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These are players who currently linked with liverpool from any news
and my personal thoughts about them

Fabio Coentrao / Jose Enrique
It’s still confusing whether Liverpool or Real who made the bid for Fabio, but who doesn’t want him? It seems that many players are linked with Liverpool, of course it’s a transfer season, but for me these two are the hottest prospect for Liverpool next season. Enrique has been outstanding and another stand-up player this season, Leighton Baines, seems almost impossible to cross to the neighbor club.

Scott Dann / Gary Cahill
Center backs, Gary Cahill and Scott Dann are two players that currently and consistently linked with Liverpool. Yes still Gary Cahill is linked with everyone. Cahill seems one step ahead of Dann, but both players still pretty much open to any clubs. Although there are many good center backs across Europe, Premier-League-Trained players have more experience instead of gambling for outsiders.

Charlie Adam / Diego Ribas
Relegated captain in balance between signing out or signing an extension at Blackpool. Who doesn’t want to stay at PL level? And Diego Ribas a.k.a just “Diego”, ex-Werder Bremen star, ex-Juventus flop, and now establishing himself again at Wolfsburg. I think that everybody agree that Adam has been fantastic throughout this season and one of “must-have” Liverpool this summer.

Stewart Downing / Ashley Young
Is it polite to stole up to 3 players from 1 club (Brad Friedel, Downing, Young)?of course not all of them will be taken, but these two wingers both have almost the same quality for me. Young probably have been star player for long, but looking at the pace that Downing has, he definitely someone to consider to have. Another winger, Adam Johnson will not leave city cuz they play at CL next season. And Adel Taraabt of course, was linked with Liverpool too, but still no news that strengthen the rumors that he will leave QPR.

Juan Mata / Sergio Aguero
Sergio Aguero, #1 most wanted player this summer after his decision to leave Atletico this summer. Having some holidays at merseyside with Maxi Rodriguez could be a hint for his next club perhaps? Juan Mata is another hot wing forward beside Bojan Krkic could leave Barca this summer. I wonder how will Liverpool looks like when Suarez and Aguero play together.

Considering all of the star players that linked with Liverpool, I wonder how the owners will react, 50m pounds is minimal for the IN players, and for me the OUT players will be : Joe Cole, Jovanovic, Ngog, Konchesky, and some loan players like Insua, but Poulsen said himself that he wants to fight for a place and Aquilani still in balance.

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  1. Coentrao/Enrique
    The portughese full back wants Real Madrid all day long so let’s forget about his. Jose ‘The Bull’ Enrique is proven in the PL and will definitely be a cheaper deal. I’d say Enrique.
    I absolutely love Cahill, but Scott Dann is no slouch. There will be a bidding war for Cahill which may up the price. Dann would probably accept bench time more than the current Bolton cb. With Carra, Skrtel and Agger (plus Wilson) perhaps Dann would be the wiser acquisition.
    Downing is a class act. Young wants Man Utd all the way. Forget Young we are not in contention. Downing is a possibility, an excellent one at that.
    Neither of these players will be coming to Liverpool any time soon!
    Fantastic wishlist Redvolution, and I believe you might have one or two names there that might materialise for us.

  2. nb: I wrote this last week and just got published, so it will sounds strange today since Coentrao & Young had chosen their fave club…

  3. Enrique will do fine as long as the price is right, otherwise go for the little spark plug lb at Celtic. Would prefer Baines over both but we can all dream.

    Cahill is way overpriced to the point he is near the quoted cost of Sakho which would be a much better sign to me. 21 now i think and soon to be French National team starter for the next decade. Dann is much more reasonable.

    Diego has been persona non grata for two clubs now it seems, dunno if he would fit the club. Adam is a squad player and left footed, as long as the price is right it works. Parker is better than both if we got a shot.

    Downing if the price is right is fine but not for inflated “English Player” cost please. Young wants to be a Manc so he can piss off.

    Mata to me should be the #1 target. Extremely quick feet with as much technique as Saint Suarez. Can flow all over the front lines like Suarez does, thus making him a counter shift in our attack force with Carroll as the base of the pendulum. Not a true out and out wing though but that wont matter if fullbacks and center backs are pissing their pantaloons at the sight of Suarez/Carroll/Mata.Thunder and lightning.

    Kun is going to big money. Citeh?

  4. This summer is huge! we have heard this for the last 10 seasons – but its clear it has to be a well though out business model and in turn a great rectuitment drive by FSG and the club.

    For me resources is a the key word, we have many many we can use to help the club lower the wage bill and help the whole round plan going forward with the first team and finances of the whole club.

    Lets be cut and dry;

    joe cole,- too old, many injuries just not doing it, to much wages and no end result, ship out for around 4-5 million.

    poulsen, – come on this guy is a joke and i know many danish people who laughed when roy signed this gimp, let him go, even if its to get him of the wage bill, joke signing and should never wear the shirt again.

    konchesky, – jesus, this guy is poor, never ever should have been given a tenner never mind what he will be on, sell him even if its for 1 mill, just get him out.

    jovanovic, – oh dear, another dead beat player that’s to old, never, has moaned about thsi and that and never been happy, sell him, and again even if its to get him of the books just flog him, we should try for around 4- 5 mill, but then i wouldnt pay 10p for him.

    degen, insua, brad jones, el zhar, all are doing nothing and are never going to be the standard needed to bring our standing back in to the club.

    Your guess ia as good as mine but we could try for at least 4- 5 mill for that lot above.

    Ngog, – sell him, yes he is young but he never learns and he just looks like he doesnt want to be hear, and yet he has had plenty of games under many managers and still he look as lazy as most over rated french players, this guy needs to go, he only needs to look at little jay spearing for attitude but he is not that young any more if you compare him to suarez who is only still 22- 23, so ngog is just a big let down, we should get him of the wage bill to, i reckon at a best we could get 4 mill for him, but yet again i would not pay 10 p.

    Aquilani, – why do so many lfc fans love thsi guy, all he wants is to stay in iaty, we have had many over seas players who want to piss off back home at the first time of asking, he is averbage at best and even if we cant get a respectable 10 mill, just let him go, he has said many time he we rather stay at the old lady, well let him, i want players who are going to play here and fight on a cold day at wolves wawy etc.

    this guy is so over rated its crazy, he aint better then raul, he is never fit the lace gerrard’s boots and he cant tackle either or run all day, so id rather lucus be here then that lazy player, his wages are a joke at around 75- 80 k a week, we could do better for that value.

    auerlio if he wants to stay on a pay as you play deal, then as much as i love him he has to go if he doesnt want to sign that type of deal.

    Soto, – id like to keep, he is on very low wages, he is great in the air, and he is very good for team spirit, never mians just loves being here and does offer a set piece problem for other teams, but slow and getting older, so unless an offer of 2 – 3 mill comes in then if not keep him.

    Ince, – attitude problems, like his prick of a dad, sell him, he is never going to cut it, darby can go too, get 1 mill for him, local i know but that doesnt mean he is any good, did very little at notts county on loan.

    Pacheco – either loan him or sell him back to spain for around 5 mill.

    ayala, – sell him or loan him back to a club in spain or in other team in england.

    wilson, – sell him or loan him out, just not good enough at the moment.

    so there you go, if uesd well the current team , thats full of these very average players could or can bring in huge new money either form cutting the wage bill or player sales money.

    id like to see;

    vargas, cissohko, matuidi, aguero, mata, sakho

  5. my Liverpool team would be for 2011- 2012


    1. where is andy carroll? on the bench?
      Just wondering… not that I have anything against your team… just wondering…

    2. my personal thought about Carroll is to sell him back for about 25-30mils to buy Aguero… we can work the win without aerial challenge… just as we seen whenever Carroll is not playing… even the Dagger can play better as forward than him…

  6. my personal thought about Carroll is to sell him back for about 25-30mils to buy Aguero… we can work the win without aerial challenge… just as we seen whenever Carroll is not playing… even the Dagger can play better as forward than him…

  7. Glad to know Kenny is so wrong about Carroll….man has been out of shape and learning the ground game. Watch next year before you pass judgement. Still think a battering ram up front with Suarez and yet to be named player *god let it be Mata* swirling around is a strike force to be feared. I don’t need Carroll to dinky dink around the ball, hammer people and let the magic work around him.

    4 months is no term to judge people. Or we would have lost Lucas a long time ago.

  8. best lfc team possible;
    Suarez. Pato

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