Michael Owen happy to give winners medal away due to lack of involvement

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By Mark Sproule

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“I was desperate for us to win a cup for the first time in six years, but at the party afterwards I didn’t feel as if I’d played a role….naturally I congratulated the lads as much as I could and was happy for the club and the fans, but I wasn’t too bothered about my own medal. I could quite happily have thrown it to the supporters and left it in the crowd”. A disappointed Michael Owen, not after having played a bit part in Manchester United winning the league in 2011, no, this quote was ten years earlier after Liverpool beat Birmingham City on penalties in the then Worthington League Cup Final, with Michael having spent the final warming his posterior on the subs bench. As a young footballer a place on the subs bench did not sit well with Michael, though as his career has progressed he has become accustomed to the role.

Now, some ten years later Michael Owen having made nine league appearances as a substitute, and one league start, scoring one goal for Man United is tweeting “What a feeling! Been a while since I won something. Privileged to play with these players and under this manager. Could be a heavy night!!!” followed by “Thanks for all your support. Just need a Champions League medal now to complete the full set!”. Owen has played a total of 27 minutes in the Champions League, 2 appearances, no goals and I have more chance in playing in the final against Barcelona than he has. So unlikely as it seems for United to beat Barcelona, Owen would be quite happy to boast on twitter that he has a complete set of winners medals if the unthinkable happens on 28th May, my how times have changed. Empire of The Kop summed it up in a recent tweet when Antoine Zammit said Michael makes an “excellent cheerleader” for United.

So what has caused the sea change in this player who was adored and broke many Liverpool fans hearts in the Summer of 2004 when he left Anfield for the Bernabeu. Apart from the fact that he has “ sold his soul to the devil” and pulled on a Manchester United shirt, pardon the pun. Where did the Michael Owen of 2001 go, have his principles changed, or is he rightly clinging on to the chance of some success in the twilight of a career which went into free-fall the moment he drove through the Shankly gates for the last time in 2004. Michael has been goaded by our fans for leaving a season too early to go and “win things”, in turn missing out on a famous night in Istanbul and the Champions League medal he now covets. Owen’s spells at Madrid and Newcastle United in the following five years where littered with injury and a lack of trophies. Whilst there were times since he left when it looked like he might have made a prodigal return to Anfield, it was never right for Liverpool and in particular Rafael Benitez who doubted the players ability to stay injury free and perhaps also his commitment.

With the likes of Stoke, Everton and Bolton knocking at the door as Michael approached 30 years of age and Newcastle relegated to the Championship, Liverpool never came calling this time, yet Sir Alex Ferguson did. The rest as they say is history.

With Michaels bit-part Man U career now synonymous in United’s 19th League title win and his subsequent love of tweeting all things Man United, how will he be remembered when the dust has settled on his career. It is almost a surety he won’t be at Old Trafford next year and over two seasons with circa 29 league appearances and 4 goals for them I don’t think he’ll me making after-dinner speeches at Old Trafford or taking up an ambassadorial role like Neville in his later years. The sad thing is that after 297 appearances and 158 goals as a Liverpool player, and having won everything bar the EPL and CL, he’ll not be doing these things at Liverpool either, having well and truly burned his bridges with the club he signed for at 16 years of age. I am sure Michael won’t be on the bread line, having earned millions in his football career and with his subsequent interest in horse racing. Nevertheless, I am sure he would have like to have been affiliated to one club with a legendary status as their player. Not forgetting he is derided also at St James Park with Freddie Shepherd recently saying on Talksport that Owen was the worst deal he did in his tenure, due to his injury plagued spell there.

Owen complained in his autobiography of 2004 of a lack of love from the Kop versus that of Robbie Fowler, a working class local lad, as opposed to himself being a Chester boy. He may have felt that a bit watching from close quarters, but as far as I was concerned and millions of others, Owen was a Liverpool hero and one the finest goal scorers in our illustrious history.

Michael may hammer a further nail into his Liverpool coffin before long by signing for his boyhood love Everton in the Summer, not to worry though, the worst has already happened. I am sure even the great King Kenny isn’t brave enough to try and rebuild the bridges burned by Owen and Liverpool over the past two years. Sad, that one of the Liverpool greats from 1997-2004 will be remembered now for all the wrong reasons, as a traitor and a Manc.




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  1. The more he tweets the more desparate he sounds. “Listen everyone I’m a champion. Look I’ve got the medal to prove it.” Ok Mikey, very nice and all that but we all know you did nothing to earn it so be a good boy and jog on will you please.

    Oh and think about how you’re going to explain your contribution to winning it when one of your grandkids asks you “How many goals did you score that season grandad?”

    1. He’ll say “25!!… 24 in training against a LEGENDARY keeper Edwin and one – the MOST important one of the season – in the league!”

    2. abou 1 or 2 son…i was a loser there at united…but a winner at liverpool and newcastle…i regret the day i moved to united

  2. He was only ever there for one reason, he’s managed to effectively buy himself an EPL winner’s medal and now he wants a UCL one too.

  3. U suck….its only because of writers like you many great players often face the embarasment because they dont get the oppurtunity to reply back to your stupid articles.
    Shame on you, I am sure a person like you have never played football but have the courage to mock one of the greatest strikers of england.

    1. greatest striker 4 england???? dude i bet u ve neva watched football!!! dumass!! england has had much betr strikers than him! da only world cup he has played properly is in 98 and that is when he ws in liverpool aftr which he has consistently got injured everytime! check ur facts and dnt embarass urself by commentin shit!

      1. Owen is a sell-out money hungry little scum, he might aswell sell his medal to Cash4Gold

      2. he scored 40 goals you idiot. he was a great striker, clinical finisher. What have you done, tit.

    2. greatest striker 4 england???? dude i bet u ve neva watched football!!! dumass!! england has had much betr strikers than him! da only world cup he has played properly is in 98!!

        1. In his own household,
          I guess you morons are manure supporters, f off back to the banana republic of mancunia site


  4. Good article.

    Bad personality.

    BTW – Gerrard have the medal one Owen is missing. AND he earned it. He actually is legendary for getting it.

    Let’s see if Gerrard will beat Owen to the “full set”. I would be so happy if he did(even though he already had a much better career than owen, written down as the one, if not THE – greatest captains and leaders in history).

  5. “Just need a Champions League medal now to complete the full set!” – which he could have had in 2005 if he’d stayed… ;-)

  6. Keeps proving how bitter fool fans are. torres left url…just like rise, hypia, owen alonso, garcia, reyes,crouch, babel…really good players…shows the mentality of the club..then go and buy a 35 mill reject who newcastle couldnt even get a mill for the season prior to this.

    the future i definitely bright for u bunch…just as bright as u bunch of supporters.hahahahaha

    1. Reyes was a fantastic player….. Shame he was at ARSENAL!!!! Another clueless Manc with outlandish statements to back his/her poor arguments!!!

      Hyypia left a legend, as did Alonso and Garcia. Babel was poor and Crouch??? With two league goals to his name all season???

    2. I guess once an a…. hole always one? hey.
      You are obviously related to Jack Shit & know each other intimately !!

      Torres (man whore) leaving was the best thing for us, Chelsea’s new rent boy and you are a pair of flops, and I guess in bed too- So I suggest for the air of you to fill your mouths & just earn the money.

      Do every one a favour , don’t talk about football as I said earlier you know Jack too well

    1. i’ll give credit where credits due so fair play to whisky nose and manc shite but that rat doesn’t deserve any credit he’s done fuck all

    2. I guess Whiskey nose needed to go horse racing with some one mentally inferior than himself, guess what it COULD EVEN HAVE BEEN YOURSELF.

      City are now the team to beat in Manchester- Your days are over as are your gambling manager’s. I guess Tevez could not stand the stench of manure any longer & that is why he left.
      Any one got any Air fresheners ? Can smell you lot down here in LOndon.

  7. someone will give owen a punt next year. theres always some idiot manager who thinks he is worth a go.

  8. Why Michael, Why? it’s a sad situation…
    How it’ possibile that You don’t realize that You’re become only a mancs “muppet”, only a valuable weapons handed to mancs in order to denigrate Liverpool Fans..
    Maybe You’re happy of your role just now..
    You was one of my hero, a legend, as it was the same for millions & millions of LFC FANS all over the world and You said You feel threated like a “Chester’s boy”..
    You switch a Legend status to become a Muppet of Mancs..

  9. @sourav
    Both of you tools obviously have no life at all except sit and watch other teams fans post n articles n wait to throw your crap in.
    Here’s an idea!
    Why don’t you both tie concrete blocks round your ankles n just in a river together n race back to the top! Cos neither of you will make it!
    As for mr Owen. Let him twit or twet or whatever he wants bout his ‘career’ with the mancs and what he has ‘won’ cos he is dead to LFC!
    Our near n distant future is looking really bright with our new signings in Suarez n Carroll n young blood like spearing Kelly Flanagan and Robinson making their
    Mark n showing what they have to offer!
    The glory days are sure to return real soon!

  10. @ pilott: Emmm, out of all the players you listed, only Owen and Alonso left when they WEREN’T past their best. And ‘Reyes’ – ?? Are you talking about the same Reyes who played for Arsenal? Carroll – a Newcastle ‘reject’?? Lol… seriously, get a clue. No prizes for guessing who YOU support…

    @ eamon: “He deserves it” – please, explain that…?

  11. I loved him so much that it killed me when hr left and ever since I can’t even looknat his picture without feeling like a knive in my back … That’s the way every red in the world feel and no matter wht I will never forgive him or be happy for him ….

    1. Raghad
      LOOK AHEAD, W Nose is crapping himself at the thought of facing KK.

  12. Pilott……shame. I pity you.
    It’s the manner in which you leave a club, even dumbass mancs were up in arms over Rooney earlier in the season.

  13. he is the reason i started supporting liverpool as a young kid.. as much as him leaving the club is painful, am grateful to him for introducing me to the greatest club ever!!!

  14. he not deserved to take the winning medal coz he not contribute at all! this is my view!

  15. I had to decide between paying me bills or joining Man United.
    If you had the choice, what would you do?

    1. Paying the bills? Are you on drugs? Owen has more money than most people will earn in 50 lifetimes.

  16. If he gets a medal for that anyone who attended a match should get a medal, scroungey git

  17. Sounds like sour grapes to me.
    MO feels part of a team now he’s at UTD, every player counts, even if they score just one goal.

  18. Geyom
    Glad to hear it, but once you become a rent boy you dignity has gone, no matter how much money the punters pay you YOU ARE STILL A WHORE.
    PS – I wonder if he charges etc for kissing the manure badge!

    Manure fans forget No.19, get used to looking up to City and getting you back sides slapped time & again just like the FA CUP semi.

  19. At the end of the day, it is a squad game nowadays. Fair he hasnt played that often, he has still passed the 10 game mark get a medal.
    Liverpool had the same thing with Traore, when you won the Champions League, he didnt do anything that season yet he got a medal.
    As for his England career he easily fits in to one of the best strikers, they have had, with the likes of Lineker, Keegan, Shearer, Hurst, 39 goals in 89 games is a good record, and u have to rememeber England were poor for part of his career.
    I think a bit of it is sour grapes towards United winning the league, and possibly this season Champions League.
    I heard a comment the other day sayin that it has taken United a long time to get that 19th title? um a void point it has taken Liverpool longer to get 19 cause they arent even there yet. I dont think Owen will stay at United which dissappoints me, however if he does leave I think he still has what it takes to prove most critics wrong, including a certain Piers Morgan

      1. Not only did Djimi Traore play in the 2005 final, but he played the full game.

        Has Michael Owen managed 90 minutes of league football (let alone 120+) even once this season? No.

        Even his subs appearances have been a joke. All in the second half, all but two of them after the 70th minute, most when the points were secured, etc, etc.

        Five shots, two on target, one goal. A great, season-long tally for a player who not too long ago thought of himself as England’s first choice striker…

        At least Traore, as poor as he was, was capable of putting someone other than himself first, second and third all the time.

        1. yeah i realised after i wrote it that Traore did play in the final, that was my mistake.

          Times change and yes once he was England’s number one striker.

          When his contract at Newcastle expired, clubs like Hull, were vying for his signiture, so when a club like United came in, i think everyone agreed that you would sign for United, a team that has the chance to win things.
          I know liverpool fans feel he is a judas, and that all fans used to love him, but you have to rememember Owen was and probably still is an Everton fan, so he had already crossed over once before

    1. I heard a comment the other day sayin that it has taken United a long time to get that 19th title? um a void point it has taken Liverpool longer to get 19 cause they arent even there yet.

      How could you say that if Liverpool win the 19th next year or in next few years? You forgot that Liverpool FC is younger than ManU

  20. 10-15 years from now, there won’t be a single pitch anywhere in the world that Owen will be able to walk out on and be guaranteed to receive a thundering applause.

    Michael Owen spent his whole life playing for Michael Owen.

    That is his legacy.

  21. To be fair Red Devil90 is right, it is a squad game, just think Vlamidir Smicer was a squad player but he came up with the goods in Istanbul in 2006. I’ve been living in Aus most of this year so haven’t been able to catch all the games, but from what I see Raul Meireles is a great squad player who can put in a performance every now and then. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that MO is a judas just like Rooney!

    1. If that were true then why don’t great players just sit on the bench and wait for the final to score and get a medal? Meireles has played many games already. Owen has only played a few minutes for United. Harry Kewell started the CL final in Istanbul but even he knew that for him it was a hollow victory. Owen will certainly not play. Only a loser would be happy to accept the medal should united win even though they had virtually no hand in the winning of that medal.

    2. Raul Meireles is not a “squad player”. He’s a key cog in Liverpool’s midfield, and probably the one player that the midfield of the next two to three seasons will be built around.

      Steven Gerrard isn’t getting any younger, Meireles is his heir apparent. After him there’s Jay Spearing and Jonjo Shelvey, perhaps.

  22. an old sinking ship (with grand dads) or AWAKEN TIGER with much hunger and money…

    lets see, coming years………

    someone once said. “let them win 19th, we can win TWO more” who said that?? guess, none other than our wise owner…

    so scumbags, here we come…. we still have 5-3 ECL, try beat that, cuz before that we will be 20-19 ahead… #optimism

  23. I remember liking Owen only once in his Liverpool career.Those two goals against Arsenal in 2001.I never really took to him:obviously not as good as Robbie Fowler.He only played for himself and England,sometimes i thought he cared more for the ‘England scene’ than Liverpool.I didn’t hate him when he went to that fascist Real Madrid scum because i couldn’t have given a monkeys toss.But when he chose to go to Castle Greyskull and Taggart it just proved what some of us suspected for a long time:that he’s a complete and utter BELTER,and yes,just like that ugly fucking Gargoyle,Rooney.And OH MY GOD,who ARE these WHOPPERS that come on this site with their Manc Shit?Right,where’s those Valiums?

  24. So sad Owen destroyed his career and reputation by leaving Liverpool.

    To see him hang around Old Trafford like a bad smell when he’s retired will be a tragedy considering what he had achieved at Anfield.

    Owen betrayed Liverpool supporters in 2004 and destroyed his career as a result.

  25. Owen is just trying to comfort himself that it was a right move to go MU. Deep down in his heart, he will surely know that he makes the wrong choice, all footballers want to play football not as a benchwarmers. Pity him, guys!

  26. Sad to think that he will never be any would-be football youngsters role model. Always remembered as a selfish pretentious traitor to the club taught him how to live.

  27. Like it or not, Michael Owen was part of our modern history, I for one will always be thankful that he played at his peak at Anfield and helped us win silverware. He will never go down in history at Man Utd as a great, but 297 games and 158 goals for Livepool says it all. The facts don’t lie.


    1. Your right Laura. Owen was my hero. I will never forget the 2 goals he scored against Arsenal in the FA cup final. As he scored the 2nd goal and ran to the corner to celebrate with a sea of liverpool fans, I remember for the first time in my life I really, really wished I could have been a footballer. Thats how happy I was. But you have to also remember the man as well as the footballer. He had a talent from which we liverpool fans derived alot of pleasure but his lack of decency and loyalty have left a bad taste. A great scorer for Liverpool but no way a liverpool hero.

      1. I can understand to a certain degree about the loyalty issue, he did run his contract down to go to Real Madrid, but I believe he would have come back a year later had Benitez wanted him back. It didn’t happen for whatever reason so we moved on. Just like we have with Torres. As much as we’d like loyalty from players it is rare these days. Carragher and Gerrard are an exception to the rule. Hopefully now we can see Dalglish bring more youngsters through on a regular basis, he is bringing a more positive vibe to us.

        Long may it continue.

        1. He had that opportunity to come back to Liverpool just a year after he left the club but once again he showed poor judgement by choosing Newcastle United over the club that made him a world class star.

          Worried about his England place for the 2006 World Cup, he chose the guarantee of first name on the teamsheet (and the far bigger wage packet offered in desperation) from Newcastle than the prospect of having to compete for the the right to wear the shirt at Liverpool.

          It was because he turned his back on Liverpool not once but twice that Rafa Benitez rightly refused to offer Owen a lifeline when hoped to use Liverpool to secure his 2010 World Cup place.

          That he went to Manchester United hoping for a season full of tap-ins, rather than take one of the many other offers from smaller clubs that would have given him far more chance to shine, says it all, really.

          There are former players who will be worshipped forever. And then there are former players who will not. Whether you’re talking about Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle or Manchester, Owen is in the latter camp.

        2. Why would you say that they didn’t want him back? Maybe because they had been around him for so long? We are on the outside looking in. We don’t know what happens everyday, do we?

          For example, I truly believe that Torres would not have asked to leave if the club had done everything in their power to keep him happy. At some point, the club looks at the 50 mil and thinks he’s not worth it. If they weren’t happy with Pepe, they could have done the same thing … but they didn’t. So when Owens left Spain, someone decided that he wasn’t worth the trouble. That says more about Michael Owen than it does about Rafa.

          1. Maybe you’re right, I still don’t think Benitez really rated him very highly. Or maybe he just didn’t see Owen fitting into his formation at the time. Either way it makes no difference now anyway.

  28. owen complaining he wasnt loved as R.Fowler was loved!!!! he must say to himself…he cant be loved as “the god” is loved coz Fowler never was a Judas…remember fowler didnt leave LFC on his own…he was forced out by that bloodsucker frenchman GH…owen torres etc are all history now…may they bloody rot in hell…I dont give a damn what they get or not…no1 is greater than the SHANKLY gates!!!

  29. Owen, left because he started to believe all the hype that he was better than he is, similar to Fernando ‘ now I am at my level’ Torres. No one player is bigger than a team and as we showed post Owen with two Champions League finals in 3 years – great nights in the Nou Camp , San Siro, Bernebeu etc and the trouncing of Manc scum back in 2009. I view Owen as a player that contributed greatly to our team c1997 – when he first scored against Wimbledon and I was there in the Kop as he scored his last v Newcastle 2004. The decision to join Manure was his to make, and in doing so he has tarnished his standing amongst the Liverpool fans, and is essentially always going to be viewed as a turncoat. Shame as this is what he will be remembered for… and rightly so.

  30. I agree with what your saying Jack, but to be fair Owen isnt a top player and hasnt been for a long time so he has to accept that, hes not a legend like Nando. Also Meirles can’t even break into the Spanish team so I’m not sure he’s good enough for LFC

    1. Of course Meireles cant break into the Spanish team. But that’s because he’s Portuguese mate.

      Have to disagree on Nando being a legend though. Great player, but a Liverpool legend he is not.

  31. My bad! So he is! In terms of what he did for this football club Nando has to be considered a legend, he’s done as much as the likes of Dalglish, Gerrard, Carra. Fair play to him for wanting to move on to Chelsea who are ultimately a bigger club than LFC right now

    1. Ok … He’s a legend. Whatever.

      Only thing is that for me, he’s a legend that can piss off.

      PS: to be a “legend” … The test for me is simple … Do they still sell his uni?

      1. If that theory on legends is correct then why does it not apply to legends like Molby, Fairclough, Traore and Nunez?

    2. have to disagree with you there. He came to liverpool for 4 years, won nothing and moved in distasteful circumstances at (what should be his peak). I think that doesn’t quite compare with the trophies gerrard and carra have won for us, and comparing him with dalglish is plain nuts.

  32. On the Andy Carroll subject-I reckon we have dropped a clanger by signing him and paying all that dosh-Newcastle have coped well without him and must be laughing their socks off by now at an inexperienced player who cost 35 million pounds and has scored twice in 5 months! bad signing! Oh yes- he will eventually chip in with a few more goals (who doesn’t) but for that price you want 20/25 a season year in year out……..in the model of darren bent-nic anelka-drogba etc etc-ship him off to man city and they will bench him-with all the rest of the injury prone flops….

    1. If you had signed him for two months, it’s a terrible signing … but he was signed for 5 and a half years.

    2. got to agree with you mate, Newcastle must be laughing. He’s not a great player by any stretch of the imagination and I don’t think he ever will be. He’s a poor man’s Drogba and I’d rather see N’Gog playing. He’s got what it takes.

  33. Owen was finished at 25 yers old, his horses would fetch more on the tranfer market….LOL!!!!!

  34. you area all full of crap. you got everyone banned from the chammy league for i dont know how long, you think bringing in kenny will fix everything. bollocks. half the team wanted out this year. stick to your thursday nights and channel five, if you get there again that is. how many times has gerrard wanted out but he knows he would be a bench warmer for any of the top four clubs. Enjoy the banner ladies?

    1. Clearly your dumb. Its not just Liverpool, Heysel incident resulted in all England Clubs being banned from Europe. During that period, English teams were dominating Europe. Liverpool, by then had won 4 European Cups. And Gerrard is a world class midfielder. I’m sure Carrick did an excellent job for ur CL final game against Barca. Other than Man U, the other 3 has not even held a single CL medal. So jog off, you poser. Enjoy your club which is saddled in debts. Its only a matter of time before u understand what Liverpool went thru the last few seasons.

    2. And if half equates to Torres and Reina, then your math is screwed. Heysel was a tragedy, it wasn’t planned. Its idiots like you who cause the most amount of problems. Not getting your darn facts right.

    1. Plenty after the stadium was empty, and they did that with anger and tears that Gerard Pique had to tear down the goal net and brought it home with him.

  35. Only a couch-humping knob like you who hasn’t seen his own balls for decades, let alone kicked one, is capable of having a brain dead opinion like this “masterpiece” reflects. I’ve always been a Man U and Argentina fan and should have hated Owen for being a Liverpool player and scoring against Argentina in 2002, but you have to respect a genius of a player. Shit happens, you overweight couch loving tit. Get over yourself, all 200 kilos of it.

    1. Oh and guess what arsehole…they signed him on for another season. Suck on that…couch humping c*nt.

  36. What a load of crap! Owen is a great player who has done what he wanted to. He will always be a Liverpool legend.

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