Liverpool vs Newcastle (Sunday)

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Following our great trumping of Birmingham we host Newcastle as we try to push for a Europa league spot.

With only four games remaining this one is vital for our European chances and we must collect all 3 points.

Andy Carroll is looking likely to be rested and will not face his former team mates. Glen Johnson and Martin Kelly are still injured while Fabio Aurelio might be available. Steven Gerrard and Daniel Agger are out for the remainder of the season. I think that Kenny will go with the same team that trashed Brum last weekend.

Predicted lineup:
Reina, Flanagan, Carra, Skrtel, Robinson, Lucas, Spearing, Meireles, Maxi, Kuyt, Suarez

Kickoff is at 12 Noon BST

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  1. think Carroll will mae to the bench. Johnson might too, he was training with the team.

    Hoping for a comfortable win 3-0 with 2 Suarez goals.

  2. Things looks good for us and Liverpool is set for a wonderful finish. I am hapy with the Team composure and look forward for wise new season signing to reshape and sharpen our weak points. New lads showing magic and confidence. Remaining matches a must WIN starting with last Sunday landslide Win. “You Will Never Walk A Lone” at Liverpool at all times. John Nairobi Kenya

  3. When is luis suarez going to start scoring?Its getting embarassing at this stage.The people of liverpool are amazing and they deserve the very best.Suarez has lost his confidence in front of goal and thats why he keeps passing instead of shooting.We need wingers badly and we dont need rubbish like maxi taking up space.We are playing great shooters like meireles on the left wing.Cole has legs that dont work anymore.How in the name of xxxx do people want to give cole more time?Every moment we keep cole is stopping us signing a quality player.If we signed the likes of arda turan and nuri sahin fans would easily forget joe cole and maxi.At the moment we have carroll who needs crosses and no one to deliver them.Some fans still dont realise how much better a team looks with wingers.Look at united-wingers always and about to lock up their 12th title under ferguson.If we get these wingers we will soon prove unstopable.Our youngsters are quite simply wonderful.I know that TONIO BONE has said that he will be not be satisfied with nothing less than 1st place next season and will be preaching this relentlessly in every blog next season.Tonio i applaud you.I wish all the sites were as ambitious as you for the club.

    1. Suarez may not be scoring but he is turning provider every game and has been unlucky not to score more like the shot against city that Hart pushed wide

    2. Can you kindly let me know, by quoting, where I’ve written that ‘i will not be satisfied with anything less than 1st next seaon?’
      I might have an alter-ego I might not know about!

    3. S T F U!! what the hell are you saying..he even has more goals than torres since he moved to chelsea

  4. Never thought I would be willing Chelsea to win !! even though I hope Drogba does the scoring for them.
    Come on you REDS


  5. We need those 3 points and we will get them.
    I agree with Felipe, i also hope Suarez scores. It will be good for him, i know he has contributed heavily to the team’s recent success. But 2 goals we definitely boost him. Im sure he badly needs them too.

  6. Big game now that Chelski have done us a favor with totenham…we can overtake them on goals at least until their next game. Looking forward to this one.

  7. I was surprised to see that quote attributed to you Tonio…I guess that is because that came from one of the voices in Kenny’s head. You really are something Kenny

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