Why King Kenny should buy Premier league players?

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After the renaissance that LFC experienced under Kenny Dalglish´s time in the helm, the dream of all us fans is that next year Liverpool is fighting the Premier League with the mancs, Chelsea and Arsenal, instead of looking for European qualification against spurs or Aston Villa.

One of the aspects that mades the Premier League so tough, is the dept of teams with potential of growing, so, considering this, the first blow to enhance LFC’s championship aspiration could actually be done before open day. How? By weakening other mid to upper table teams with intelligent moves than also strengthen Liverpool´s squad.


  • Leighton Baines: One of the main necessities of LFC is to cover the left back spot properly. Baines could actually solve this problem for at least 4 or 5 years, while also will be a blow to the other team of the city.
  • Jack Rodwell: Although we all dream that next season we will have Gerrard back at full fitness, and even if Jay Spearing is doing a good job covering the position, having a young prospect with the growing projection of Rodwell as a backup to Stevie G, will actually provide a depth in midfield enough to fight the league.

Aston Villa:

  • Ashley Young: To complete the reinforcement of the left side of the team, the villa player could form a really powerful attacking / defending tandem with Baines, and with his pace and skill could also become a key partner to Carrol.
  • Darren Bent: It is my personal opinion, that David Ngog is way out of depth and doesn´t provide the kind of backup in front that a team like Liverpool needs. For this reason I consider that Darrent Bent, who actually has a very respectable goal average, could be the player to replace adequately Carrol or Suarez in case of injury or suspension.

Tottenham Hotspur

  • Aaron Lennon: While Maxi Rodriguez is in top form, it seems innocent to think in a potential replacement for him, but, thinking with cold head, we all know that this kind of form its not going to last forever. In order to have a complete squad, the addition of Lennon will provide the power in the right side to destroy any rival sides, while also taking one of the most effective weapons of the Spurs.

The proposed line-up would look something like this:



Johnson Carragher Agger Baines

Lucas / Meireles Gerrard

Lennon Young

Suarez Carrol / Kuyt


Subs: Jones, Skrtel, Kyrgiakos, Wilson, Kelly, Spearing, Maxi, Cole, Bent








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  1. Baines and Bent will probably be very expensive, as will lennon (though he is a bit more realistic, because of his relationship with harry)..

    enrique will cost between 5,5-9 million according to rumours, and bent was just bought for over 20, so he probably wont be any cheaper than that..

  2. I like the idea of buying PL players too and you make a good point with weakening other PL teams. All those players seem like possible targets too, except Bent. If he leaves Villa, he is not going cheap and I don’t think we should pay lots of money for a player who is just a “good sub”.

  3. This is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever seen on a respectable blog. Not only is it riddled with typo’s and misspellings of our own players names, the notion is absolutely stupid. We do not buy players to weaken other teams, because that will cloud the judgement of who is actually the best player. Secondly, Jack Rodwell isn’t really as good as the video games would have you believe and doesn’t really do a lot. On top of that Darren Bent signed for Villa in January, I doubt he’ll leave after 6 months to come and sit on the bench in case Suarez and Carroll get injured.

    And just to top it off, you have 9 subs in your potential line up. Clearly have no idea of how the game actually works. I read this blog a lot, and this is the most atrocious post I’ve seen. It’s actually angered me, and the thought that fellow Liverpool fans think this way is disheartening to say the least. In fact, I would actually say that the level of arrogance shown by the claims in this post are on a par with those of a quintessential Manc.

    1. why put Johnson in as right back, he has shown time and time again he is not a defender no matter what anybody tells you

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. We are Liverpool Football Club, we don’t need to weaken other teams! The idea of buying PL players is that they are already in tune with the speed and aggressive manner of the PL and wouldn’t need any time to further adapt. They could fit right in.

      Everton would never sell one of their up and coming home grown talents to us, so Rodwell would never come. And Bent? ummmm, r u serious? I find it very funny that u think King Kenny or even Comolli would even consider buying Bent as a back up striker! He’s only 6 months into his contract!!! He’s an England international and there is absolutely no chance he would be happy on our bench.

      Lastly, I just hope that Mr.Antoine never allows you to write on this great blog again…

  4. I cant see how spending 25million on Bent as a bench-warmer is justified plus I can’t see any reason why he’d want to be a substitute.

    We have bigger priorities than wasting money like that, Baines would be an astute move as would Young, Lennon less so, he hasn’t progressed enough in my opinion and is not exactly a great crosser of the ball (why not stick Gerrard out on the right ?? Mereiles and Lucas have been excellent in the absence of SG)

    So why not try to get Baines/Young/McCarthy (from Wigan as an eventual replacement for Gerrard) / Cahill and a mid priced striker who can do the business when required?

  5. Jack Rodwell is a passenger in a lot of games and i’d rather have Spearing any day and Aaron Lennon hasn’t made the grade at Spurs so why would we want him?

  6. Bent is a £20mil player…he won’t want to leave Villa unless for monstrous wages and they won’t let him. Everton won’t sell Rodwell for anything less than £10 mil. Same for Baines.

    Young is a realistic target. Him and Baines down the left would be amazing. I feel we wouldn’t really need Lennon.





    flat back four with wing backs bombing forward, lucas holds his position as does Carroll. Gerrard, Meireles, Suarez and Young floating about would really suit our pass and move style.

  7. Not a bad idea, but do you think Spearing will stay on the bench with Wilson and Kelly?. They have had a taste of the big time and would leave asap if their places were given away.
    Any players that come in would have to take their chances on the bench until an opportunity came, apart from Young who would be an excellent buy.

  8. the only thing wrong in this articalis the mention of Aarron lennon of spurs- i wouldnt have him wolves team yet alone Liverpool. Rubbish rubbish rubbish can’t cross a ball to save his life. As for signing jack rodwell Dream on! jack will be going to Man Utd we may get baines. We need Gary Cahill and if possiable Mich Richards (Man City) but that is un-likely unless man city change manager in summer which i expect them to do.

  9. Poor article. Let me remind you Reina, Alonso, Torres, Kuyt, Suarez amonst others all come from outside the premiership.

    Secondly, Everton are not going to sell us Baines.

    Mata, Arda Turan and Adam Johnson (if available) are better than Lennon. If we get rid of our dead wood and FSG give us £40m we would be able to sign Coentrao, Mata, Cahill and Arda Turan. All young, all have pace and guile, all have played in top flight and all of them would increase our competition and ensure we end up as premiership champions next year.

  10. Cannot see Darren Bent coming here to sit on the bench to be fair. And a brave man would be required to not have Kelly at right back. Baines is a great player, but there is so much potential damage if he were to come. It was bad enough when Barmby came, think it would be trebled with Baines. All good players though.

  11. Bent: NO NO NO He’d be 28 next season so not worth the price and he wouldn’t want to be a squad player. Everton would not part with their players to us Moyes has an agreement to only sell to the Mancs for over inflated prices, Baines is going to City that’s a given and Rodwell will be joining Rooney at the Manure’s compost heap.

  12. Largely I disagree. I wouldn’t swap Flanagan for Baines, Rodwell is semi permanently injured and would not represent value for money – nor is he as effective as Spearing. Young would be a decent purchase, primarily because he only has a year left on his contract and can be snapped up for a good price. I like Bent, but why would he come to Anfield to sit on the bench – that didn’t work for him at Spurs – he needs to be the main striker as at Sunderland/Villa. Lennon is good on his day but lacks consistency. Your bench includes Kyrgiakos and Cole – who should be the first players out of Anfield in the summer.

    We have spent years buying players who do not improve the overall effectiveness of the squad – we now need to carry on the work done in January by buying young players who are hungry and will genuinely improve both the squad, and the options that we have on the pitch or off the bench.

    Why not dream a little? Gareth Bale, Arjen Robben, Cesc Fabregas, Gary Cahill, Micah Richards. These are the calibre of player that we should be looking at – we have for too long adopted a pay and pray approach to signings – Babel – Cole are examples of that – we need players that are realising their potential and are at the top of their game. We must only buy players that genuinely improve the quality of the squad – otherwise i would prefer Kenny to blood the youngsters.


  13. Only Ashley Young fits. The rest are not required. Darren Bent will be a flop here and will cost mire than Suarez. Leighton won’t join us. Lennon is too inconsistent

  14. im sorry but darren bent has just moved for 24 million and is not worth half that in my opinion, lennon is very average, can some days can look a world beater but his end product is awful and is so inconsistent hence the “average” tag, if were going to look at competing next season we need better quality overall than the names you mention, no matter what their nationality is.

  15. Reina
    Johnson Carragher Agger Enrique
    Meireles Lucas Gerrard
    Lennon Suarez Young
    Bench: Gulacsi Skrtel Wilson Kelly Flanagan Robinson Aquilani Spearing J.McCarthy Kuyt Maxi Carroll

  16. imo that team would struggle to make the top 4 again! we need world class players. Lennon and Young are not good enough. Baines wouldnt move to thr red side of Liverpool, Darren Bent has only just moved clubs and for around £23m? and we need a replacement for Cara who will be past it next season. Thanks for the opinion but thank god you are not in charge of transfers!!

  17. Why Agger before Skrtel in your lineup? Skrtel may seldom score but IMHO he offers much more than Agger.

  18. U actually want bent to be a backup ? U think he will be willing or liverpool have those type of $ to throw? No matter in transfer fee or wages ?

  19. In theory it’s great. However, we most likely won’t get Baines and Rodwell, seeing as Everton won’t want to sell to us, especially players of their quality. Unless we offered a HUGE amount.

    Bent has just joined Aston Villa, so he’d cost us loads too.

    However I can’t argue with Lennon and Young, both very good players. Also if we’re shopping in the Premier League, I’d like to think we’d be in for Charlie Adams, Adebayor, SWP and Clichy.

  20. i will like to see liverpool with quality of player like\

    johnson carrather skytel constrano of portugal
    lucas meilreales gerarrd
    kuyt suarez young
    sub: jones wilson kelly agger aqualani carroll negrado

  21. Did Barcelona bring in other players to replace the young players, who they had been grooming for years, or support them and give them the confidence to play together?

  22. Disagree.Bent is not Liverpool material.young would fit perfectly into the squad which wud look like this

    Johnson carra Skrtel Young
    Gerrard Lucas Mereiles
    Kuyt Carrol Suarez

  23. rubbish! i wouldn’t buy bent…plus he will be way too inflated.! and i think bent and lennon are way too overrated!
    we dont need rodwell! i would think spearing is better! baines is an option, but difficult!getting a player across from stanley park will be difficult, even if he is a liverpool supporter!i’d take enrique if he is coming relatively cheap. definitely young and turan! mata might be difficult as well. striker..aren’t we lining up wickham?

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