Glad the record is gone!

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I know I’m in for some stick but I’m glad that the record for most league titles is gone. To be honest, you don’t expect to keep it if you haven’t won it in 21 years. Surprising that it lasted 21 years without help from our side. Also shows the gulf that was there between Liverpool and the rest in that era.

The stick that I’m going to get for the title of this post is exactly the reason why I did want to lose the record. Most of us have been too obsessed with Manchester United not surpassing us. These feelings have been akin to what ManU fans feel when all they ever wanted to do since time unknown is surpass Liverpool’s tally. Not win for themselves, but beat Liverpool. Let’s give them credit. A manager’s entire career (and life) was spent chasing this obsession. Three generations of footballers spent day and night plotting this. An entire population of fans prayed day and night for this. Let them have this day (for it ain’t gonna last long).

I want the best the best supporters in the world to win. Not to hope that someone else does not (does not mean I do not hope that MU loses the UCL final). The only things we should pray and hope and wish for is for our team to do better. For the other results, I would always root for the team that would help our league position. In the last week or two, I’ve cheered Chelsea, Everton (eeks), Blackpool and would go on cheering Spurs (against City), Stoke and Bolton in the coming weeks. Such was the season. Can’t wait for it to be over.

Having said all that, I’m sad that the record is gone. Sad not because someone won it but because we didn’t do ourselves any favours in the last 21 years. Because the other team could win it 12 times in the interim.

Here’s what I want for next season: to be able to cheer for Liverpool and Liverpool only. I don’t want others to help us with any results. Let them win all they want. I don’t even want to watch their games, it’s just too bloody boring for me. Kenny is going to help us write our own destiny. Took MU 21 years of our inactivity to be where they are. We just need one season to get back on top.




    1. HI!!

      Nobody, not even Ferguson, the worst traitor in the football history, can beat BOB PAISLEY, who won 13 medals in 9 years, with Fergies 25 in 25 years!!

      I get sick of Ferguson, because he is negiating everything of LFC, behave childish and manupulating, around refs and the press. He is always crying, when something is against him, although he got some good attitude players like Saar, Vidic, Fletcher, Valencia, and Hernandez!!

      Also to mention Micheal Owen, who I would like to see back at LFC, as a sub, because it WAS a mistake to let him go, like others as Dudek, Finnan, Hyypia, Riise, Warnock, Hamann, Alonso, Sissoko, Murphy, Garcia, Benayoun, Riera, Baros, Mellor and Crouch;


      WE could still have HAD;

      Riise, Warnock, Alonso, Sissoko, Benayoun, Riera, Baros, Mellor and Crouch, ALL OF THEM have a kind of success, and I never forget Riise`s long shot goals, Warnocks sublim shot inns, Alonso midfield mastroing and goals, Sissikos funny workrate, Benayouns creativity, Rieras dribling, Baross tree goals against Denmark, and European goals, Mellors goals against Arsenal and Olympiakos, and Crouchs overhead kickgoals, heading ability, and allways to be there; he is the current topscorer in the England national team, scored in Milan in this years CL;

      WHAT COULD IT HAVE BEEN, if it not was for Rafael Benitez, who sold them all, because they became KOPHEROES, and Rafa, the traitor of all, lost his ego power, by his new investments, and tactics, by using two defensiv midfield players, with only one in attack, Gerrard on the right wing, or in attack, Kuyt on the right wing, and Benayoun only as a sub!!

      HE already lost his touch, when he sold Murphy, Mellor, Warnock, Crouch, Alonso, then Hyypia, Riise and at the end of it all, Benayoun and Riera, BEFORE Hodgson came in!!

      Hodgson buyed Cole and Meireles, but NEVER used them in their best playing positions, Never gave players like Kelly, Shelvey, Spearing, Amoo, Eccleston or Pacheco a real chance, buyed Konchesky and Poulsen, then TOLD THE KOP, they NEVER are behind there team!!

      WHAT A S…!!

      Dalglish, like the new owners, came in, and everything went right, in just tree Months time!!

      Its the first time, since 1990, that LFC are in right hands, except a little while with Houllier, who buyed Hyypia, Riise, Hamann, Garcia and Baros, and maded Gerrard Captain!!

      It all went wrong when Peter Robinson and Kenny Dalglish retired!!

      Also to mention Robbie Keane, who scored at Arsenal, and then two goals, in the next match, sended on the bench, with Torres, and never played ever since for LFC, also scoring goals for Spurs, West Ham and Ireland!!


      TAKE CARE;



      1. I like your spirit, but to suggest that players like Dudek, Riera and Mellor(!) are what has been missing from Liverpool over the last few years is laughable.

        All the players that you mentioned have won exactly zero titles since leaving Liverpool. They were not great players, it was Liverpool that put them in a position to do great things, not the other way around.

        I agree, we could have held onto Hamann, Murphy and Sami a bit longer, but we had no choice when it came to Alonso.

        Its the club that makes the players great, not the other way around.

  1. Bloody brilliant. Best post i’ve read on here.
    Take a bow, take a bow and congrats to the mancs.

      1. Records are made to be broken!21year is a hell of a long time to hold a record and very much doubt man u will hold it that long?!So chill,nowt we can do about it,let em have their moment coz it wont last!!! YNWA

    1. Congrats F off they wouldn’t have the titles if Fergie didn’t rule the FA and their dodgy refs.

  2. Well written. Now that you mention it I’m quite glad it’s gone now too. Don’t need to worry about being surpassed anymore and can concentrate on our results more.

  3. What a sad state of affairs for English Football when we have these long ball teams aided by dodgy and dubious refereeing, hoofing their way to the title with good quality teams meekly rolling over for them and throwing away huge leads.

    Man Hoof are extremely lucky Dalglish had a breakdown in 1991, around about the time Man Hoof ‘fans’ were spitting on ‘Sir’ Fergie, if Dalglish hadnt had left Liverpool would have been and should be pushing 30 titles now, but that wasn’t to be, Liverpool fell and Man Hoof were in the right place to fill the void left, now Dalglish is back i think you will some serious competition next season, after all we thrashed you about 5 weeks ago and should have won by 6 or 7 goals, we know the simple process needed to beat Man Hoof, tackle hard and attack…and watch Man Hoof fall to pieces.
    Bring it on.

    1. I can not agree with you more! Only if he had stayed… It’s been 21 years! It took a club 21 years to reach our record, that has to be worth something though… I am sad, but not for me mainly, but for the older generation of supporters who had to see this…
      Nevertheless, I hope now that KK is back (when will they give him the contract and reassure us?) we can compete with the likes of managers such as Ferguson… After all, he is the mastermind behind all Man U’s success, cant wait til he retires!!! Ya he has good players, but he made them believe, he understands the culture in the club and had an obsession for title 19!! I can only hope we can get that with KK, he knows the clubs culture, and has a winning mentality!
      And last, with the speed and money in the game (until pair play applies), they can only be happy for a short time, as it wont last for 21 years this time!!!!

  4. i also am not bothered that manure passed our record after all it has taken 21 years to do so but then again i hope that we can show them next season the liverpool we all love and we win the league on our own merit and manure get relegated now that would be a season to remember.

  5. Whatever the most biased of us think United deserve it. From the day he took over Fergie’s ethos is one of attacking football. The number of games where he gambles by going for the win to get the three points whereas most other managers settle for a point.

    Since 1991 LFC have been mis-managed on and off the pitch. While the Mancs exploited every commercial avenue and exploited the Sky era we were stuck in the dark ages. This coupled the destructive Souness era rffectively killed off the club as serious title contenders. Only Rafa has got near but unfortunately he had to fight Staedler and Waldorff off the pitch…..we became a laughing stock and Parry, Moores and Purslow (Mr Hodgson’s appointee) should all hang their heads in shame.

    Still there is light at the end of the tunnel… the King is back. With proper investment the mighty Liver Bird, like the phoenix can rise from the ashes of the last 20+ years… keep the faith YNWA

  6. Useless us dwelling over the past. The 70s and 80s was our era, the 90’s and the beginning of the new century that of Man Utd.
    It’s up to us, and us alone, to make sure we remain amongst the elite of football and the most successful team in English football history.
    Man Utd are not a powerhouse anymore, but they were consistent and had only brief fallouts.
    Liverpool Football Club is regrouping and hopefully will kickstart a new positive era as from next season.
    Guys we need to get real, the 80s will never come back, we need to look ahead and regain our competitive edge and our respect.

  7. I am not happy with them overtaking us, but it won’t be long before we win the Premier League.
    I hope Barcelona hammer them in the Champions League.

  8. I’m not glad! I’m miserable and not because Man Utd have won but more so that in the 18 years since Utd won their first title, we’ve come close twice but apart from that never been in a position to sustain a challenge year after year!

    This is a sad indictment of what the club had become over that period!

    Run for too long by a person who’s heart was in the right place but never had the real finance, or more so the foresight to take the club forward and put it (keep it) at the forefront of the game. When this inability was finally realised the lack of prudently for the future would lead both Messrs David Moores and side kick Rick Parry to make a huge mistake in selling the family silver to two asset strippers at a time when the team looked finally to be on the right track and relevant again under the stewardship of Rafa Benitez.

    So you see that’s why I’m miffed! Today could have been averted by a little foresightedness and a lot less gullibility!

    However there is a silver lining! Liverpool are under the stewardship of Kenny Dalglish a man who’s won this thing 4 times before. Have owners who have the vision, finance and more markedly the desire to take the club to its rightful level!

    Also Man Utd are only one title ahead! So it’s not as if we have knock them off their perch! More push them off the kerb and back into the gutter!!!

    2011-2012 could be a very interesting year. YNWA

  9. @lar larkin you make a good point, i believe the problem has been in the boardroom and manifested itself on the pitch, i think glen hoddle did enormous damage during his managerial stint and the wrong people have been in place ever since, these new owners give me great hope, the reason they havnt publicly offered KK the full time job yet is because they said they’d wait till summer, they come across as people that do what they say the’ll do

  10. 1. We’re still the most successful British club in Europe so don’t let this eat you up.

    2. Aim going forward? Get our “f@*king perch” back.

    Come 23rd May 2011 all they have is history and we’ll be looking forward…

  11. We won the CL after 21 years, if king kenny was appointed as manager at the start of this season and won the PL(which would have certainly been the case), it would have been exactly after 21 years. Mr Purslow F@!#ED it all up!!!! Well make it 21 + 1 then for the PL..

  12. Good to know that so many people like the post.

    Some of you say that they’re specially unhappy since it’s ManU that have broken the record. Like most (all) others, I don’t like Manchester United and am not happy either that they won. But, I don’t think we should obsess with one team. It’s what they do. To be simply unhappy that the record is broken is something different. As I’ve also clarified within the post, I’m unhappy that the record is broken, not because someone will win it more times than us but mostly because we’ve not been able to protect it. To let others win 12 times with us having won none is a matter of sadness (like SuaRed said).

    1. The fact that the record is gone is a monkey off Liverpool Football Club’s back, don’t think the could handle that added pressure, now that its dead and gone we can move forward and hopefully next season challenge for the league title

  13. Brilliant point mate, brilliant.
    Now We can finally focus on Liverpool’s performances & results.
    The stupid obsession is finally over.

  14. King Kenny can look forward to being in charge from the start of the season this time around, he has never finished outside the top 2 as a Liverpool when he has been in charge at start of season, future looks real bright, must say I’m excited about next season

  15. you’ve got to be kidding me that record is something to be proud of and I’m well pissed off that scum from down the road might take it of us. there a horrible club with horrible fans. And what’s this its taken 21 years to break our record bollocks we’ve held that record since (i think) 1976 when we took the record of arsenal so they’ve got a long time to beat that. F*ck them manc bastards i for one want that record back

    1. Every single one us wants the record back Day.
      21 years since we last helped our record.

  16. Suared totally right. This all start with Moores and continued by Hicks and Gillett. This should never have happened but lets be honest, we only have oursleves to blame.
    Sad as it may be though the future is bright, we now have to make sure it happens

  17. The boot room atmosphere is back at Anfield, the club will be more hungry than ever to get that record back. 21 years is a long time to hold any record.

    We were Kings 70s & 80s
    United 90s & 00s

    Lets not think records get behind the team & our fans and make this decade ours!!

  18. Exactly friend.A top article and if United get the 19th that should be a red alert for us and not feeling bad about it.them getting the 19th should be telling us to wake up from this 21year nap and get back to where we belong.1st of all King Kenny must stay(Villas Boas,Hiddink,…great managers but Kenny is a RED).2ndly the FSG must give Kenny money to make transfers and create a top squad and gel it with time to time.3rdly it’s either expanding Anfield or moving to a new stadium.we cant stand playing in a 45thousand seater while Arsenal and Man utd get double revenues from their ticket prices.should those 3 things happen,i can see us winning titles again.Man utd who??that’s gotta be the worst man utd of the last decade,easily.Smalling,Fabio,Park,Giggs(top player but 37 YEARS OLD!!!),Van der Sar(40!!),Scholes(35!!),Ferdinand(years away from his best),O’Shea(WHO???!!!),Nani(overrated)…what you say in the article is GREAT.i am thinking the same as you and we gotta get back to winning trophies cauz we are LIVERPOOL FC.YNWA

  19. Kaushal, quality article as usual.
    I’m afraid that every team’s success in a league will depend also on the woes of others. Chelsea were 7 points clear at one point and Arsenal had a golden opportunity to overtake Utd and win the title. Both teams have had their dips this season and Utd, though not the powerhouse of recent seasons, made fewer mistakes.
    The performances of others will always affect you, and you must take them into consideration.
    You see, Man City could loose all their remaining games, we could win our final three, and we could end up 4th. Miraculous yes, impossible no! :-)

    1. Bang on Tonio. This 4th place battle is why I want Kenny to make sure that next year we decide our own fate, irrespective of the fate of other games. Little help from the Gods is always more than welcome.

  20. Records are set to be broken. The point is that if Liverpool won’t win the English League again in the near future, the record will be forgotten. So I hope that Liverpool start winning again the EL, and retain the record, otherwise I don’t care about it.

  21. The club is bigger than any one person, including King God Kenny. We do not need to worry about any other team apart from our own. Football and life isn’t only about the end result but how you get there and at the moment, under King God Kenny, we look like a team that realises the importance of the finer details of success, hard work followed by class. Next season can not come quickly enough, I know this has been said before, but a lot has changed recently and failure will not be an option. Well done to all the fans who have kept the faith. The team mentioned in the above entries are just another team we need to beat next year if we are to be successful.

  22. Good article for a debate. The fact is we have been looking back over our shoulder watching Man U catch us up for way too long.
    Our focus should have been on the future but for 2 decades we were stuck in time. No more. Time we were hungry again to win EVERY TROPHY. With Kenny and the owners that winning mentality is now back. Roll on next season! YNWA

  23. Great piece. If our record had to be broken it has come at the perfect time. Liverpool under new ownership,kenny at the helm, promising transfer window ahead and results improving. If the record was broken 12 months ago with dumb and dumber for owners I would feel like shit. Great time to be a liverpool fan.

  24. If it’s not us winning the League. Then i couldn’t give a fuck who win’s it. But i can guarantee you that i’m looking forward to my clubs future, more than any Manc.

  25. Well said! The Man is right, they have obsessed over that for years! The thing. that makes me laugh, is the fact, every scum supporter always has Liverpool FC at the forefront of their mind, whilst all LFC supporters have the scum non existent in their mind! So, big deal records are there to be broken, so let’s break it, but let’s not obsess over it, let’s just enjoy the ride! In King Kenny we trust!!

  26. stil no 1 biger than LFC lfc its mean all world and world its mean lfc love lfc for ever

  27. Well said, you’ve received a lot of positive feedbacks and no sticks. I agree with you. If your club holds the record for winning the most league titles but have not done so for 21 years, then your record deserves to be smashed by someone. In a way, I’m glad Man U have overtaken us as this will light a fire to the team, manager, owners that we must wake up now that we cannot claim we’re the most successful club in British football anymore and have to sweat blood and tears to regain that privilege.

    Come On You Reds. YNWA

  28. Liverpool only has they own to blame. ManU got every reason to take over the record. I am sad as Liverpool’s fan. If Liverpool still continue unstable as what they currently doing (of cos already improved under Kenny but not enough). They will always lose ground again. Good Luck Liverpool FC

    1. Guess how the gunners wud be feeling..
      They played the best football compared to all other English Clubs this season..But they never got the result they times their played got injured times they were bit sloppy..and in between were forced to play 2-3 games in a week…Wotever….I dont understand how manures win…i never saw anything technical in their midfield this season…all goals they hv scored is by counter attack football….minus the 1st half game with chelsea at old trafford…They really played like wht the mid table clubs play…long ball or counter attack…Manure, i guess is on top because they hv good defenders and Van-de-saar..they just defend and when they get the ball they clear it out to their forwards..ANyways at the end if they day wht matters is winning the game…I wud say yeah Manchester will win the title for sure..But they Dont deserve it..

  29. Give the devil its due as in the recent past we just havent been good enough. We have to get our act together to reclaim our perch

  30. It’s not over till the fat lady sings!
    Fingers still crossed!
    Hoping against hope for a miracle!

  31. why insist every year the title will be won by liverpool, and yet fail again and again,i cant help but feel you the fans are making the team a laughing stock by the outlandish claims year in and year out that every year u will win the title,now don’t get me wrong i think liverpool have improved vastly under KK ,but as we all know its no easy task to win the prem ,and will take time and team building and new players take time to gel others will fit right in ,i would suggest 2 or 3 seasons of team building before u could expect a serious challenge,but that also depends on how far the likes of man city progress ,or spurs or man scum them self’s or even i said just sit back and don’t make any claims then when/if some thing does happen then scream from the roof tops with joy ,just don’t feed the man u scum bags with ammo

  32. Can anyone calculate exaxtly the winnigs of the league from the word gos, as i recal there was a time when we won the league twice just b4 the war broke out…but the only started calculating from after…please correct me if i m wrong…

  33. Listen we must of broken some ones record with our title wins so some one had to beat ours its the mancs now they have the monkey on there back to carry people will want to knock them off their perch the thing is they cant go on wining it has to stop sooner or later but as has happened to every club it ends a cycle as ours did what we need to do is be the ones who take the baton on under Kenny and set new records and lets be honest man ure do not look that good do they if they had to play for 2 points a game they would never have won as many leagues ours were won on two points per game I really think after watching man ure chelski arsenal that they are coming down it is the right time for us to step up to the plate and take up were we left it come on you reds!

  34. 21 years since we won the league 24 years before the mancs won the league why because of the tragedys that occured at both clubs I honestly think this is the reason for liverpools demise over these years I was at that semi final and I no it took its toll on the club and the players and supporters dont forget it all ended in 1990 a year after and I think we are just starting to except what happened as a club and as supporters never forgeting what happened just realising and coming to terms with it now we are on the verge of justice and I get the feeling that there is a new atmosphere at the club and the ground and that Kenny has given us all the hope of a new dawn . I think a similar thing happened at man united after the munich disaster it took a few years for it to sink in what happened to them and thats why it took so long for them to win a championship even being relegated along the way which could of happend to us this season do you see the comparisons I am making ? I always said that houlier did not understand what happened to him till 12 months later when it all started going wrong for him at LFC . The point I am trying to make is maybe it is time the pheonix rose from the flames to take us to the next level leading to us back to the place the club wants to be as the champions

  35. Getting to the top is the easy part. Staying there is the hard part. We’ve been the most successful club in England for 30 odd years now. Lets see is Utd can hold onto that long. I don’t expect so. Convinced Kenny will bring it home.

  36. It all depends what Liverpool FC will do in the next 21 years. If Liverpool won’t win some more league honours, who’ll care about records?

  37. Hi Guys, I for one is happy for 2 reasons. 1. As some mentioned it is like monkey off our back. 2. I would better see a rival (though we hate them, curse them it is a fact that we have only one rivalry which runs down the history and thats between Manu and my beloved Liverpool)take the Premier league even it meant it is the coveted 19th rather than seeing a Son of B***h Traitor turncoat holding the title in his hand, which is the sole reason Why he left us. I even would expect Manu take the Champions League as well as for to prove the other turncoat load mouth that its u who have to create success not others for u. What ever we lost is temporarily lost. We will acclaim it within a year(not 21 yrs as it took for someone else). YNWA

  38. Not too bothered. We will probably be overtaking them again with King Kenny back. :-))

  39. I hate to admit it but i think that manure are not manhoof as someone suggetsed they know when to get the ball wide they know how to move into the right positions …they played Chelsea off the park yeaterday. We have a long way to go…..KK is getting there– but if manure are still trying to get Young or Downing when they already have nani and valencia it shows forward thinking and I hope we have that type of depth in a couple of years

  40. There’s a theory that people hate because they fear…which therefore implies all these ‘Man Utd’ haters actually fear the team…which therefore means you’ve lost the battle before its even started. Yes there is a section of ‘fans’ amongst Man Utd who goad LFC fans for Heysel etc etc…however its upto people to simply ignore such rubbish and view those churning out such filth with the contempt they deserve.

    There was a time when LFC fans were regarded the best in the world…because they appreciated great football irrespective of who was playing. Its time to give Man Utd the recognition they deserve…and also recognise its the fault of the remaining teams for being unable to mount a serious challenge to them.

  41. Guys i totally agree with what ur sayin, personally im not that dissapointed to see them go above us. What i want and hope is that Alex… the ignorat prick doesn’t retire the end of the season. If he does i would be so gutted! the reason he would be known forever as a record breaker)-the best manager ever lived! I couldn’t bear the thought of hearing this time and time again for the rest of my life! I hope he stays so we can get the crown back from his hands, that would be brilliant. Than he can (fuck off)retire with his head down.

  42. Whiskey Nose wont be around for another 21 years so United`s titles will dry up and Pool will catch up and surpass em once again.

  43. Nice one couldn’t have put it better myself, now that the records gone it could be a blessing in disquise. We have our King back, we are no longer seem to be a 2 man team, we are playing great football and with pride, the mood around he club is upbeat and we have new owners.

    I agree we need to win the title atleast once to get a taste for things and then things will change and we will be back up there every year.

    We should no longer look to other teams to do what we should be doing ourselves, ‘Bringing Utd Back Down To Earth With A Huge Bump’ and building a new legacy which our great Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley once worked tierdlessly to build……YNWA


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