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These past few days have seen a crescendo of intensified rumours linking Liverpool Football Club with the signing of major talent in an attempt to challenge for honours next season. The most talked about targets include Ashley Young, Stewart Downing, Connor Wickham, Jordan Henderson, Lee Cattermole, Phil Jones and Jose Enrique. These seem to be the hottest prospects, if the media speculation is to be believed. LFC also has a list of players they will look to offload, and others on loan which need to be sorted, the most prominent of all being Alberto Aquilani. In view of this we have two very straight-forward questions to kickstart the debate:

1) Who will be the first player to sign for Liverpool in the transfer window?

2) Who will be the first player to leave Liverpool in the tranfer window?

Fire away!


  1. I think Poulsen is on his way out very soon. He’s not half bad, but Liverpool need better, and most mid-table teams would want him.

    As for coming to LFC, am I the only one who is a little worried after reading nothing but “___ denies transfer to LFC” headlines during this past week?

  2. 1. Stuart Downing from your list. Although I still believe Charlie Adams might wise up.
    2. A close tie between Joe Cole and Christian Poulsen

  3. First out….well for me it has to be Joe Cole, get the wage bill down.
    First in…..I’m so hoping to see Stuart Downing in a red shirt. We need a quality winger who can land a ball bang on Carrolls head.

  4. Poulson, konchesky, ngog, jovanovic to go. Not sure on joe cole or aquilani. Still think they have a lot to offer. Konchesky should be first to go

    id like to see downing as our first signing. Think young is unfortunately off to utd. Adam depends on aquilani and joe cole situation. Enrique not good enough for me. Better left backs out there. Dann and jones would be good buys but dont need both. Believe sylvain marvaux signed a pre contract with us last month so guess he’ll be first announced signing. We should go after adam johnson

      1. yes 100% serious lad he is average at best and one assist and 1 goal ALL season tells the truth the hole truth and nothing but the TRUTH about lucas

          1. That’d be Lucas our Player of the Season………! Tell yer I despair with some of the rubbish I see on the Internet.

        1. Lucas ??? We may as well get rid of Reina too cos he made that mistake mid-season and Gerrard of course because he’s had those two injuries. Whilst were at it, may as well get shot of Carroll… I mean two goals !!! How bad is that ?? You joker !!

        2. what a bellend forty thousand people cant be wrong and just you right he didnt get player of the year for nothing

      2. Well with retard comments like this we might as well get rid of King Kenny and get Roy Hodgson back ! And while were at it sell gerrard and carra ! And give Suarez a free transfer ! Wake up you complete TIT ! Lucas was our best player by far this year !!!

    1. Really? Lucas first to go? Our player of the year and a future leader? Sure…let’s just make sure we get stevie g out too! Come on!

      First in will be Henderson or wickham.
      First out will be ngog or poulsen

    2. Unbelievable…Lucas still has doubters after having a fantastic season…slap yourself with a fish mate!

    3. How can you say that Lucas should go, He has been brilliant all season and rightly deserves player of the year award. What else does he have to do to prove to you or any other doubter that he is good enough.

    4. Only someone who has never played football can make that remake – what a twaat! Armchair praat

        1. Baza. With all due respect to you mate, having been a season ticket holder for 20 years does not make you a football guru and your opinion on Lucas proves that you definitely don’t know what you are talking about (remember, I did say with all due respect)!

          1. no problem lad but when we win something with lucas in the midfield i will be of the same mind that lucas is a stopper no more no less and i want better for a lfc midfield player .

          2. Have faith Baza, this kid has been brilliant and there is room for improvement. He may not have Xabi Alonso’s distribution capabilities but he is much stronger in a pure holding midfield role. Believe me, the lad is destined to become an Anfield and Brazil legend.

          3. Baza I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 30 years, so does that make me a bigger authority than you…. If so, you are a top wanker, but that’s without all due respect. Your one of those tits that rings Aldo after the game and spouts shite bout Lucas when he’s been outstanding. I admit I didn’t rate Lucas til 2 years ago (when he was still a kid) but he’s been our most consistent player since. So take your gob for a shite mo mark.

    5. Lucas?

      Let’s not consider what he did last season for us, or what his true potential lies in front. He is a Brazil regular international starter at the position where Carlos Dunga played over 100 matches.

      Football is a positional game, if 1 goal & 1 assist is his stats to measure, than the first player we should get rid off is Pepe Raina.

  5. First in will probably be wickham, since he’s the only one we’ve actually tabled a bid for yet, first out will be paulsen to stoke since he’s the only one anybody has inquired about, and lolz at the guy who said lucas first out… We should sell suarez too mate

    1. d 1st to come is n’zobia followed by charley adam,henderson and jones. guys u should not 4get that we also have problems in d deffence. please kochesky should not come back.
      As for lucas, he should be liverpool captain after reina. no body is like lucas now….no even our dear gerad

  6. First of all, pj is nuts, thats all I can say! Lucas deserves every plaudits the book for his commitment and consistency last season. First to go will be jovanovic(especially after he claimed that joining liverpool was the biggest mistake of his life). First in, Henderson(after lookin at the progress of the speculation online)

  7. Lol Lucas quality in the making under dalglish’s mentor, same I think could be said for aqualani if he does return first out? Joe Cole? jovanivic? Who’s coming in I don’t know id like to see henderson and downing however we proved were a talented team under the management of dalglish just need one or two I think. Just want to say thanks to fenway sports restore us and suarez player of the year next year? Possibly he’s incredible

  8. I don’t think Lucas is going to be sold..
    he has just signed a new contract. YNWA Lucas!!

    1st In : Henderson
    1st Out : Aquilani

  9. Pj, by your logic, we must sell Martin Kelly, agger, Carrara, skrtel for no shots on goal n no assists. How come nobody ever expected masch to have shots on goal in his time? Lucas plays almost the same role. Except he does foray , albeit rarely, into the oppositions box, and starts attacks(something masch never did). Furthermore, he has made some brilliant balls into the box this season, not his fault no one has got on the end of them, or since it involves someone touching it, so the assist is not made in his name

  10. I repeat 1 goal 1 assist in ALL games ALL season from lucas ,i want more from a liverpool midfielder no wonder we have finnished 7th and 6th with that waster in our team .

    1. His main job isnt to score or assist … his job is to break down opponents attacking play … all true LFC fans appreciate his contribution & his growth as a player through really tough times … if your going off assists & goals then shall we sell Carra too?!

    2. Lucas is quality! Bazza stick to championship manager if you expect every midfielder to score 20 goals and 20 assists. Armchair twaat!

  11. Omg my bad, those comments were aimed at baza5x. Pj, buddy, my bad. I apologize. I was indignant n blinded I admit. Feel like a moron right now.

  12. N’Gog and Poulsen will leave in quick succession to Stoke
    Ideally I’d like to see Mata but I think it’ll be Henderson or Wickham

  13. I can agree in a sense of what is being said about lucas, yes he played well last season but he should be creating more chances, if we bring in downing/adma, with gerarrd fit, can u see lucas being in the starting 11? Maybe cole should be given start on left instead of in the centre, agree enrique isnt good enough either, konchesky, ngog, poulsen out for sure, maybe cole and aqualani too

    1. Taffy, Lucas is playing the holding midfield role, he is the player that has made the most tackles in the Premier League this season. Thats is HIS job, that is what he does, and he does it so well he was voted our best player. He is the kingpin between our back four and our creative midfield, hence his lack of opportunities at goal.

      1. Defensive midfielders these days cannot compare to some of the greats like Greame Souness, his 10 out of 10 performance in the 1984 League Cup Final replay 1-0 win over Everton was a worldclass performance.

          1. One of LFC’S biggest failings is the lack of goalpower in the team. The likes of Keane and Souness managed to score goals and still do the ballwinning job. Lucas has not scored a Premier League goal in the last 2 seasons.

    2. Dont forget lucas is our defencive midfielder. Unless replaced with a better def mid should we sell him. Ok bril attacking stats but look at his def onces. One of the best stats in the league

  14. Italians media is saying we have made an official approach for Charles N’Zogbia even though they are not quoting the source.

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised, lots of talk going on, to be honest, I want mata or/and hazard. N’zogbia is good but not mata good or hazard good, you know? I mean if we can afford to spend 15m on Henderson, add 10m n get hazard, coz we don’t need another CM. Not with Jonjo on the bench

  15. Baza is on drugs! Lucas going? Did you watch a game at all this season? That’s laughable, get a clue pisshead. Ynwa!

  16. Ok Baza5x and Taffytaff, both of you need an education of how a team works…!!! The great Xabi Alonso never got over 2 assists a season or 2 goals a season….why, because he was busy protecting the back four….it doesn’t matter how good a ball player you are, as Alonso’s stats show when your usually 60 yards from goal your not going to be heavily involved attacking wise. You will also find that the position he plays, players don’t normally mature into that position till mid to late twenties…which shows Lucas is only hitting top form. Idiotic comments like yours should be saved for the Special Olympics, when you’re receiving your medals.

    1. Defensive midfielder is an excuse for a midfielder with no ability ,souness,stevie mc,ray kennedy,stevie g, ronnie w,ray houghton,could all help out the defence but could add to the attack also players like masch and lucas are a fashion i hate in football there stoppers nothing more nothing less and i want more from a midfielder at lfc .

  17. 1st out konchesky,1st in marveax,lucas was top this season,i seen every game and not once had he a bad game,he s a top player for the job he does(defensive midfielder).. keep up de good lucas lad.

  18. If we want to get back to the top we have to start going after the best players in the world.. not overpaying for mediocre british crap just bcuz they are british.. 15 mil for henderson would be just as stupid as paying 35mil for the always injured carroll.. henderson, jones, cattermole and whickam will not get us back to the top..

      All i read is young young young… british or not… I dont care but young = less experience and it will take another couple of years before they florish into players… just like lucas and even lucas many still have doubt over him…
      then all i read is resell value?! do we buy players to sell them? just like torres? or to keep them and build a consistent team?!

  19. Ist in SHOULD BE Hazard..

    1st out BETTER be Josephine Cole… if I never see the useless overrated soft little bitch play again it will be too soon. All season I was hoping he would tear an ACL… What a stupid signing!

  20. First in should be Lucas Barrios of Dortmund as unfortunately the move has been too big for Andy Carroll.

    LFC need to get rid of Brad Jones and promote Gulasci. They also need to get rid of Degen,Darby,Ayala,Insua,Konchesky,El Zhar,Aquilani,Poulsen,Jovanovic,Ngog and Aurelio.

    1. I.K.W.T

      Lets see what drama unfolds in the next couple of weeks :)

      Out 1st ( Aquaman )- Should be Piss poor Poulson though !!
      In 1st ( Henderson )

    2. I would love it if we sign barrios he’s just amazing however it looks like we’re signin localy this time…

  21. all these english players were linked with yet english players are more often than not piss poor ,please kenny look at mata,sanchez,diago and even klose on a free

  22. Hey lads we are all Pool supporters, have respect for each other even though you may have different points of view.

    Unfortunately there are many first choices!! however Cole tops the list.
    First in I would break the bank and get Augero ( Tonio I note all your mentioned players are British?). We can then sell the rest of the deadwood whose names have already mentioned by others to balance the books. in a nut shell Aguero for nothing.

    To be the best we need the best like Suarez, we have all seen the impact he has had since January. Manure getting the crap kicked out of them by Barca will only make Whiskey Nose even more determined to go for the best out there.


    1. Hey Sharde! To be perfectly honest the players I listed are the players that have been doing the rounds on the papers and media this week. I am sure there is foreign talent and other targets. As far as I am concerned, unless the Club releases a statement or either Kenny or Damien do not say it publicly, all rumours remain pure speculation.

      1. Hi there Tonio, yes & too right.
        Anticipation is killing me! and eagerness to send WN into retirement.
        All the best

  23. had a nice smooth rhythm reading all the passionate comments and suddenly comes along baza(or watever his name is)..spewing garbages. mate go get a life, seriously,.

  24. we need 3-4 players who will come in and make an impact almost immediately. Bazza obviously isnt aware of the technicalities of football. Lucas was not signed to provide assists….he was signed to break up opponents play in the middle of the park. He has matured in the last couple of seasons and is worth his weight in gold!!! 1st out >>> Cole……1st in >>>> Henderson.

  25. I think first lot (may be in different order) to go out ‘ll be useless (Of a CL seekers standard) players like Konchesky, Paulsen, Ngog & Degan. Then it ‘ll be the expensive flops or not worthy of wage tag, players like Jo Cole, Aqualini & Johanovic.

    First to come in (Not sure if Maravaux is contracted yet or not), Henderson, followed by Wickham, N’Zobia, Adams & Jones

  26. I do NOT want Henderson. He is a CENTER MIDFIELD.
    Gerrard, Meireles, Lucas and Spearing. We don’t need another.

    1st to come: Hopefully, Hazard. Downing would be great as well.

    1st to leave: Joe ‘No Goal’ Cole or Aquaman. Jovanovic could win this as well.

  27. 1st out: Aquilani

    1st in: Henderson (I think this will lead to the sale of Spearing. He played well towards the end of the season, but you don’t need to be an expert to see Henderson is a far better player, and like people have been saying, we do have a lot of central midfielders.)

  28. Lucas while being a good player isn’t a great one.He is the player of the season agreed!…but looking back at the mediocre season we have had, even Igor Biscan given the run Lucas has enjoyed would have achieved similar sucess this season.
    Do not forget that since Kenny and Suarez arrived all the matches that we have won by 3,4,5 nil Suarez have been the MOM in most matches except one or two that Kuyt and Maxi got.
    Lucas is a good squad player but do not be decieved by this player of the season award thinking he can be a ‘keane or Viera’ to us.
    Lucas can be very useful when battling top teams, he can be a good destroyer but when facing other teams we need more attacking options.Lucas being able to create one and score one whole season isn’t one!
    If we are aspiring to be among the top 3 than Lucas is definetly not going to be played because those who is expected to finish below us, we need to attack them not defend against them!
    My apologies for hijacking this post to another direction!…..
    I think Aqua will be the 1st to go and Hendo 1st to sign.

    1. Hey Mr Hansen. Can you rectify that so we can all understand where you are coming from and hence enable us to answer your statement?

        1. Well, that is a very unfair assessement you made there. First of all, if you take the trouble to stroll down the article, I made several interventions and there was only ! comment that complimented me and which I, being an educated person, acknowledge. I cannot understand how that could have irked your emotions.
          Make an effort to pass a comment on the subject next time dude!

          1. I’ve took trouble reading all comments here.
            Just felt that you should not be selective in your replies to people posting their comments!!

  29. I find it quite interesting that there were reports of Lucas leaving for the 3 to 6 million pound mark in this last January window. Does anybody recall that? I think he was being linked with Napoli.

    I like him he has heart. Let’s hope he can keep the upward projectory.

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