Chris Mavinga knocks out Mehdi Carcela [video]

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Genk won the Belgian title however Chris Mavinga who was on loan was lucky to get away with a yellow card after he caught Carcela in the face.

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    1. Chris Mavinga is an LFC player on Loan there, things like this affect a player so this is relevant news.

  1. Well ouch… not gonna start rating him as a dangerous player, seemed an accident, just needs to be more careful if he comes back.

  2. who are you Franck to say that ??? Thanks Mark for your intelligent answer.

    It would be nice to post here some news about the player injured if someone knows.

  3. omfg, his head just swung back like a forced action figure twist neck after the kick and bounced back hitting the ground like leftover toufu.

  4. In my country, these kind of tackle is considered an assault and should be trialed and put to jail if found guilty.

    1. Khong, in your country mate they probably still run round in grass skirts with spears!?

      Night night

  5. Soo Soo Pathetic wish the Player very fast recovery. Mavinga should be very sorry for this, it was not intentional but need to be always careful.

  6. What makes a good player? The magic word is: sense. Common sense, sense of responsibility, sense of rhythm. Get them all!
    (Original twitter reply that Mavinga didn’t let through, only “nobody blames you” like fan posts…)

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