Liverpool sign Jordan Henderson

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Liverpool have agreed to a deal with Sunderland for Jordan Henderson with David N’Gog going the other way. Here is a video of Jordan’s goals and assists during the last season.

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  1. no offence but i cant see the relevance of adding him to the squad, center of the park is not the problem but we lack of width player! 18 million is just tooo much!!

    1. With an aging Gerrard and the lack of depth past Lucas, Raul, and the emergence of Spearing (Who put in massive performances but does not have the passing or attacking creativity of Henderson) it is nice to see some depth in the engine room. Not to mention the lad is only 20 years old, he will get better and with a mentor like Gerrard in the squad this kid’s ceiling is out of this world.

      Squad’s win leagues, not starting XI’s. Out needs will be addressed in our starting XI, but our glaring need as a club is our depth.

      1. So we’re still going to buy wingers after spending £20m on a midfielder. Suddenly we’re made of money now? But whatever it is he is ‘quality’ I don’t exactly agree that we spend £20m on a midfielder when should really be investing on the wings and defence, but nvm as long as we still invest in the other more needed areas Im happay we can think of this as adding depth to our squad …even doe we don’t have Europe next season …. Nvm Great Signing!!!!! Wonder if we’re dropping our player of the season to put him in the squad or we play him on the wings?

  2. Where the hell do we fit all these CMs?! We can rule out too many more 5-3-2 formations like when Kelly was fit ;)

    1. Kenny is going to unleash the ever feared 3-6-1 Lucas, Gerrard, Henderson, Kuyt all in MF with Johnson on the right and hopefully Baines on the left.

  3. i dont care what every one else says im very happy about this signing welcome to liverpool jordan henderson ynwa !!

  4. He is being bought because at least 4 midfielders will be leaving LFC this summer, jesus people wake up, if we get rid of 4 mids then we need at least 4 in.

    1. Who’s goin out?
      Lucas our player of the season?
      Spearo an amazing product of our achedemy who plays with passion?
      Mireles Roys only contribution to the club?
      Gerrard our talismatic captain?
      Jonjo shelvey another investment for the future?

      Who do you want to sell? And why?

  5. The jury is obvously going to be out on such a young player a lot of money for such an unproven talent but I for one trust the king on this one and recognise that with the statistical annyalysis used by damien Commoli as was used in the deals to bring in Luis Suarez would have played some part or maybye even a big part of us signing the midfielder who has already played for England at such a young age and will only get better I believe we are looking at a futre england international who is going to play a lot of games for england and for us .
    He can play on the right of midfield aswell in my eyes it cant be a bad deal at all its best to have players who can adapt playing week in week out with the help of gerrard carragher and the more experienced players I believe his talent will flourish under the guidance of the KING .
    How many young players have we seen come to anfield with big repuatations from distant destinations but never made the grade Gerard Houllier brought in Anthoney Le Tallec and sinoma Pongolle theese were ment to be the big signings bags of talent that would turn us into a force it never happened .
    Benitez brought in a lot of player from the bargain basment that never really made the step up he never had the backing of Hicks and Gillette (Good Riddance).
    Kenny will get it right the kid must be good we have paid a massive amount of money and I Dont think it will stop there kenny isint just building a team for next season he is building a team that will be a force domestically and in europe im very exited. FERGIE KEEP OUR PERCH WARM!!!!!!!!!

  6. ridiculous buy in my opinion just like pi##ing 35 mill on the white heskey ,we need TWO top class wingers and we blow 20 mill on a kid who looks ok ,hope to #### these two donkeys prove me wrong but THE KING has me worried big time.

  7. Stop worrying! he is wonderful… and the future gerrard! we lack creativity in the midfield! its their that the game is played!!! look at barca and you will see what i mean… apart from 2 all the names posted here, are not creative enough.. i am happy… and relaxed! surely KK, comoli et al have a plan!

  8. you guys still dont get it hes worth all the money we have more than 75m to spend theres many more to come YNWA

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