Will Jordan Henderson be our first signing?

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Intensified rumours and media speculation all point towards an onslaught by LFC to land Sunderland and England Under-21 midfielder Jordan Henderson. The latest headlines claim that Sunderland have been offered Stg 18.5 million for the soon-to-be 21 year old.

If this interest was to materialise, this would come as a suprise to many Liverpool fans who were under the impression that the Club would go after ‘different’ targets. There have been no official statements, but the intensity of news flowing in this direction make this approach credible.

I have been asking myself the same question all past weekend: is this young international worth the money, and if he does sign for the Reds, where will he be positioned and who will he be replacing or alternating with?


  1. We are likely to play a 4-3-3 system and sometimes a 4-4-2.

    Midfielders in Gerrard, Lucas, Spearing, Meireles Shelvey and Henderson to form the midfield in 433.

  2. He’s a good player full of potential but much like Carroll in January, he’s just not worth the money, 12 million and I’d be delighted..18+ and I’m a little miffed. If he signs and becomes a success though the transfer fee won’t mean a thing.

    1. Hey Ben that is a very safe assessment you gave there mate. When a player is a success the sum spent to him always falls into perspective. That is part of the gamble I guess. Question is, are we taking our gambling a bit too far???

    2. So how can you say neither player is worth the money already?

      And then in the same breath say if they are successful then they are?

      We are buying potential, if we bought these players 5 or 6 years down the track we could well be looking to buy seasoned England internationals. Costing even more. I truely believe that they’ll flourish under Kenny and offer my support instead of your condemnation.

  3. I m simply surprised this is not the type of player we are all expecting we need wingers rather than midfielders as we have enough quality in that department although if everyone puts it into perspective we did lack creativity and spark in the middle of the park especially in our last two matches of the season where we lost could this be d major reason we needed more midfielders or otherwise??isn’t charlie adams better off dis lad???

  4. I’m up and down on this one. He’s good for sure, but we should bring in TOP players and let the rest of the squad be formed from our youth ranks. Let Suso, sterling, shelvey, wilson etc etc etc get a chance

    1. Thank God!!!! I thought i was on my own here!!!. You nailed it, why buy youngsters for silly money when we have plenty at Kirkby!!!!!We need game changers not more potential……come on KK you know im right…..

      1. Maybe there is a bigger picture, Kenny is on record as saying we will only buy if the incoming player is better than we already have. I suppose this also applies to the bench – in fact right through the squad, also, we don’t know who is leaving yet.

        1. Good point Tom. We actually need to have two quality players for each position, and the more polivalent they are the better. I am still a bit concerned at the prices going around for this particular deal though!

  5. where would we play him?? and especially if we’re paying huge amount of money for him. Lucas, gerrard and raul meireles would want to play every game and spearing+shelvey as backups. I don’t see why we should get him TBH. If we really want to sign a playmaker with that price then i would get cazorla or mata.

      1. Guys, your reasoning is logical, but you must consider one important factor: would Liverpool be a preferred destination for players like Mata and Cazorla????

        1. Of course they would a lot of these deals are speculation kenny knows exactly what hes doing hes proved that. Liverpool. Football club is and always will be a top European club were in safe hands now

          1. Very true Danny, but thereagain some rumours give you that feeling that there is some truth in them….!

  6. The Key is “Players who WANT to play for Liverpool”. I wouldn’t mind them paying extra 5 m to get someone who has the WANT factor. I hate to see a Torres who barely broke a sweat.

    He is 20, and has atleast 10 years to give, & none of us have coached in the premier league – who are we to judge? KK knows best. Read Tony Barrett’s column in liverpoolfc.tv

    1. Yep your right!
      I think KK knows best and i think that the reason he is looking at english players is because they KNOW what LFC means more than foreign players (if the rumor of british players is true) also i think since europe is out of the equation it will be difficult to lure in talent – with the ego these players have – they all want to play and win every year! so next year target is bing in top 4 and securing champ league and next years target is going to be to imporve the squad and get some even higher players… IT IS NOT A SPRINT IT IS A MARATHON… one step at a time… KK might be right… we need quality but mostly we need to be top four and that is the target next year, get players that can get us there and have high resell if we need to sell and improve the squad for next comming years… we need to think global ;)

    1. Yep…you are dead on! Before we got KK everyone was screaming for him as we all think he would have what it takes, including his leadership and eye for talents to take us where we deserve to be….now that KK is our manager, all of a sudden all these folks seems to be 2nd guessing him and thinking they know better! All we need to look at is when Torres wanted to leave in January how many of us thought it would spell the end of LFC….well who would have thought KK and team would make us play so much better without Torres! Trust our manager….he is the King for a reason….YNWA…

  7. Promising prospect, but don’t rate him as high as 18,5 mp. Could prove to be an versatile player as he can fit the position as a right winger.

    Think this means Spearo is on his way out…

  8. we should buy aguero.. wat are we fans targeting mid table players and complaining the same players for bad results..come on people look ar chelsea and man.c and man.u and arsenal.

  9. Kenny is not looking to win the league this coming season and to those of you who expect him to and expect us to sign these glorified older players then its time for a wake up call. He’s building a team that will last and win for the next 5/6 years, henderson is going to be moulded as gerrards replacement, phil jones very similar to carragher, connor wickham got so much potential. Would love to see mathew jarvis feature but I doubt it. Kenny will make 1 big marquee signing and will probably be a winger – personally hoping on mata or a.johnson if man city get to mata first. Trust in kenny we must..

    1. Terry…you hit it spot on…it has to be build…badri u are right those that WANT to play for LIVERPOOL F.C….biger than individuals….

  10. PS – players like lampard, terry, gerrard, carragher are less likely to leave, yeah barcalona and real are arguably bigger clubs but england is home to the english players, its where they grew up and live, and tbh they are not so much suited to the other leagues – look at owen. At least young english players that we have been linked to will give us that stability unlike torres, granted alonso does love liverpool and would come back if he could but how many alonsos out there are they? Plus english players have high resale value if they don’t work out..

  11. I think Dalglish will push Gerrard out wide and use him as he used Houghton in80s and Henderson is his replacement. Remember Gerrard is probably our best crosser of the ball and it was from this position he had his best goal scoring season.

    1. Most likely too….Gerrard has one of his best seasons, goal tally wise when operating out wide on the right. With Johnson, who tends to push forward to give width, in the right back position, Gerrard can also drift infield to provide a goalscoring threat.

  12. i think this would be a better move than most people are making it out to be. I think we need wingers as well, but the priority for me is a left back. i wouldnt mind trying to get get keiron gibbs, the only two problems being wenger likes his kids and also this would get in the way of jack robinson’s development, which means i can see us going for a 25 year old + left back, most likely enrique or clichy (who could be available if wenger opts for gibbs)

  13. If Comolli and Dalglish are after Henderson, I guess they must be onto something. Aside from Shelvey we have no upcoming midfielders in the Gerrard mould, so it seems like the right move to make at this juncture.

    1. Voland. Possibly correct, but the Stg 18.5 million being muted seems a little bit steep……!

      1. Coady is an upcoming defensive mid fielder in the academy team.He himself prefers the full back position and in all likelihood wud settle as a CB.
        Kelly and Coady could be our CBs of the next decade.
        But Coady is not a playmaker.

  14. Maybe he could be picked up by the brady bunch down at Fiorentina and be known as Florence Henderson.

  15. Kenny is going too far. Starting to lose faith in him. 18 mil for Henderson, Adam is way better and cheaper, though he too is shit. To prove Anfield doesnt rate Jordan, no one talked about him before the rumours.
    Kenny paid too much on Carroll. Now he wants to do it again on Jordan. I thought Comolli was supposed to bring common sense into the equation. Not fair at all. Dont we have Pacheco, Suso, Ince, Ngoo, Amoo as widemen? Nt fair to our Youngsters coming up.
    Plus this 70 000 000 a week salary is too much.

    1. Redfury. Keep in mind that as until now, neither the Club nor Kenny have confirmed this link. We are basing our discussion on pure media speculation, so in the end, it could all boil down to nothing.

      1. Absolutely spot on, not one quote no comment no official bid… Kenny has been quoted that we will be buying the best availabe… SMOKESCREEN BOYS get the attention off the players kenny really wants

    2. A bit OTT on Kenny mate, agree we should play our own rather than buy youngsters!. Never lose faith in KK and maybe we will get a game changer or two!!!!

    3. At the moment its all speculation but if it’s true then there must be something in it. Redfury to say your losing faith in the king is disgusting after what he’s done for us in the last six months what premiership clubs have you managed to be able to hark on like you know anything about football Fenway will only buy younger players that they think have the potential to be great and play for us long term or sell at a profit half the reason we haven’t won anything for 4 years is because of injuries and not having good enough back up in the squad. LONG LIVE THE KING. YNWA

    4. Ok ok mates, i hear u. This whole Henderson speculation is frustrating me. I want to see Suso and Coady in the team not Henderson. Plus maybe giving Sterling a chance too.
      We should be looking at Mata, Sanchez (long shot), Navas nt Jordan. I dont want him

      1. Sterling 16 (December) and not ready! Suso 17 and not ready, Coady is unproven and maybe ready for the bench and no more! Sanchez get real £40m and we have no champions League (Udinese do have champions League). Navas!!! Suffers from travel sickness and home sickness and too lightweight for the PL. Mata is a possibility as we all already know (Man City hovering now that Sanchez said no).

        Jordan Henderson has played 92 (13 for Coventry and 79 for Sunderland top flight games since 2008-09 season and at 20 is a proven Premier League player.

        We need to get him Phil Jones and Connor Wickham

  16. Man United’s best Midfield? Beckham, Giggs, Scoles and Keane! British.

    Liverpool could end up with a Midfield of Gerrard, Adam, Johnson and Henderson. Quality, flair, power, pasion and British!

    For too long we have had too many average foreign players who where bought because they where cheaper in price hence very little British quality. We know that buying the best British players cost more, lets pay the top dollar for the best of British talent and suppliment that talent with a few very talented and commited foreign players!

    Dalglish built his Premier League winning Blackburn side on British talent (look for yourself) Liverpool are going back to their roots! Remember Dalglish broke the then British transfer record with a ceratin Alan Shearer! £3.2m, and we all said the same thing then. Look at how he turned out!

    Whatever it takes to get us to the top I’m all for it! Haven’t you all noticed that the British players were now linked with (Adam, Henderson, Young, Jones) are all linked with United too. Slur Alex is no mug sadly and neither is King Kenny! We need to fight for the player who’ll fight on the pitch.

    Henderson is quality and at only 20 (21, 17th June) is only going to get better and better.

    P.s. we also need to pay the £10m for Connor Wickham too!

    Watch Henderson YouTube Clip

      1. why?? brit talent is overrated and overpriced. so you’re basically saying you never want to win a title again..

        1. Chelsea – Terry, Ashley Cole, Lampard, Joe Cole

          Man Utd – 2 x Neville, Ferdinand, Scoles, Giggs, Beckham, Keane, Butt, Andy Cole, Teddy Sheringham, Fletcher, Oshea, Brown etc etc

          Arsenal – Dixon, Adams, Bold, Keown, Ashley Cole, Sol Campbell, Parlour and that’s when Arsenal won. Now with hardly any Brits Arsenal have stopped winning and are widely criticised for lacking bottle!

          Were basically saying we want to win the title again.

          We always sing that we want a team of Carraghers, well what were really mean we want a team of committed players!

  17. we must be realistic.. lfc is not, in the moment, the hottest place that a star would go.. seriousl, i really don’t see mata, hazard or johnson choose lfc over champions league football. 18 mi is big money but in the moment, in the situation we found ourselfs, i would go for it. hendo is about to be 21 and have potencial and as a brit he understands what means to be a liverpool player. as for the game, he can play in central or be a winger, a very young and versatile player. is not about name, is squad depth..

  18. All rumour at the moment and just as important as the mooted price is the payment schedule and add ons. It might be an £18.5m headline price but probably includes appearance and silverware milestone payments and will be spread over several years.

    He’s a very tidy player for a 20 year old. Looks like he might be top class to me. Yes, we still need a v good CB, LB, wide players and a good forward but I see that as being obvious and thus ‘in hand’. IF, and it’s still a massive ‘if’ Henderson signs it can be seen as a major statement of intent i.e., we’re prepared to pay top whack when we really want something.

    I’d rather Kenny sometimes pays £5m more Monopoly money for someone he really wants than settle for 2nd or 3rd choices each time. He loves the club as much as we do.

  19. No one is doubting Jordan Henderson quality and potentials! The lad is promising but £18.5m is too much, why does British players have to be expensive? Ozil went to Madrid for €12m, VDV, Sahin, are other example of cheap quality players. Wonder how much they would have been worth if they were British! That said i trust in Kenny.

    1. U do hav an amazing point there. Does anyone on this site honestly believe that Henderson is or ever will be better than Ozil or Sahin?! Given that Henderson cost soo much more shouldn’t we invest in cheaper foreign talents instead of overrated English players with super inflated transfer fee’s?!?!?

      1. That’s the premium you pay for British (more so English) players! For 20 years we’ve gone for the so called better cheaper, option always moaning “its too much” whilst other around us just paid the money and got on with it look now where has it got us?

        If that’s the price pay it!

        1. The extra price you pay is for the COMMINTMENT AND PASSION OF THE ENGLISH GAME! thats why they cost more, because they understand it! Foreign players move alot if the money is there and its right… english players are more intellegent in that sence, when they settle they settle… even if they become great players they rarely leave the club, because they understand the mix of passion and fans… if a foreign players ends up being good he leaves for more and better money:) I do believe that having a back bone of british players is the key… How many alonso’s are out their? we thought torres was like that that he understood it all… he even proved us wrong… as long as they can pass and move bring them on!

  20. He is a good player but you must bring elia to anfield because we want a skill ful player


  22. Pls tell me this is bullshit and we havnt signed this overrated piece of English crap at this point we can’t take anymore gambles we need 2 established players for our wings of we look to compete for silverware or even get back in the top 4 next season. Only after when we’re back in the CL and comfortable then we should start investing on youth and starting our empire. IMO

    1. Henderson is pure quality! United are trying to pinch him, that’s how bad he is!

      This kid is in the Jack Wiltshire bracket! I don’t care if you don’t think he is! If he was in London or Manchester everybody would be drooling over him! Plus he’s only going to get better when surrounded by better players.

      Get him!

  23. Ya passion,that’s the only reason why Henderson wants to join LFC the £70,000/ week has nothing to do with why he wants to join us rite?….. I know it’s hard to convince top players all over Europe to leave their clubs and CL football to play for LFC but does it really justify why we’re buying these players for such crazy inflated prices I can understand risking £8m on a young English international who has just had 1 great season for a mid table club in hopes that he will pay dividends in the future but £18m?

  24. I don’t care what country they are from.. as long as they are world class and get us back to the title. And these guys are far from world class. This whole, you’ve never managed in the EPL so you don’t know crap is weak.. so I guess Hodgsons moves were great too.. after all.. he’s managed in the EPL…The Carrol buy was beyond idiotic (he was not worth even 15mil and we got raped on the deal. Those who laugh at Chelsum for payin 50mil for Torres.. look in the mirror.. at least he was PROVEN. And with Henderson at 18mil(if the rumors are true) then the spending pattern needs to change ASAP. If we make these buys (bcuz they are all brit) then do not complain when we are still mid-table for the next 3-4 years. If you want to be the best.. you have to buy the best (or those with the best potential).. and Jones, Henderson, Cattermole and Wickham are far from it. But I’ll give Dalglish the benefit until they send out a press release.

    1. You’ll give Kenny the benefit of the doubt???

      Carroll, Henderson and Wickham are top plays! Carroll will prove his worth! When Torres arrived at Liverpool for £20m everybody was saying unproven in the premier league, only scored 14 league goals in Spain etc etc. Strange thing that hindsight of yours!

      Don’t know where you’re from Greg. But you’re obviously quite young and a little naive! This man has won 4 titles as a manager and I and 99% of Liverpool fans are fully behind him and his plan to put us back on top!

      For your benefit we have no doubts!

      In Kenny we trust!

  25. This seems like a ludicrous deal,I understand the need to have british players but the bottom line is we have so many of the best up and coming young english players I dont think its wise to spend so much on more.
    Connor Wickham for 10 mill is maybe worth the gamble in a position that needs strengthening but 18 to 20 mill for Henderson is just crazy.
    When you think about it Suarez cost 23 mill and what a talent he is.
    But Kenny is one man who certainly knows what he’s doing and if he signs anyone he’ll know exactly what he’s getting and i have full faith in him to get the right players and get us back up there challenging.
    At the end of the day Kenny knows a hell of alot more than any of us.
    YNWA in Kenny we trust

  26. honestly i think we were better off without carrol use suarez kuyt as starter strikers with ngog pacheco as back up but i trust kenny and i confident he will lead us to top 4 finish next season not sure henderson is a signing worth 12 m plus maybe 10 m and wickam worth 5m

  27. The PL is now littered with W Nose’s little puppets ( managers & refs), are we being taken? who knows, is the manure empire aiming to ensure we pay through the nose? most definitely, is he worth the money? only the King knows. Having said all that I am sure the King will bring the very best out of him if indeed we end buying him, unfortunately or fortunately money talks and until such time that we have established ourselves in the top 4 of the PL & in the CL we will end up paying over the odds.

    When I hear the likes of Wigan would only sell Nzog to the top 4 I want to laugh and only wish them relegation, but unfortunately if it means we get rid of Cole & his 90K per week wages and pay 70K to our target then we have to go down that road. The quicker we can negate this handicap the better. It will also be cheaper in the long run.
    All of you please remember CHEAP IS EXPENSIVE as wonderfully demonstrated by our last three managers ( to think what we have spent in the transfer market & we have got in return is mind blowing).
    Still, every ounce of me is eagerly awaiting for the next season to start, we SIMPLY HAVE TO RECLAIM WHAT IS OURS, Failure is no longer an option.

  28. People seem to be forgetting that Ferguson paid 25M for Rooney, who had played how many games in the top flight?!
    I am in a 2-way street here, on one side i feel like signing youngsters is an insult to Kirkby, on the other hand i feel KK knows better than us who’s from Kirkby is ready for PL! That said, I trust King Kenny and long may he rule wisely.

    Having said that, the lad could be a hit and we would say the money was well spent!

    1. Hi Tonio,
      I guess we have to wait & see if indeed this deal is going through, and then pray that we have another gem.
      Also above all we NEED players who want to play for us


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