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Have you ever stopped for a moment to attempt a look into the future of LFC? I effortlessly went on to imagine what things could be like in say, five years time from today, especially when we all consider and agree this to be the beginning of a new era for the Club.

Five years from now Kenny Dalglish would probably have brought the Club to winning ways if not to former glory days. We should assume this statement to mean that the Reds will be competitive to challenge for all titles and does not necessarily mean that we will be on such a roll that will permit us to be winning successive titles. I am by nature a realistic person and have a rather objective edge, therefore I feel that the dominant days LFC had in the 70’s and especially the 80’s will probably never come back. Across the board, football has changed much in the past 30 years and an era of dominance is not only determined by the amount of money you can spend (though it helps), but by a combination of factors.

So we were saying Kenny would probably be sitting in the director’s box admiring a team for whom he had a pivotal role in founding. Steve Clarke, now promoted to Manager, would have Jamie Carragher as his number two. This scenario would be quite stunning actually, as it would replicate the same legacy that the Shankley, Paisley, and Fagan heritage produced with such fascinating results. This would mean that Liverpool Football Club could have its managerial birth assured for the coming five to ten years, with the reigns in the hands of managers coming from the Liverpool mould.

The Reds will be either playing at a revamped Anfield, or else in a superb new stadium. Whatever FSG will decide to do in due course, there is very little doubt that this issue will remain unaddressed. FSG know that gate sales are a primary source of revenue and they also know the Club and the fans deserve a state-of-the-art venue.

Now for the million dollar question! Who will be Liverpool captain in five years time? It’s highly unlikely that Carra will extend his playing carrier to that extent, but are we sure that Steven Gerrard will still be marauding the Anfield turf in five years from today? Hmmm! Let’s take them both out of the equation. Liverpool Football Club will need another leader, and I will stick my neck out here in suggesting this candidate to be Martin Kelly! Kelly will probably follow Carra’s footsteps and eventually be moved from right back to a centre back position, and that commanding role is perfect for the responsibility of being team captain.

So I have put forth two predicaments essentially. What policy will the Club adopt with regards to the managerial role in the future, and who, as the picture above seems to suggest, do Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher see as their successor to lead the Reds in the future?


  1. In 5 years time, I think the current crop of players being good enough for the team would be:

    Flanagan Kelly Agger/Wisdom Robinson
    Lucas Coady Suso
    Sterling Carroll Suarez

    If we keep these players there will be promise. And of course we will sign players too.

    Of course we could also have the likes of Morgan, Shelvey, Ince, Silva, Wilson, Wisdom, Ayala and Mavinga on the books which will only strengthen us. Morgan, Wisdom and Ayala in particular have particular promise.

    But as a captain, I would thing it would be Reina if he’s still here. At 33 he could still have another 3-5 years in the game. But I’m sure eventually we would want an English captain, and I see that in Connor Coady more than anyone else in the side.

  2. For the captain… should be someone who had been long enough at liverpool…5 years from now,

    DK can be the captain but he’ll be 35 and may not continue playing in liverpool in 2 years time from now.

    Reina, his commitment may not last more than 3 season unless we win europa and qualified for champions next season, they can guarantee 1 year longer for reina each season, possible captain too

    Believe it or not, Lucas is one player that i think will commit in liverpool for very long time… and with his development every week, he surely can be a future captain.

    If Suarez also commit to liverpool I also believe in him to be the captain and Daniel Agger also fantastic, but he’s “moaner” according to Kuyt and Lucas.

  3. Interesting article. Under Kenny there has been a return to the principles and values that made LFC one of the greatest team in the world. I would like Kenny can to bring back a modified version of the “Boot Room” and, as you have stated, the system of the manager being promoted from within the club. Then if the academy realises its true potential together with a few top signings there’s no reason that we can’t be pushing for a top two position every year.

    For a future captain you only have to look at the ever improving Lucas who will be 29, nothing against Pepe but I prefer the captain to be an outfield player.

  4. Pepe will probably be captain by then if he stays.. im pretty sure kelly wont ever be captain.. if u’ve noticed, he’s really quiet, and doesnt really seem like the commanding type.. i hope jonjo og coady will become captains in the future though.. coady is the academy captain now, and jonjo is the england u19/20(??) captain..

  5. When are you going to stop peddling this endless defeatest bullshit?You are always peddling this crap about selling the club short.The likes of you are big fans of maxi who is only perking up now because its a known fact that his 90grand a week is attracting a lot of heat in the boardroom.Where was this bloodsucking leech during our 12 defeats?You dont seem to feel any responsibility to push fans into wanting nothing but success.Too many of your fellow bloggers only became fans after our last title and dont understand success.Its so obvious from fan comments when naming their ideal squads that its only like a fantasy to them.The level of comprehension is very low.All bloggers should be preaching winning endlessly.I am suspicious of your true motives.Only people from the british isles who lived through the war truly understand the likes of bill shankly and thus liverpool.You wont print this because I am a weak willed idiot.

    1. As a matter of fact I have not deleted it because I am the only writer on EOTK that gives you space (not credit). Whatever you write does not affect me and people that read will judge for themselves.

    2. Do real people actually talk this way? I think this was written by someone channelling Basil Fawlty as a joke: Don’t bring up the war! Get out the earth mover and fill in the channel tunnel! Bovril and pies for everyone! Sir, you need to find a more constructive place for your unhappiness.

      Truth is that winning happens by focusing on the quality of the players and getting the fundamentals right. People who talk about winning don’t win — they are just noisy. But people who define success as getting the most out of the best players and letting the rest take care of itself, it is those who are the consistent winners. That is what Kenny has done. Kept it simple. Focused on effort and execution with the resources available and, well, we’ve seen what the result has been.

      So I agree with the author of this piece. The future is bright and will be better if we stay focused.

      And to the grumpy feller — I think you need a Tardis to take you back to the good old days of food rationing and the Beveridge Report.

      Onward and upward.

      1. Michal. The guy upsets everyone in here but I guess we have to live with his sick crap until he finally gives up.

  6. Conor Coady will be 23 in 5 years time.. He could be our skipper for the next ten years after that!

  7. my votes with coady as well. or jay spearing! i dont know why everyone forgets about him! he has been brilliant for us since KK took over!

  8. Wow five years, I was still thinking of next year but makes my imagination run. With Man-Poo owners doing a H and G and the fair play rules keeping city and chelsea from using the owners personal fortune things might be very different 5 years later. The owners are putting the groundwork in place for tomorrow and King Kenny (maybe Sir) gets the team back to where we should be. Then a Conor Coady as captain with fresh talent still pouring out of our academy the future should be a very great place.

  9. Lucas for captain. The lad deserves it. He was Brazil under 20 captain and should be national team captain in 2 years time. Come World Cup 2014, he is going to be the world cup winning captain.
    We will probably buy either Jones or Cahill anyway. Though id prefer Cahill. We dont need Jones we ave Wilson. Cahill will probably be vice Captain or Captain. If we buy him, that is.

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