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Last week of April 2012.. where do we see our Reds?

Some of those answers are dicey while some of those answers are cast in stone.

Whether we’d be playing semi-finals of Champions/Europa League is dependent on how we do in the next 4 fixtures (most of me believes that if we win the next 4 we would feature in one of those two competitions).

What’s cast in stone is that we would be right up there in the PL table. We would be not more than one win away from clinching the title. We would have humbled a lot of other so called ‘football teams’ but actually pretenders who think they can upstage us. We would be the team to beat. We would have at least 2 players in the top-5 goal scorers of the season. We would have the best GD. We would have the most expensive team in the league. We would have the most ferocious attack partnership, the fastest bloody wingers, the most creative midfield with the most unbelievable diagonal passes and the most cunning defense. We would not be more than a game or two away from getting back to our f**king perch.

We would be the club that footballers would strive to play for. Terms like ‘qualification for Europe’ would not apply to us. EA Sports would be about to launch their FIFA 13 game with our Reds as the strongest team in their software. We would no more have to bear competing with the likes of Spurs and City. We’d have a close to 100% win record at Anfield.

Europe or no Europe, I personally can’t wait for the next season. Though most of this post is rhetorical, I just want to share my premonitions with all of you so that a year down the line I could proudly claim – ‘I told you so!”. I’d have another couple of inches added to my chest size when I watch the Reds next season sitting in a multiple supporter bar. I’d love to go to a person wearing another shirt and commiserate him ‘Good game, sorry you had to face Liverpool today’. By June 2012, I’d be placing orders on for the new home shirt with golden Premier League patches!!

Anyone disagrees..?


  1. I’m a huge LFC fan but calm down mate!! Theres nothing wrong with optimism but some of you’re bold predictions are only going to make you look a plonker if you’re theories don’t quite pan out.

    Quietly and confidently our beloved reds will show people what they are made of next season and i for one cannot wait!!



      1. Plonker it is we will not out spend man city or Chelsea

        Dont mean that we wont win the league though

        1. I didn’t mean we’d spend the most Marky. I said we’d have the most expensive squad by the means of player acquisitions as well as having the value of current squad appreciated

  2. Well said mate,,,,you’re my best writer on EOTK……Maybe Paul Tomkins should check you out!!!

    1. I hope I’m right too Chris. It was never intended to be balanced or measured. Just hopes and gut feelings for next season. Something to look forward to.

  3. Kaushal is a wonderfully hopeless romantic but I would just love us to be in this predicament in 12 months time! I would say extremely romantic, absolutely compelling, but perhaps not entirely objective.
    Liverpool will be much much better next year, but bear in mind our competition will be taking counter measures of their own!
    It is definitely the right spirit though.

    1. Tonio, that’s a compliment I presume :-)
      ‘Not entirely objective’? I’d say it’s not at all intended to be objective. But believe you me, most of it would be true in 12 months from now.
      Moreover, between the two of us, I remain the romantic one and you are the objective one on this site.

      1. Of course it was a compliment! I agree that I am the objective one, do between us there is a positive balance. Keep it up.

      2. So you think it made sense not to bring Coady on with 10 minutes to go against Birmingham when the team was 4-0 up. Did you think it was too risky? Did you think it would have led to a miraculous fightback from Birmingham? All Coady learned on Saturday is that Dalglish has no faith in him. Under your criteria of not giving the youth players a chance it follows that Flanagan and Robinson would not have got a chance either. Instead so called fans like you prefer to see rubbish like Cole and Maxi get game time and prefer to see the likes of Ngog and Poulsen getting prioritized over Ngoo and Wisdom. This is the kind of warped logic that has helped to ensure 21 years without a league title. If I got Tonio’s name wrong it is hardly the end of the world is it? Even by your standards it was picky.

        1. Four things to Kenny (although I shouldn’t be acknowledging you at all):
          1. Subs: We’re only allowed 3. One was taking a young player out after a decent run and giving another a go (Robinson, Shelvey) . I hope you’re not suggesting Coady is better than Shelvey. In my opinion, Shelvey is just about ripe and Coady is yet to get there. The other was to take of a tiring Meireles and give a £90,000/week English midfielder a chance to get his confidence back. The third was to allow Maxi a standing ovation and you can’t replace an attacker with a defender. Every single one of us would love to see the youngsters breaking ranks and we already are seeing it. Obviously, it’s impossible for everyone of them to get the chances in one game mate.
          2. People like you would always get chances to criticize things. Why him? Why not other? Why other? Why not still other? Now when I complain about your spellings, it should really be very natural to you. Don’t expect you to mind it. My standards are super-low but you ain’t seen me picking yet pal.
          3. You know you’re not welcome on some of our posts. While I’m not going to block you, I suggest you get a life and some dignity man. I can really do without the negativity that you bring to the blogs.
          4. This wasn’t the blog the original discussion was on. Don’t ruin the comment flow on other blogs. Please.

          1. Lose the arrogance and the dictatorship mentality. In the western world we live in democracies with the right to freedom of speech. You should think of the big picture as regards players like Coady. It was an ideal situation to give him a taste of Premier League football and Dalglish got it seriously wrong. Cole can get his confidence back at some other club, he is not good enough for LFC. If you want to start insulting me then fire away, your opinion means nothing to me. The head in the sand mentality from you cannot hide the fact that the club has serious decisions to make about the squad in the summer in order to win the league next season. Do not confuse negativity with realism. Too many senior players have not earned their wages this season most notably Gerrard. Do you think Gerrard has earned his 150 grand a week this season? If as is likely his injuries continue into next season do you think he should still get the 150 grand a week?

          2. I think you shouldn’t be on my page anymore. Was my post about squad or Coady? While your remarks about democracy and western world are uncalled for, I think you are the one imposing your choices on the rest of us and if we do not agree, you seek the easiest tool at your disposal – spam other pages. I can understand that you don’t like me or my posts or comments; do me a favor, stay away from them.

  4. im a die hard red from ireland i go over 2 at least 5 games a season and i think kaushal is right on a few things if da season started in january i bet my house we,d win da prem l ive never been as confident as i am now wit da king back.we will win da premier l nxt year mark my words com on da reds and thanks kenny for putting a smile on da players and most of all da fans faces ynwa

  5. Man that guy who rote this is a legend . . . next year liverpool guna kik fucking ass the league comming back to anfield an so is football dominance fuk barca its liverpool 4 life

  6. “Good game, sorry you had to face Liverpool today”

    class act mate..class act…loved this one..i do not hope because i know we are going to (if not win) contend for the title…red for life YNWA JFT96

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