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This has definitely been one of the strangest seasons I have ever seen. By November 2010, I really couldn’t wait for the season to be over and to look to be able to look to the summer months hoping that they would bring in some new exciting signings to help re build the team. Now, five months later and I don’t want our season to end as we are playing some of the most enjoyable, attacking football I have seen since 2008/2009 season when we finished second.

When Rafa Benitez ended his reign during the summer of 2010 I have to say, I was filled with optimism when Roy Hodgson came in. Now before you slate me for saying this, I was basing this on what I had seen the previous season. I thought that Hodgson had done a great job at Fulham and would hopefully bring some good fortune and fresh players in to Anfield. He had gone into the transfer window and had signed some players who I was excited to see play such as Joe Cole and Milan Jovanovic.

How wrong I was. Hodgson’s time at the helm of Anfield was rightfully short lived after the lacklustre performances in the first half of the season. By this point, there was only one man who could step in and save Liverpool Football Club’s season. Every Liverpool fan around the world was crying out for Kenny Dalglish to return as manager in January.

The recent results that we have had such as the destruction of the Manchester teams, the 5-0 thumping of Birmingham and the ever satisfying defeat of Chelsea 1-0 have restored happy times to Liverpool Football Club. The very way the players go about their job’s on the pitch is truly magnificent. We have seen four local lads break through into the first team this year and this is all thanks to the academy and  to Kenny Dalglish for giving them the confidence and saying that he believed they could do it. Furthermore, the way Dalglish talks in the post match interviews just shows how much he cares for Liverpool. He constantly refers to how great the result was for ‘the football club’ showing how he is unifying the whole club.

The signings of Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll in January were a statement of intent from the owners. They are obviously willing to inject the much needed money to invest in new players to help take Liverpool back to the force that we should be. These two fantastic signings we made in January have been immensely pleasing to watch. Suarez has an incredible amount of skill and has set up many goals in the short amount of time he has been here for. Any Carroll showed why he is such a great player against Man City stunning the crowd with two fantastic goals. Also, the way no one can challenge him in the air is a great asset to have in the forward line.

With all this in mind, I am thoroughly looking forward to the final games of the season as unlike in November I am excited for the next game to come along. I can also only hope that the owners are putting together a deal for Dalglish to allow him to remain permanently at Anfield as he has done an amazing job in the time that he has been here. Finally, I am really looking forward to the summer and seeing which players are bought to strengthen our squad.


YNWA, Hugh


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  1. Us Reds truly have something wonderful to look forward to. Our form since January has been incredibly promising, especially considering our injuries. If only Kenny had been appointed immediately after Rafa. No Paulsen or Konchesky, that is for sure. Seeing that we are still relatively close to 4th after being considered a relegation target, I find it hard to believe that we wouldn’t be favored for a CL place had KK been appointed from the beginning of the season. What a legend he is.

    A few quality signings in the summer and Kenny presented with a contract and I feel certain CL will be all but guaranteed and we will possibly be challanging for the title. Can’t wait!
    After the storm…

  2. Good article, although you’ve been a little unfair by crediting Kenny with giving Kelly his chance (assuming he’s the 4th local lad you mention) as Roy had already given him a good run in the team.

    Also Rafa brought Jovanovic in, not Roy.

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