Top 4 Still Alive for Another Week

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Top 4 Still in Store by Scott Stewart

“…Sitting at fifth place based on goal difference, Liverpool is just 7 points off of fourth place which is held by Manchester City. Let’s be realistic here: 7 points is a lot to overcome with just 3 games left for us and 4 games left for City. Still being realistic however, it’s certainly not impossible….

Liverpool on the other hand has just 3 games left against Fulham at the weekend, as well as Tottenham and Villa. We NEED all 9 points possible from these three games, and something tells me that an in form Liverpool side could get all 9 from the fixtures.

So barring that City only grabs 2 points from their next four league matches and LFC grabs all nine points from their next three games, the Champions League is still in sight…. …Victories from all four against City could see a much revived Liverpool side in the Champions League yet again!”

Is there anyone who remember this article written by Scott Stewart?
After knowing that city lose the game today, it just brings me back to this article.
Shocking that I said “Mission Impossible” in the comment box.
I now realize that it actually could really happen
What if city does not win the next 3 games while we’re winning all of em
and if we could score more goal difference than city
The mission is still alive for another week, fellow reds
we just need to believe in miracle and keep supporting whatever happen

I just want to keep the spirit alive and “Miracle is possible”-Istanbul 05



  1. City play Spurs and Stoke at home, and Bolton away. Spurs is an open game, Stoke will park the bus, and Bolton is unpredictable. I fancy them to lose to Spurs, and draw Stoke. Problem is Bolton. We, meanwhile, play Fulham, Spurs and Villa. Doable task? Sure. If Spurs win the next game against city, I think we have a good sporting chance of getting to the CL next season. A more realistic target (and an amazing achievement given how we were 6 months ago) though is the Europa League. Let’s add a 4th trophy. ;)

  2. I’m sorry to say that it is virtually impossible. Out of 3 games, man city only need 2 points and they are playing tottenham at home, stoke at home and Bolton away. It’s not impossible, but it’s implausible that man city will choke this badly when their goal is in sight. It’s wishful thinking. If they don’t beat tottenham, then they most likely will beat stoke because stoke will rest players for the fa cup final, and man city has a bigger squad. I would like it to go down to the final game though.

    What I wonder is where would Liverpool be if Dalglish took over sooner.

  3. I believe… would be fantastic on the last day of the season we over take city by 1 point or goal difference… but what ever happens the king has saved us YNWA

  4. Hmmm, you seem quite optimistic. I’ve given up hope as manc only require 2 more points. A win in ONE of the last 3 matches would guarantee their qualification for cl. However, tottenham is also in the running and shouldn’t be written off. We should by any MEANS qualify for europe this season though

  5. yes. lfc can still qualify 4 champ league who they can lost to everton and spurs and man city i predict draw or lose to spur while we thrash spur @ anfield. ynwa

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