Yes, I want Europa and here are the reasons

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Today’s victory has left us with a great opportunity to qualify for the Europa League, unfortunately many Reds aren’t interested in the competition. Below are some reasons why we need to respect this trophy and play to win it.

1) Trophy : We won it three times no one has won it four times.
2) Carling Cup : No Europa means that we would have to start our Carling Cup campaign early at a lower round. Would you rather play Europa or Carling?
3) Revenue : Yes the Europa does bring in some revenue to the club and with the fair play rules coming into effect soon clubs would only be able to spend the money brought in. If we want to build a strong squad we need the additional revenue.
4) Players : Although not as attractive as the Champions League, the Europa League does offer an incentive to attract some players that might be interested in playing European football.
5)  News media Hypocrisy : Without a doubt they belittle us for participating in the tournament yet when managers such as Steve McLaren or Ray Hodgson reach the final they are worshiped as it they are the best thing that happened since the invention of the plastic flag.
6) International Fans : I can’t tell you how many emails and Tweets I received from our fans in  countries such as Hungary, Romania, Portugal and the Czech Republic who were excited to be able to go see the Reds play.

So let us rally behind the lads, remember that our bitter neighbours would sell their testicles for an opportunity to play in any European competition.



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  1. fair and valid reasons :) perhaps you should also say that we need it so that we can give the youngsters a run out

  2. Totally agree… Europa league football is a must for revenue, attraction of players, its another trophy and we can blood some of our youngsters… also as you say it helps our outreach to our foreign fans!

  3. I see it as an excellent opportunity to bed in the younger players to help gain valuable European experience, ready for WHEN we play in the Champions League again, they will have benefited from the experience the Europa League will have given them.

  4. Although it pales in comparison to the prestige of Champions League, it is still viewed as a very prestigious competition internationally. Let’s not forget our epic victory in 2001 and how happy we Reds fans were when we won it. There are still many quality teams from Italy, Spain and Portugal who compete and take this competition very seriiously which is great incentive for young and upcoming stars especially those who have not played 0champions leage before. The revenue will be useful and it also keeps LFC in the public eye which strengthens the Liverpool brand and thus allows the team to attract strong players.

  5. very true! 100 percent agreed there! even though i hate watching us in the europa league, because the atmosphere is shite… after all it does help the club out!

  6. 7) Experience for Dalglish as a manager in Europe. King Kenny has done an amazing job getting Liverpool into fifth place but our early exit from the Europa League this season maybe shows Dalglish needs time to gain more European experience. Where better than the Europa League?

  7. Totally agree Antoine, Our European pedigree is second to none in british football terms and winning the trohpy for the 4th time would also creat history for the club.
    Winning it again would also give us the chance to play the winners of the champions league the following season in the European super cup final, for yet another chance to win another European trophy, also it would help to improve our coefficients for any future champions league draws.
    I can tell you i was gutted to go out 2 years ago in the semi’s and again this year to braga.
    Winning any silverware is the final product to a successful season, so the Europa league excites me as much as winning the Community shield, Carling cup, Fa cup, Super cup, World club cup, Premiership or the Champions league.
    I believe that if we were to qualify for Europe i think king kenny should get the Manager of the year award for what he’s done in just 4/5 months at the club from where we started at the end of hodgson rein.

  8. I also believe it is a fantastic platform in which to develop talent, or give players in the first team who may not get alot of field time in the premiership, a run-out to remain fit.

  9. You miss two others:

    Gives the youth a chance to build european experience

    Maintains our UEFA co-efficient and top seed ranking.

  10. Awesome reasons, and it would give a huge chance to give games to youngsters such as flanagan, robinson, sterling and so on, for vital expierience!

    1. Ferguson would pay at least £7.5m for them if you told him real madrid were interested.

  11. We need to finish as high in the table as possible. Then if we qualify for Europa, we’ll decide what we’ll make of it. Last year we were seventh, this year fifth (possibly). This shows we’re moving in the right direction again.

  12. To be honest it is great for liverpool players. I believe for andy and luis to gel together. We should as liverpool fans want to see our boys where they belong in the most prestige competitions. But we embrace it after where we were in january. Also we will have to play teams from the champions league when they get kicked out anyway great experience for the lads.

  13. Mighty Reds to win all their remaining games. This ensures we stay above Tottenham. Man City to lose away to Bolton, Everton and Spurs, draw against Stoke and we’re in the Champions League by 2 points.

    One can dream can’t they?? :-)

  14. Mighty Reds to win all their remaining games. This ensures we stay above Tottenham. Man City to lose away to Bolton, Everton and Spurs, draw against Stoke and we’re in the Champions League by 2 points.

    One can dream can’t they??

  15. Mighty Reds to win all their remaining games. This ensures we stay above Tottenham. Man City to lose away to Bolton, Everton and Spurs, draw against Stoke and we’re in the Champions League by 2 points.

    One can dream can’t they?

    1. At home we say that ‘that is a witchdoctor calculation’. I stop dreaming for 4th on those calculation after ManCity wins against Blackburn Rovers.

  16. I have not been one to say I don’t want Europe league next season but have been one to say it would not be a bad thing if we where not in it…..

    After reading this I would say it would be a bad thing

    Thank you 6 of the beat points YNWA

  17. Also isn’t it important to reclaim the league position from Tottenham? European football is important for the team, the club and the fans. Even those who complain about atmosphere! Atmosphere comes from us – if it’s rubbish then it’s our fault. By the way the best away fans I have seen this season (ever) were from the Europa League, Ajax in December, they sang our anthem with us and chanted and danced the whole time and were more entertaining than a particularly dull game.

  18. and think about the players. being 19th last year, and now a possible european place… it’s a huge confidence boost!

  19. Better to win a Europa cup than loose a Champions league. Also with the squad on the last 2 games looking so solid, it will be a good place to try out new signings/formations. YNWAL

  20. While I agree with most of the reasons outlined above for being in the competition, I think it’s important not to overplay the financial incentive. The winner of the entire competition only receives about 5 million euros. By comparison, Spurs have banked about 30 million for their participation in the Champions League this year – a vast difference. So there may be many valid reasons to be in the competition but finance is probably the least of them.

    1. Thats prize money alone. Liverpool do very well on Gate reciepts and TV coverage money of the europa league. We need as much revenue as possible, to be up in the top 4 come next season.

  21. It also gives the fans another chance to see a liverpool match and also if we use the youngsters a chances for the fans to see the future of the club

  22. We have a good crop of youth players coming though the ranks at Liverpool. Flanagan, Robinson, Wilson, Kelly etc. They have done a great job. But depending on who the King brings in the summer, these guys may struggle to get regualer first team football. So we need to be in this to nuture the future of LFC!!

    Then if we have a sucesful season and qualify for the champions league next year, the young lads will have experiance of eurpean football and be ready to take on Europes best.

  23. It is more important to come above Spurs and start to remind everyone we are a side to be reckoned with once more.
    Europa is a consequence of our improved performances.
    It is greate experience for Kenny to see how to use a squad over multiple competitions. It is also good for the youngsters to get used to the hostility they will find in Europe and help them make the step to the CL.
    It is all good if we get 5th but 6th is a massive job after the Hodgson days.

  24. Antoine we would actually have 2 trophy chances, if we win the Europa we would be in the UEFA Super Cup against the winners of the Champions League :)

  25. Finishing above Spurs and showing Harry Redknapp that we are still here as force to be reckoned as he always try to buy our transfer targets if you know what I mean.

    Being fifth should not be a problem for our club.

  26. Can you put a 7th reason?

    7. Rob works weekends, so playing on thursdays means i can watch :)

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