Henderson arrives at Melwood for his medical [video]

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  1. am very glad to see liverpool sign player like this, because will need correct mildfielder.

  2. great to see the young lad at liverpool. whats more encouraging is he,s obviously not listened to fat head steve bruce, who i think would’ve been giving him the hard sell when utd came in for him! YNWA

  3. I am very disappointed with the the players they want to bring in. If Liverpool wants back to top 4 or champions league then they better get something better then some overrated English players from SUNDERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nice! Great signing not sure bout the price but great signing! wonder how he’ll fit in will we play 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 or 3-5-1-1??
    Whatever it is i’m sure KK will get it right!!


  5. Happy that we are prepared to spend money for once. On the face of it this a lot of money for a player unproven on the big stage but certainly has potential. Hope we can get some proven and experienced players in. Look at what Luis Suarez has confirmed. Thats the quality that we need to make the Champions League a reality for the season after next. Come on KK. Please get it right. Spend wisely. YNWA

  6. best line up would be a 3-5-2 in my opinion:

    I still think we need at least a centre back, a left back, a class winger (and of course get rid of joe cole, poulsen and jova) and a back-up striker (i’m thinking Wickham would be great).
    Can’t wait till next season! The title is oursssss! YNWA

  7. Ian Rush from Chester and Kevin Keegan from Northampton? Wonder who these guys were?

  8. we can play 4-1-3-2 formation if signing adam , downing , enrique , dann & wickham . line -up reina , doni / johnson , keliy / carra , agger , skytel , dann / enrique , arelio / lucas , gerrard / downing , maxi / adam , meireles / kuyt , henderson / suarez , caroll , wickham . youngster spearing , selvey , flanagan , robinson , sterling , coady !

  9. Liverpool fans, please be patient, these signings can be made because the transfer window is open in England and we need to comply with FIFA standards. Europe is only opening in July. I gaurentee you we will be signing two or three top players then. This is KK, and he has a plan together with Comali – Believe you me! YNWA

  10. still think we’re a bit porous in midfield away from home.. don’t think jordan henderson or charlie adam is going to solve that problem

  11. i think its a good signing because if gerrard and meireles are injured we still have another lad to depend on creating those chances. Maybe we can play Gerrard on the right, Meireles/Henderson/Lucas at the centre. And a top winger at the left. Gerrard’s best season when he was playing on the right under Benitez.

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