Liverpool’s climb up the table [Graph]

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Thanks to @24CoffeeAddict for sending this excellent graph showing Liverpool’s climb up the table this season it sure speaks volumes.


  1. Wow, NESV joined and we went up the table, Kenny took over and we went even higher, Torres left and slightly higher! Guess the first two had an impact on Liveprool.

  2. statistics are not a true guide to anything, who we played and when we played them, kenny is far better than the graph indicates and hodgson far worse.

  3. Also throw in silly losses that shouldn’t have happened at West Hamistan, West Bwom and the draw with Neverton at Home we’d have been 1 point above Mercenary City in 4th.

  4. People say that it shouldn’t matter what goes on away from the pitch, players should be able to cope with it. This graph shows that the whole club affects what happens on the pitch. :-) Cracking graph.

  5. If we only had Kenny from the start insted of Hodgson as fans wanted all along…

    That is Broughton’s fault but at least he sold the club.

    We now expect owners to spend some serius cash of their own! note: They only spent in January what club earned in transfer market by selling Torres and Babel.

  6. kenny daglish had by far the greater impact, the higher you go the harder to get there. the real measure is in the number of points won in whatever number of games.

  7. Owners with a brain helped big time, Kenny got the players playing together, and a certain Judas dark cloud left the dressing room and things look good once more.

    COME ON YOU REDS, must win on Monday

  9. kenny is not gonna sign until he gets a good budget ,these yanks are stalling on something but we will if jose mourinho had done what kenny has done he would be on a 7 yr 7m a yr deal but he has done worse than kenny with a real madrid team so give kenny what he deserves i am willing to buycott club if kennys not appointed soon

    1. Boycott the club??????

      Do you even know the meaning of ‘You’ll never walk alone’?

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