to resort to this underhand behaviour through their lackeys like Tonjo in trying to undermine and destabilize the greatest football club the world has ever seen ie LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. Just like all tyrants down through the centuries have been overthrown such as Napoleon and Hitler so will Man Utd and all their lackeys like Tonjo. The title will be won by LFC next season despite the efforts of those like Tonjo trying to distract the club and its fans from that noble pursuit.

  13. For those that seem to think that the EUROPA LEAGUE is a waste of time, think again! Not only it is a platform on which to hone our up and coming stars to european football experience, it keeps us on the map and helps us rotate the squad which will not be as shallow next year.
    Naturally, everyone would love CL football, but EL football is not to be dismissed. It brings in gates sales and commercial advantages with sponsors, and it cannot be too much more of distraction that the League Cup can it?

    1. Love the article Tonio and anyone in their right mind will agree with the sentiments. Kenny would find a way to complain about winning the lottery.

      Kenny- once I see that you are complaining about Suarez and his return I simply write you off completely. It tells me that you look at stats and score sheets and are asleep throughout the entire game. I am quite sure you would have complained about KD while he played because you are want to do nothing but whine.

      The reason we are on a good run is beleif and if your attitude made it in the dressing room…well then we would be relegated. you have one or two decent points but are just on another planet on the big picture.

      When we have a better season next year with many of the very same players you are killing on here, I sure hope you don’t come here to celebrate. Even if we win the title I am sure you will have plenty to complain about…maybe not winning the trebble perhaps?

      1. That’s enough Ken. This is getting stale now. We are not enjoying it. Go bother people someplace else and please do not post comments on my articles.

        1. Agreed. We can all agree to ignore his posts because they are a bunch of drivel anyway. It’s like banging your head against a wall and there is no point to it any longer. Keep on doing what you do Tonio.

  14. First off the comments on this article are amazing.

    Kenny is wonderful, his deranged self-righteous rants about Liverpool FC remind me of the kooks who spew warped scripture to meet their religious agenda.

    Now back to the article. I think the Europa league can be very beneficial to us it is viewed as an inferior competition compared to the league, but not in the sense that Kenny is droning on about.

    If we use the Europa league as a transitional cup format to help start a large number of our Academy products it could be very influential. Arsenal of the last 2-3 years are a great example where they would play 4-5 kids per Carling and FA Cup games until the opponents became threatening. Being able to give the like of Morgan, Sterling, Coady, and the lot a run out in a meaningful qualification setting would be wonderful. We could also see what they kids are made of against older, more mature (I use that word lightly), skillful players than the other reserve/Academy teams they play against.

    The future is bright with KK at the helm and our new strike trifecta of Kuyt, Suarez, and Carroll. With some added width from the sides come summer, we should be right there come next season.


    1. Ben. Your considerations, all of them, are spot on. It may be true that Flanagan, Robinson and even Spearing got their break through the long injury list we are carrying, but now at least we know what level of talent we have coming from the Academy, credit for which we must attribute to both Rafa Benitez and Kenny Dalglish!

      1. Don’t forget Rodolfo, he has been instrumental in turning the Academy into what it is today and what it will be in the future. For to long he has been the man behind the curtain and he deserves heaping loads of credit, which he is beginning to reap with his promotion to Reserve Team Coach.

        Rafa snagging him from Barca may be the key moment in our present day history we look back on a decade from now and pin point as the catalyst for our homegrown success.

          1. You call me negative, but yet in my comments on this page, I said I believe the club will win the Premier League next season but yet I hear nothing from you do you agree with this therefore I have to assume you believe the club will not win the league next season so who is the really negative person here? Secondly was is negative to say that I found it annoying that Coady was not brought on for the last 10 minutes? Thirdly was it negative to say that Wisdom should also have been on the bench instead of Poulsen?

          2. Kenny! I used your quote because you were totally negative in your approach (as you always are). Through all the exchanges, never once did you say ‘Okay guys, I got it wrong!’. That was the whole point!
            I am being nice and allowing you back in again, but if your attitude comes to bear again, I will very simple delete you!

  15. LOL! That Kenny chap, he’s a bit of a troll don’t you think.

    It’s Summer, the weather is gorgeous and so is Liverpool FC, lets enjoy the 4 remaining games, whatever the results.

    We’ve made a drastic u-turn since Roy, enjoy the fact all is looking brighter.

  16. Wow Kenny (I would hate it if that is your real name, henceforth I will refer to the King as Kenny and you can just address yourself as a tit or something similar)..!! I need to give you one thing. You’ve been remarkably consistently negative ever since Kenny came on. You quote Shankly and Paisley but you don’t know jack about Kenny which is surprising.

    The first thing that surprises me is that you can read Tonio but when you write it is Tonjo.

    Secondly, you wanted Coady to play on Saturday? Though I should not, I will dignify your question by answering it. A team is only allowed 3 subs. One of them was to sub a very very young player in defense. The other was to give Jonjo Shelvey a chance (would you give that chance to an absolute rookie or to a half baked player who just needs some more experience to make it big?). The third was to allow Maxi his first standing ovation. That’s called man-management. I’m sure you would have never had to manage people and would never know anything about it.

    There’s a reason why young players play the youth cup, the reserves and so on and that reason is not Kenny Dalglish. They need small packets of playing time and need to mature before they are sucked into the first XI. You’re just too damn bothered about criticizing everything to understand any of the basics it seems.

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