4 Days of Thunder!

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May 7th to May 10th will probably translate into the most important 96 hours for Champions and Europa League hopefuls Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspurs and our beloved Reds!

With the Reds having only three fixtures left on their agenda, Man City and Spur have four. During the dates mentioned above, the Reds will play one critical and extremely tricky game away to Fulham (Mon 9th).  On the other hand, Saturday 7th Man City confront Everton at Goodison, while Spurs host strugglers Blackpool at White Hart Lane. Our two nemesis than battle it out Tuesday 10th at Eastlands!

No, I do not intend going into result predictions. What I will say is that by 10pm Tuesday 10th, the Blue Mancs, the Londoners and our Reds will be on 36 games played, with two games to go each! The Reds, at this stage of proceedings, will certainly not be able to climb to 4th, and even if we win at Craven Cottage, we might even find ourselves back into 6th place! For all intents and purposes we need to win all three of our games and maintain our current positive goal advantage to finish 5th.

It’s all so breathtaking isn’t it? In the midst of all this there will be the Man Utd vs Chelsea showdown at Old Trafford which may ultimately have our eternal enemies crowned yet again Premier League champions.

I guess we will need to regroup here next Tuesday night to take measure of our chances. As I have pointed out the game at Fulham will be close to negotiating a minefield, and in my modest view, perhaps our most difficult match of the final three. Should we come away from London unscathed, than Tuesday night’s game in which we Reds have direct interest, will be all that more enticing to watch!


  1. I agree that Fulham could be a tricky tie, though Spurs did okay at Chelsea (2 dodgy goals aside), so we have to be aware of their potentially good away form as well!

    As far as predictions go (which I will do), if we win our last three games, we can afford for Spurs to beat all their opponents, accept us as long as they don’t go goal crazy (as our goal difference is superior and we’d be on the same points – 64!).

    If we really dream, then if Man City lose all their league games (or draw one as well), we would then get 4th. However, just 2 draws for them out of four fixtures could secure 4th place, unless we improve our goal difference by 8 (in three games – hard against Fulham and Spurs, but maybe we could put Villa to the sword?)! I would have City down to be beaten by Everton and maybe Spurs themselves, but not sure about Stoke (FA Cup issue) or Bolton, though both have it in them to win or draw by roughing City up a bit. Plus the FA Cup final will surely come into it for City? It will be on the players minds (don’t want to get injured or banned) and maybe Mancini will mess up by rotating players in preparation for it. It’s a massive time for him and City as they can get Silverware, which they haven’t done for an age, and they can also get to the pot of gold that is the Champions League and all it represents in terms of prestige, finance, attracting new players etc! They could well bust their hand though (a la Arsenal!). The money put into the club by the owners and the subsequent expectations must weigh heavy on them?
    We’ll see, but I think 5th pace is very achievable!

      1. Disagrement is one thing, throwing insults and insinuations is another! A lot of mates on here disagree with many things I say, they don’t accuse me of being a Manc, of being untalented, of being a loser ecc, ecc! I do NOT have to answer your question about Dalglish appetite for winning, the games against Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal say it all.
        We do have to win, but you have been saying that Dalglish is not the man, because of Hillborough and all that rubbish. You ignore the facts to persist with your wayward and unconventional theories, wanting Gerrard, Carra, Kuty, Maxi and Reina out of the equation without right to appeal.
        Jay is welcome to criticise anything I write, if he insults, he will be deleted just like you!

        1. You are well and truly delusional Kenny! Do you want Dalglish to stay on or not? Why are you so bloody negative? Did you wife leave your or something? Are you serving a prison term for something you claim you have not done?
          I did not say I an talented, it was you how said I am not! Are you going to flog Gerrard for having had a bad season? How many times has Reina saved a result this season? The three goals against Man Utd by Kuyt did not come from the penalty spot. Maxi may cost 90 grand a week, how much did he cost to purchase? How many times has he not played because of injury?
          I well and truly think you watch Liverpool on something other than a TV set, because you have feelings that others simply do NOT have. Get real! This is getting stale and you are becoming boring.
          I was wondering what you do for a living……!

        2. But today is where this ridiculous exchange stops. No more dialogue. No more comments. I really am not bothered with what you think, what you write, and what you claim. It stops here, today, tonight!

    1. I once wrote an article on ETOK about Comolli and i was keen to know what you thought about it. Since you are the radical fan type. Anyway i respect your views. But stop picking on Tonio. Cant you see that he allows you to comment. Something that other writers dont do.

      1. Hi Masimba…to be honest I think he’s in love with me! He does piss me off now and again but otherwise he actually amuses me!

        1. My biggest virtue is not dreaming, its patience. So much so your constant nagging and delusional feedback is left online for all to be seen, and judged. However, even though it is one of my strong points, I really do think this crusade of yours is becoming stale and unenjoyable, and it is destined to be terminated in the short term.
          What you don’t seem to understand that the scope of this website is to create debate, and debate is kicked up primarily by being objective, not by one writing his own personal dreams and aspirations.
          You depict yourself to be such a luminary, yet for some reason you don’t post articles yourself. I don’t want to know the reason for this but I have a feeling you don’t like to be judged, hence you reluctance to expose your thoughts, aspirations and dreams!

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