When pigs fly, Howard Webb leading a YNWA chant [video]

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Ok please tell me that is not really him, it simply can’t be.

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  1. No doubt he will be Man of the Match yet again for the Trafford Hoofers today at Old Scaffold.

  2. The problem is you can see Mike Dean at 1:05, so I think that might tip me into believing this.

  3. Definitely him. Another referee, Mike Dean, also appears in the bottom-right corner at 1:05. Two Premiership referee look-a-likes at one party? Not likely.

    So bizarre though…

  4. I like my “look alikes” but realy the webbster leading the o.a.p’s in singing YNWA?! C’mon?!!! They were french mind! I think?He does after dinner speeches,i hear,not that i would go to one with him!I can’t stand the site of him,never mind listen to him?!Mind you…He doesn’t actualy sing,just waves his arms around!So whats new there? T**T!!!!

  5. This clip is from the movie Kill the Referee. It is a good documentary about referees in the Euro 2008 championship. This clip is from the end of the film. So it really is Webb in the clip.

  6. just cause it is the ‘you’ll never walk alone’ song doesn’t meen its got anything to do with liverpool fc

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