The King and the unsung hero

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Finally, after months of speculation, John Henry has given Kenny Dalglish the Liverpool manager’s job permanently. He couldn’t have timed it any better. Since Kenny took over I believed it was just a formality that he would get the job, although initially I thought it would be best to confirm this in the summer. However, with European qualification now in our hands and our last home game against Tottenham on Sunday, it will give the team extra impetus. It is ingenious timing and truly deserved. The King is back.

There is someone else who deserves a mention though. Steve Clarke epitomises the role of unsung hero. Quietly going about his business behind the scenes, he has injected some tempo into the training regime and has undoubtedly played a massive part in the team’s good run. This is the man who Mourinho fought to keep at Chelsea, ultimately signing his own death warrant in the process. When Scolari was in the hot seat and Zola tempted Clarke to West Ham, not only did Scolari beg him to stay, but after he left, Chelsea’s form dipped and the manager was subsequently sacked. The man is clearly a top coach and has earned the respect of some of the biggest names in football.

You can’t underestimate how valuable a good number two is to a manager. Just like in life where, to quote an old saying, ‘behind every great man, there’s a great woman’ it’s true for football managers and their assistants. All the great managers had loyal assistants working alongside them. And when they did have to cope on their own they struggled. When Brian Clough moved to Leeds without the long serving Peter Taylor he failed. After Rafa Benitez parted ways with Paco Ayestarán Liverpool failed to win a trophy. And when Alex Ferguson failed to replace both Brian Kidd and Steve McClaren at Manchester United they finished the season empty-handed.

It was a superb decision by Kenny to appoint Steve Clark when he took charge. They are both Scottish. And whilst a lot has been said about the Liverpool team historically having a home grown, Scouse presence; over the years there has been a history of Scotsmen at the club during our most successful years.

There is a great chemistry between Dalglish and Clarke and they are both integral to future success but it’s inevitable that Kenny will receive most of the plaudits. He’s already a legend at the club for what he’s done on and off the pitch. He’s possibly one of only three men who are more revered than Steven Gerrard. The other two, Shankly and Paisley, are both dead now, but they made the club great.

Kenny Dalglish and Liverpool go together like bread and butter. Liverpool’s bread and butter was always the league title. Can Kenny take the club to our 19th title? Let’s not get carried away but if anyone can, he can.

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  1. Perhaps when its time for Kenny to step down Steve Clarke would be in a position to step into the managers role.

    1. I firmly believe that Steve Clarke is the best No.2 in the country and one of the best in the world…but I don’t think he is suited for management. He’s much more of a coach than a tactician

      1. Sorry TSP, I do not agree. Remember the Shankley/Paisley/Fagan/Moran/Evan legacy. It was always the 2nd in command taking over. Whats do you think Clarke does with the squad during the week? They do physical and tactical on the pitch in Melwood!
        Kenny knew he needed someone who was up-to-date with today’s game hence why he brought in fellow scot Clarke.

  2. Well yes Peter I can see what your saying here, and true, Steve Clarke has played his part in the success of the team, and is just one of unsung hero’s of Liverpool football club. What about Sammy Lee? never really gets a mention, but he’s there working his socks off, on and off the field. And it of cause dos’nt stop there, We can go on an on about unsung hero’s, the club is full of them, its called team work, the aim is to work together for the best interests of the club.
    I enjoyed your read and comments and can see you have been around the block too, I can also remember a few of them good old partnerships.

  3. Magic news all around.Best signing for a awhile.Now let’s keep our feet on the ground.No big statements about winning this and that and we might actually surprise ourselves come end 2011/12.Feel good factor is back in spades.Upwards and onwards we go.YNWA

  4. The sheer volume of articles i have read referring to Steve Clarke proves that he is not a unsung hero, but a widely appreciated hero. Keep up the good work.

  5. The one who supported both Steve and Kenny was Sammy Lee. Forever the loyal servant of the club Lee should never be forgotten too. He has been through it all with Rafa Hodgson and the different owners and always done his job with dignity
    A round of appluase for Sammy too please. He also helped us get here and get the King back to the place he deserves.

    1. I know he has been given a new contract but he’s still only coach isn’t he? Sammy is no2 and there’s a real danger of putting his nose out of joint with all this praise for Clarke. The fact is that we now have a great and really experienced management team. In fact Clarke is the least senior as Sammy has managed Eng U21 & Bolton in addition to assistant manager at 2 clubs. Clarke is clearly superb at his job but don’t Forfar Sammy.

  6. They both are excellent together… Only time will tell if Clarke will step in when KK steps down… but i am sure if clarke did not have a good relationship with kenny he wouldnt have stayed!
    Just up up and away from now on… we must remember though that its not a sprint its a marathon…

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