The Daily Antoine: 7th May 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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That vile moronic Scott the Red of Republik of Mansh*tia is digging up stories from two years ago and twisting things and making all kinds of lies more…
(He is simply bitter that Spreadshirt pulled his ‘without murdering anyone’ shirts after we complained. As I said over and over again I never condoned any chants which mock the dead. Yes I supported SOS however I didn’t support the idiots singing the Munich chants. Scott is saying otherwise which is a complete fabrication, needless to say thanks to him I have received many death threats.)

Ian Ayre is open to the 39th game more…

Pepe Reina has saluted the U18 squad more…

Unfortunately the young Reds tied Wolves and that is the end of the title bid more…
(Still a very good run, the future looks bright)

Kenny assured them the Youth isn’t about glory but about development more…
(Great wisdom from the King)

Jay Spearing has signed a new contract more…
(Awesome news)

And he is buzzing more…

Kenny confirms that Jay deserves it more…

Pep Segura praises Jonjo Shelvey over his performance on Thursday night more…

Dirk Kuyt believes that Luis Suarez can be the EPLs best foreign import more…

Rafa wants to manage in England and not Italy more…
(We know that)

Roy in the meantime hopes that no one judges him by his LFC failures more…
(Too late)

Aquilani wants to stay at Juventus more…
(Well tell them to dish out the money then)

Riise wants to stay at Roma more…
(I guess it was more media lies then)

More talks on Afellay more…
(I wouldn’t say no)

And finally Brum have been granted a UEFA licence more…
(That means that 5th or better is a MUST for us)

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  1. 1 – Please explain how ‘without murdering anyone’ is mocking the dead! Can anyone possibly argue that Juventus fans were murdered by Liverpool ones in Belgium? Are you seriously trying to rewrite history?

    2 – So you agree that “Suarez can be the EPLs best foreign import”. Ever heard of Chicharito?

      1. That United fan in Nigeria was just as big a murderer as the Liverpool fans were in Belgium. Does that excuse the Scouser killers?

        No problem with using my email address as long as my posts are not deleted – as they have been on numerous times in the past.

        1. nic if you use a fake email your post ends up in the spam bucket.

          Yes the guys responsible for Heysel were prosecuted however it doesn’t mean we are all murderers. you don’t call every single German a murderer because of the horrible things the nazis did.

    1. well nic, how many times have we seen that certain chicharito take on all the defense, dodge 3 or more defenders and score a goal?
      True he has scored goal but most from closed range and easy tap-ins. A good buy but not the best

    2. Nic, Re point number 2. Chicarito has been a wonderful revelation this season, but he came in summer and was eased into the Premier league by Sir Alex, successfully. Suarez came here mid-term and had to hit the ground running which he did in style, helping LFC to turn their season around! Chicharito for Best EPL import of the year, Suarez for Best EPL January import of the year. Happy?

      1. Now that’s much more sensible Tonio. Please remember that the 7 million Hernandez has done the business both in the Premier and the Champions League for almost the entire season.

        25 million Suarez MAY be able to do the the same next season but as of today, he cannot even be compared to Chicharito.

        1. what should I do to push this manure fans away? huss huss huss why dont you trash your own fans site, idiot!

  2. Why are you even bothering with these assholes.Just forget about them and stop drawing attention to them.This is a Liverpool supporters website,we don’t care about the mancs and don’t want to read about them

  3. Stick to the matter being discussed mate. It is ALL about ‘without murdering anyone’, please read your own comment again. Nobody has once accused ALL Scousers of being murderers, NOT ONCE, but facts are facts and no matter how they are interpreted, history is there for all to see.

    As you admitted above ‘Yes the guys responsible for Heysel were prosecuted’ so you agree that murders WERE committed by Liverpool fans in Europe. Hence the United slogan of ‘without murdering anyone’ is absolutely accurate.

    @Shayaan, so according to your argument, a stunning strike rate is useless unless a few quality goals are included amongst them! Tell that to ANY manager you want to mention.

    1. Nic the slogan is not accurate because it mocks the dead of Heysel. Death is not something for football banter, END OF.

      Not sure if you are aware that 99% of the Man Utd away fans were calling us murderers last March when they came over to Anfield, I heard them with my very ears.

      1. You either cannot understand or you simply refuse to. The slogan ‘without murdering anyone’ is ONLY mocking the handful of Liverpool murderers NOT the unfortunates who died at their hands. Why is something so simple so incomprehensible?

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