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Recent speculation has been that this lad Eden Hazard will be coming to us! I’m not going to say whether or not I think we will sign him, but here’s a video of what perhaps we could be getting if he came to us.


Would we prefer him or Ashley Young, if we as Liverpool fans had the choice

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  1. Ali where’s the video?
    Hazard has won the Ligue 1 with Lille and been voted Player of the Year. There will be many contenders for his signature, but the Reds seem on pole position here……!

  2. Hazard is a much better player and if it came down to one or the other, you’d probably take the Belgian. Personally I’d like to see both of them. One wide player isn’t going to make up for the deficit that we have in those positions.

  3. Why we don’t try to sign both eden hazard and ashle yaung its be grade for red winger. I hope so…

  4. Both me and Antoine have had coding issues with this video so I asked him to post it but it obviously didn’t work… I’ll link it up later because embedding it simply won’t work… :/

  5. Yes agree with all of you that we should buy both for each side and it looks that they are able to switch…..

    Cannot wait for next season to start.


  6. It’s better to sign edin hazard and one winger like downding bcos hazard woo leageu ond player of the year.

  7. Eden, I personally dont really like young… he is “mushy” not too aggressive… Eden is fast and furious perfect for suarez in my very humble humble opinion… so if i were to have only one, eden for his ferocity and eagerness…

  8. Do we have to choose one? If so, Hazard all the way – the lad is pure class. Get Marko Marin for the right and we’re sorted!

  9. Well you don’t have to choose one, but if it came down to it… who would you rather see. Personally for me… Hazard, I know it’s a gamble as he’s from the French league and may not settle in England as well… but he’s built in the same mould as Nasri and look how good he’s done from the French league to Arsenal now he’s matured.

  10. Looks like talks have broken down with Hazard… he’s waiting for offers from Arsenal and Inter. :(

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