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By Marcus

These are the changes I believe we need to make during the summer in order for us to get into the Champions League places.

Looking at the squad I believe a centerback would give us more depth taking into account Agger’s perpetual inability to start more than 8 games consecutively without getting injured. Carragher has still got what it takes at this level but as he gets even older he may need longer time to recuperate between games. This leads me on to Skrtel who has matured as a defender – being less rash in the tackle but does seem to look lost without Carra next to him at times. However, if it so happens we do not buy Phil Jones at Blackburn or Cahill from Bolton we still have Kelly who is a centerback by trade, Danny Wilson and Daniel Ayala who has been on loan at Hull and who’s performances were favorably received.

We do have a positional need at left back. Jack Robinson has been thrust into the squad recently but I believe he could be the first choice backup to whoever comes in. I personally would have liked to get Taye Taiwo from Marseille who was on a Bosman but he opted to go to AC Milan, not that our free transfers have ever proved to add value to the squad. I like the Portuguese international Coentrao at Benfica. He is tremendous at getting forward and is a competent defender. He will cost a fortune but we may not need to buy a genuine left winger if he is purchased as he a great engine to get forward and back so a solid player like Kuyt could provide adequate cover when he raids forwards and at 23 he would prove to be a sound investment.

In midfield I would like Ever Banega from Valencia. He would be a perfect replacement for Xabi Alonso and an upgrade from Charlie Adam who has been heavily linked with us in recent months. In terms of width I think Liverpool fans need to be realistic – we are not getting Eden Hazard from Lille nor Alexis Sanchez from Udinese as I feel Champions League contenders will purchase them. Realistically Comolli and Kenny will look for players that are Premier League ready. I like Ashley Young and Charles N\’Zogbia they are interchangeable on the flanks, have great pace, skill and can put balls in the box or dribble the ball down the wings, plus each posses a goal threat which in turn takes the pressure off the front two and makes our attacks less predictable. A name that Liverpool fans may not be too familiar with is Dzsudzsak at PSV, he does most of his work as a left winger. He is fast, a hard worker for the team who scores and creates goals. This season he is on target for 20 goals 20 assists. We need options on the flanks and more importantly players with guile and out and out pace. We cannot afford to drop silly points against bottom of the table opposition.

With Liverpool having such a high profile in Asia we should not rule out the importance of have an Asian player [who is good enough] in our squad. Look what Park as done for Utd in South Korea. After all is this not one of the reasons LeBron James has aligned himself with us. Lee Chung-Yong at Bolton would be a direct placement for someone like Joe Cole and is similar to Yossi Benayoun. If you do sell Aquilani I would like us to buy Honda who’s at CSKA Moscow. He’s a creative versatile player who can play on the wings, as a second striker or more centrally in midfield. Like ex LFC player Patrick Berger he has a hammer of a left foot and is a free kick specialist.

Upfront I actually feel comfortable that Suarez and Carroll can form a partnership ala Collymore and Fowler. The problem is who will be the backup? Kuyt, who has a heat of a lion and dies for the cause every game is adequate. I trust him in big games but N’Gog can leave. I know that he does not get many chances but he does not fill me with confidence when I see him getting knocked around by centerbacks and I don’t think he is clinical enough. Personally Daniel Strurridge would be an excellent addition because of his age and ability but his ego and experience gained at Bolton would mean he thinks he should start and not ride the pine. Furthermore, Chelsea helped us get Suarez and Carroll, they are not going to give us a future England international which could make us challengers again. Nicolas Bendtner should be seriously considered as he clearly is unsettled at Arsenal playing on the left wing after coming on from the bench. We have Agger and they are international team mates so he could be persuaded.

13 Out – Brad Jones, Insua, Joe Cole, Jovanovic, N’Gog, Poulson,  Aquilani, Konchesky, Kyrgiakos, Darby, Eccelstone, Degen, El Zhar

7 In – Coentrao, Ashley Young, N’Zogbia, Honda, Dzsudzsak, Phil Jones and Bendtner.

2011/2012 Season Lineup


Johnson    Carra       Agger       Coentrao

A.Young    Banega       Gerrard    Dzsudzsak



What do you guys think??


  1. I wouldn’t like Coentrao he’s good going forward, but not so good defensively. If i had to chose a LB then i’d go for Jose Angel (Sporting Gijon). This kid reminds me of a left-footed Martin Kelly. I like Banega but see no need for another CM as we have Shelvey, Lucas, Spearing, Gerrard and Mireles and Conor Coady waiting in the wings. Wingers are a must imo, anyone of these A.Young, A.Johnson, Dzsudzsak, Mata. I don’t think we need a centre back because we have Wilson, Ayala and now Wisdom who has came on leaps and bounds. I’d bring Ayala back to the 1st team squad and loan Wisdom out. Ayala, Kelly and Wilson are more than capable to fill in for Jamie, Skrtel and Agger, if need be. As for a striker i’d go for Conor Wickham this kid will be giving AC a run for his money in the England set up, in a few years time.

    1. I would love to see liverpool fc purchasing Charlie Adam. Charlie Adam has been the best player for blackpool fc this season and I would love for him to player for liverpool fc because liverpool need A natural left – foot in the midfields.

      With his undisputed left foot him and Gerrard could dominate the midfields with the help from Jay Spearing, Real Meireles, Lucas and Dirk Kuyt.

      Its important for Liverpool fc to get hold of ashley young with his skill and his pace Liverpool fc can do no wrong.

  2. I would exchange dzsudzsak for mata and maybe not bendtner as back-up. maybe toivonen or mario gomez. as for banega, you’re spot on. Charlie adam seems overrated

  3. I honestly don’t think CM is somewhere we need to change, Lucas has been outstanding for the club this season, and if a change is to be made maybe Gerrard should be the one to move out from CM to allow Lucas and Mereiles build the partnership which has been working so well in recent weeks.

    And I don’t know what to do about Kuyt either, he’s linked up so well with Suarez that I’d want a really compelling reason to drop him right now.

    I agree on LB we need a top quality one fast, but I think we should follow the (hurts me to say) Utd. example, let youth through don’t buy for the sake of buying and make those players who deserve a chance sit as 3rd/4th choice because of an expensive buy.

    So this summer we should spend wisely 4/5 players of the right quality and introduce a few more youngsters through to the first team.

  4. No no no. What about Lucas? He has been brill this season! Where does he fit? And not sure about the comment ‘not that our free transfers have ever proved to add value to the squad’ – wasn’t Maxi free? Markus Babbel certainly was!

  5. We all might as well go home if we’re signing the likes of Bendtner and N’Zogbia. Our aim next season should be to win the league, not get relegated from it.

    1. Exactly. We are not going to risk money on half-good players. We’ll risk half those amounts on young players wit potential and make 2-3 BIG signings imo.

  6. Agree with a lot you have said here. I do think its unrealistic for fans to think we’ll get hazard, sanchez and the like. None the less i still have my fingers crossed for Mata. that said i’d be very pleased to bring in dzsudzsak.

    coentrao certainly is a threat going forward but i’m not convinced his defending is good enough for what we need, but i struggle to think of another left back i would like lfc to buy.

    CB is another priority for me, We clearly need someone dominant in the air ( the way Hyypia was) but also has good. pace.

    My biggest problem with your provisional squad though, is that you have dropped lucas. Lucas has easily, for me, been our player of the season, he’s come on leaps and bounds in the last 2 years despite massive stick he’s received from our fans and I can only see him being even better next year.

  7. I agree with the people that need to leave, but with Miereles being a good midfielder, Lucas hitting his stride, to add another for depth is fine but it’s hard to take them out of the starting 11, agger is bit injury prone so Cahill would be in my starting 11, we need a back up forward, like every great team as of late they have 3, Chelsea they have 4 ManUtd has 3 Arsenal 3 Man City have 35 Real Madrid have 5 and all of the highest quality, who is available for this role I don’t know but Kenny will figure it out

    1. I second that! He’s not good enough for Arsenal and he’s not good enough for LFC, despite what he may say.

  8. Anyone else think that keeping Raul and Lucas in mid is a good idea? And with Stevie being great everywhere, perhaps he is one of the wingers we’ve been searching for? I mean, if anyone can put a ball exactly where Carroll wants it, it’s Stevie!.

    1. i remember when gerrard was playing left for england..he was going on a goal spree..that just before world cup last year.

  9. You dismissed our best performers this year. Kuyt, Maxi, Meireles, Lucas. You are willing to sacrifice our current crop which have performed very well recently.
    You think Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez would favour champions league club, then why won’t Dzsudzsak?
    Ever Banega would be a gamble. Besides, you think he will leave Valencia who have qualified for Champions League already?
    Would Fabio Coentrao want to come to Liverpool?

    Luis Suuarez came when we didn’t offer any European Hope. Andy Carrol came even when he knew he could have moved to another club in the summer probably Tottenham!

    Its not whether the club plays in europe or not! Its what they offer. The fans, the support, the vision and hunger for success.
    I hope you get my drift

    p.s. Looking forward to a home win against Tottenham GO REDS

  10. Maxi cost us £1.5m… You can’t drop Lucas, I honestly think he’s been our player of the year!!! We definitely don’t need Banega, and the way Kenny gets the best out of youngsters, I honestly don’t think we need a centre half. I think it’s unrealistic to sign a good back up striker, cos what sort of decent player signs for a club where he knows he isn’t gonna get into the first team, but yeah, Connor Wickham isn’t a bad shout at all!
    Our main focus needs to be wingers, Ashley Young and Dzudszak please :)… I would also like to see Emiliano Insua fit straight back into the left back slot, I honestly do think Hodgson made a foolish move sending him out on loan, I think he’s brilliant!

  11. we sure buy players that will improve our current squard not altering it as we have a good and perfect team at the moment. So a CB AND TWO WINGERS.

  12. bendtner ?? other than himself i didnt think anyone rated him. are you him in disguise ? on the understanding that he will come to us because of agger, perhaps maxi could have a word with messi,after all we need a decent winger. In all seriousness though, i think we need a left back ( baines/clichy ) a centre half ( cahill/Vertonghen) at least one but ideally two wingers ( nzogbia/young/mata/menez) and an up and coming youngster ( wickham/lukaku )

  13. The fact you dare utter the name bendtner on a page associated with a club like livepool shocks me… He’s fucking garbage!

  14. A change in consistency and attitude is as much as important as a change in personnel.We have to out united united in grinding out wins and turning games round. Abject gutless surrenders at Blackpool,West Ham et al are NOT acceptable

  15. @chris YNWA
    insua is rubbish and absolutely not good enough for lfc.
    he’s slow, has poor positional sense, inept tackler, completely ineffective in the air and not a good crosser.
    I would have robinson over insua any day.

  16. buy
    coentrao,young,mata,phil jones,coutinho(inter),jeffren(barca),
    matuidi(somone in france),

    Brad Jones, Insua, Joe Cole, Jovanovic, N’Gog, Poulson, Aquilani, Konchesky, Kyrgiakos, Darby, Eccelstone, Degen, El Zhar


    Johnson Carra Agger Coentrao

    A.Young Gerrard Mata

    kuyt Suarez


  17. We’ve just made our biggest signing for next season and beyond for our great club. Long may King Kenny remain in charge if he can do this well with this squad what could he do with some money.

    Before this season began we need to improve on and off the pitch and now the season is coming to an end and thats what exactly has been happening of late off the pitch, new owners, investment, sponsorship deals, new board and new coaches and management in place also the fans all united and backing the Kenny and the owners. On the pitch since Kennys come in a better understanding between players, the improved attititude between the bunch of lads, the work and hunger to improve and the results and goals. Overall a big welldone to everyone involved in the club, the future looks bright the future is LIVERPOOL FC……YNWA……JFT96

  18. I have my doubts on bendtner, clinically wise, N’gog > Bendtner to me. LB choices, I must say I was so damn impressed with Jack… his pace is magnificent, he’s so darn young, buff him up and he could get 10 – 15 games next season, we have glen johnson already going forward most of the time so I do not think we need an attacking LB, a more defensively incline chap would be preferred. Ashley young would be great, plus lennon if we could get hold of him else I do recall most of our record strikers are home grown ^^. and yes, where’s that young chap and goes pass defenders like free ~ He should be given chance too!. And we really do need a striker up front. I’ve not done much research but do we have a clinical striker in our academy? Fowler? Owen? I’m pretty much old sch Liverpool… home grown talent…

    Redknapp, fowler, owen, mcmanaman days… love macca!

  19. after saturdays game i honestly think were better buying a player who can play both cb and lb who is a strong charecter because zamora bullied our defnece once he came on (ithink it was zamora who came on at half time) other than that id possibly by mata then i think we could easily challenge for honours next year

  20. Ridiculous. Lucas and Spearing are going to be hugely integral parts of our team over the next few years. As is Meireles. All we need is a left-back and a couple wingers. A centre half would be nice as Carra won’t play on forever. If we could get anything near like the type of dough we paid for Johnno I’d snap their hands off. We’ve enough at right back to do us.

  21. I like your signing ideas, but Banega isn’t defensive enough to be our holding mid. He’d need an enforcer to play next to him as he is the pivot man in a Spanish style midfield. I dont see Lucas losing his spot with the jump he made this year.

  22. It’s absolutely ludicrous to leave out the player of the year Lucas to me. Been our most consistent performer for a year and a half now and if you peruse the game tapes, he is beginning to really attack forward much more. Great against the biggest competition. The only time he really has been shit is off the Internationals, he had no legs. *Wigan and West Ham if I remember were both post international*

    Johnson – *CB* – Kelly – *LB*
    Lucas – Meireles
    *Wing* Gerrard Suarez

    CB Carra, Wilson, Skertl
    LB/RB Flanno,Robinson,Aurelio, Wilson
    DM/CM Spearing * if Scotty Parker is available, heck yes, 2 year contract and very good cover for us at DM/CM.
    AMC backup Jonjo
    Wing Kuyt, Maxi
    ST Kuyt, Morgan

    Mata is a dream signing if possible. N’zogbia more realistic. Like Albrighton but how about Etherington?

    Enrique is fine for a price, proven EPL and solid all around.

    CB is the priority one for me. Would like to see Kelly get a shot at CB as he came up as one. Athletic mobile cb would be terrific to pair with a hard man. If we cant get a Cahill, Sakho, or Kjaer, then I would be ok with Kelly, Carra, Skertel rotation with Agger, Wilson, Wisdom as cover. Really do need someone who clears headers out easily though.

    Anyone think Aqua + 10 Mil would get us Chiellini from Juve?

    1. I rather give them Aquilani in return for Krasic, Chiellini is a class player but think that would get him hes Juventus biggest star player. Krasic is a top quality winger and versatile, both Fergus and Rafa were linked with him before he went to Juve……YNWA……JFT96

  23. Coentrão is a great defender as well as an attacking threat. He’s much more consistent defensively than Johnson, for example. I’d also go for Eden Hazard and make him ‘an offer he can’t refuse’, in a less Godfather meaning, and a bigger ‘shitloads of cash’ meaning. I’d also get rid of dead wood, and bring in one or two other ‘£10m-players’.

  24. Hello to you all i am a big english football follower.

    I am very ahppy to see that liverpool have regained some of their best football and confidence a bit unfortunate that it is a bit late but looking at the way you are playing i can clearly say that your team just need a few additions to be the real deal.

    Find it quite strange that no one seems to know about aly cissokho of lyon who has been linked with the likes of man city,real madrid,ac milan,juventus but also your club, he is what this club neeed at left back,quick,very good in 1v1 situation,immensely powerful so valencia won’t bully him like he did ashley,has kept in his pocket the likes of c.ronaldo,di maria,robben and eden hazard.

    He would cost around 12 to 15m pounds but it would be money well spent as he is already in the top 10 best left back at the age of 23 so big margin for progression.

    Aaron lennon for me would be a good buy as he is maybe the only right winger who seems to always get the better of evra not that beating united is a big thing anyway lol but like people have said he is having little blems at spurs so buying him would be a good thing as his pace would be a huge asset.

    Will come back to add some more names later the premier league is going to be real tough next year with the likes of city and chelsea sure to buy and man unitd but also arsenal trying to show that they are the big bosses.

  25. First of all — you are crazy if you want to break up a young, proven, highly functioning partnership that is protecting our back four right now. Lucas & Spearing are working great together and they both have signed new contracts recently to keep it going.

    But of course, you are on the right track looking for players like Dzsudzsak, Lee and Honda as we are sorely lacking youth and speed on the wings. Priority for spending should be:

    1 – left winger (we have no starter, need more pace like Young)
    2 – left back (we have no starter)

    Those two are worth paying big money for — 15m or more.

    3 – centre back (smart to reinforce here sooner)
    4 – striker (N’Gog is crap)
    5 – CM (no cover for Lucas & Spearing currently)

  26. It’s obvious you put some time and effort into this article.

    I agree about a few things but I firmly believe we will make a real charge to get Juan Mata. LFC has tried 3 times in the past but it looks like this summer might be the right time finally. I would not be surprised if we got both Young and Mata to solve both wings and sending Kuyt to the bench as an utility sub.

    I don’t believe we need Banega at all. Lucas has performed better every single year so why spend money there when we don’t need to. More likely is Adam as he will come much cheeper or M’Villa. Both can provide cover at Center and Defensive midfield. I also still think we will get Cahill to partner Carra as defense is not a place you want to risk with inexperienced potential. We WILL be signing Enrique with Konchesky and probably Insua going the other way.

    Since we’re looking at around 50-60M just for Cahill, Mata and Young, the rest will be spent on youthful potential that above all want to play for LFC. As far as a top forward is concerned, I don’t really see it. Instead we will spend on a young forward with great potential. Kuyt is a great 3rd option up front, meaning someone young is a better value.

    This year we will see some young attacking potential in the second striker/attacking midfield areas. We will get Honda, but not this year – next.

  27. i agree with the players that need to be offloaded. I say we need to buy only 4 players…a backup striker to replace Ngog….2 wingers-Young is must…and some one left footed…Mata is not a bad choice…Dzuszak is good buy if we can get him on a reasonable price.but does he has pace? and a left back. seriously im not expecting a roberto carlos type of player, though he is awesome. Better to get a solid reliable type of defender(like finnan,arbeloa). Most importantly we should not buy too many players as we have great reserve players coming up the ranks…coady, susoo, ayala,flanagan(my god he is awesome), robinson, wisdom, and the rest. we need to give space for them to grow too.

  28. look man..its obvious we have quality midfielders..i dont see why you should waste money on bringing in someone new that will take time in doing what lucas, srearo, raul and gerrard are all good at doing in the PL.waste of money and time.we have 60% of a starting eleven already. a good CB, LB, LW, ST for back up and rotation would be decent.i dont want liverpool to end up like man city we huge amounts of money and 2 teams of stars..and yet they are scruffy playing football.whatever players that come in.i believe the main ingredient is a bit of Kenny magic to motivate and guide the players through the team.screw those Kakas and benzemas.what is important is team effort and as long as they work hard together it will all be fine.

    i dont remember ManUre having a great team with great names this season.they did it with pure team effort.and build their names from scratch.

    you guys want a team of players bought from every point of the globe then go support chelsea or man city or real madrid.

    1. as i remember..liverpool dont buy trophies..there in istanbul, it was not bought but fought for.a team of players hardly known compared to the all stars of milan..crespo..sheva..dida..kaka..that is the beauty of liverpool.not cold hard cash.not a new shiny stadium.but belief.teamwork.passion.and red blood in our veins.

  29. I am satisfied with Lucas and Miereles in the starting lineup. A backup would be needed at CM. I like young he will be expensive but I also would not mind Honda who’s cost will be supplemented by Asia sales. He is also a free kick sorcerer.

    At left back Taye Taiwo would be cool, but purely for defensive interest Enrique would be a thriftier buy. I think Agger is truly truly good but at CB you cant have a cascillating player u need a carragher. I want a high profile CB with Kelly alternating within the backline as well.

    Alot of players need to go. lol
    That being said. I would like to see the use of 4-3-3 more if not sparingly in intl play.
    4-3-3: Johnson Carra Sahko Enrique – Gerrard Lucas Meireles- Suarez Carroll Young

    4-4-1-1: Kelly Carra Sahko Enrique – Miereles Lucas Gerrard Young/Honda- suarez Carroll

  30. Thank god u are not the lfc manager!
    Banega is in your starting eleven but not even on your target list!

  31. Out kyrgiakos-aquilani-joe cole-ngog-poelson-jovanovich in hazzard lamela or honda -sakho -falcao

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