Still on our perch : 18 + 5 > 19 + 3

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Thanks God for Lionel Messi and Barcelona! I know most (surely all?) Liverpool fans were jumping up and down as the Barca boys thrashed the Mancs in the Champions League Final for the second time in three years, but whilst many were cheering just because that smug smile had been off their fans faces (at least momentarily) I was cheering on the fact that the CL Final loss means that Liverpool are STILL the best team in England!

For many years it was undisputed that we were the best, and it seemed unlikely all those years ago that United would get anywhere near to our 18 titles. This year their workmanlike squad somehow managed to win the League Title for the 19th time, which triggered loud boasts that they were the most successful club in England. Whilst the United PR team would love to have you believe as much, it’s not quite true!

They may have overtaken us in terms of League Titles, but you would have thought that any ‘best team’ calculations would also take into account how many times each club has won the biggest and most prestigious competition in the world – the European Cup.

The Mancs have won the title just 3 times in their history, and even then they had to be ridiculously lucky to get the silverwear – playing abjectly for all but the last 3 minutes in 99, and getting lucky when Chelsea’s John Terry skewed his penalty over the bar in 2006. Liverpool have obviously won it five times, playing their part in a remarkable match in 2005, when they came back from 3-0 down!

So 18 titles + 5 European Cups = 23 top flight titles for Liverpool. And 19 titles + 3 European Cups = 22. Liverpool are STILL the most succesful team in the history of British football, and will be for at least as long as Messi and his team-mates can keep on winning the European Cup. A fans group have spelled it out for United fans on their new fan t-shirt (with link to


  1. starting to wear a bit thin though reds this coming season could see united equal or even beat our record so clinging on to titles won over 3 decades ago is looking a tad desperate and us signing potential good english players when we could be signing top class spanish players for the same amount of cash makes me think we will not be anywhere nearer this season even with THE KING in charge .

  2. No offense, but let’s forget about “the perch.” Who cares? Winners (and we are winners) don’t worry about that crap. The sooner we go out and just win the better. And really, who cares about the Manc scum? The more articles I read about this the more I think we’ve become as obsessed with them as they are with us, and last time I checked we are far better.

    1. Preach on brothaman! I was about to post the same idea. We can see who’s better when we get out there and spank those clowns around the pitch. No numbers needed, LFC>MUFC

  3. After 2005, I think you are on dodgy ground with the whole “luck” thing…

    But yes, we have not quite been knocked off that perch yet.

  4. Come on man. They have won the title matters 11/12 times since we won the last one. We have to win back the 19th at least, before they go for 20th. However, with Sir Alex retiring soon & Glazer’s debt servicing going higher, we should once again overtake them to 20th title.

    For the time being, imagine with this squad, they won the EPL by 9 points & 2 games in hand, lost to the historically best ever team at CL final, & went to last 4 of the 2 domestic KO competitions. They know how to win things.

  5. A theoretical question to all LFC fans.

    You know when you’re trawling the internet looking for articles about your beloved LFC and you come across something interesting only to find that the comments are filled with man u & everton fans seemingly more obsessed with our club than their own?

    Don’t be like those sad fans. Support your own club and stop being so obsessed with what United have/haven’t done.

    Unfortunately the horse has already bolted as far as Empire of the Kop is concerned, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow their example.

  6. Don’t go there, we are Liverpool FC we don’t care about anyone least of all United. We are starting to sound like they have for the last 20 years OBSESSED by LFC….” Are you watching Merseyside (forever being whispered on the Stretford End)???” well we certainly were on the 28th May!!! Concentrate on supporting the Mighty Reds…… YNWA

  7. We shouldn’t worry about holding onto history, they’ve won 19 & we have to live with that but instead of holding onto past glories let’s rebuild our club, trust Kenny, FSG & well be back there sooner rather than later.

  8. get real would you…..lfc were good at winning titles back when it was a fag and an orange at half time as for their euro cup record that should be discounted too as it was far too easy to win back in the day
    so by my thinking its 12 prem titles and two champions leauge v’s a big fat 0 prem titles and one very lucky champs leauge victory
    as for your second rate manager he will have bottled it by christmas and you will be out of the reckoning hopefully getting relegated in the process
    happy times ahead for manu 20-4 by the end of the next season

    1. First of all, no European title is ever ‘far too easy’ to win.
      Second, we got to the champions league final in both 2005 and 2007, wouldn’t call that luck?
      A second rate manager is a laughable comment.
      We’re going in a better direction than Man U in my opinion, you’ve got an ageing squad and an utterly wank midfield.
      Oh and we battered you in our last meeting.
      And if you honestly think you’re gonna win the league and Champion League next season you’re retarded. You got fucked by Barca in the final and you’ll get fucked by them next time you meet them.
      Thanks mate.

  9. To hell with the Banana Republic of Manure Empire, lets look forward to next season hopefully beating the lesser teams in the process and mounting a serious challenge to win the league.
    LFC WILL rule again

  10. Why are there so many articles about man united?!! Is this not an lfc website?

    Getting worse than them now. All they do is sing about us but you guys always go on about them for some reason.

    To the first comment. Why moan about transfers? Would you prefer to go back to selling great players and replacing them with rubbish? Or having to sell to buy? Or looking to make a profit in transfer Market?

    Though not.

    Kenny is building a SQUAD that can compete not only not but for years to come. The international transfer window hasn’t even opened yet and some peole are commenting as if it is already over!

  11. Agree with what people have been commenting. Simply said, we’ve not held on to our perch and to use Europe is a lame excuse and an insult to the people who unraveled the famous banner many years ago. They would have never thought that we won’t win anything since ’94! I hate it when people focus their pride by expressing their hatred for ManUtd. I’m Liverpool to the bone, but let us respect whoever has won whatever. What if Barcelona would have lost? I’d say congratulations to whoever won but more importantly, I wouldn’t have cared much because my team wasn’t playing. ManUtd made a living for decades hating LFC and let’s not be like them.

    Here’s another argument, we told them to come back when they’re 18. Now they have 18+. Why do we need to hide behind the fact that we have 5 European Cups too. That wasn’t a part of the initial challenge.

    Let go of it. We’re not our perch. And it’s not now. We haven’t been there for quite some time.

    Be proud of who you are. Don’t need silly mathematical arguments to prove we’re better than anyone or for any sense of vanity. We’re still better than anyone else.

  12. 43 v 39 when you add up all major honours so still a little bit to go! PL 18v19, FAC 7v11 League Cup 7v4 European Cup 5v3, Uefa Cup 3v1, European Super Cup 3v1 !!!!!

  13. …..before people jump in I am also of the opinion that we should resort to adding up this and that to prove we are better, but nobody can argue with FACTS, and thatwe are talking FACTS ha ha sorry couldnt help it! Just being a Red feels better in itself!

  14. I watched the final in a pub surrounded by mancs who from the very start were singing anti scouse songs (the same ones you hear week in week out in the prem). As Liverpool fans I like to think that we’re better than this, we only sing songs about them when they’re in town. As much as we dislike them I think our love for our club massively outweighs our hatred of thiers. We’re in danger of becoming obsessed with their achievments and forgetting that we can once again rule the roost. So fuck Man Utd, concentrate on supporting Liverpool because if you don’t you’ll end up like one of them.

  15. Dude, this article is a marketing gimmick! Why is everyone getting so bothered about it, ignore!

  16. People like you make me understand why redcafe (manu forum) have a dedicated thread to make joke about us.

  17. Sometimes i wonder why these guest writers even dare to post such nonsense. I mean seriously, do u really think that what u r writing is that interesting? if I wrote a piece of shit like that i’d most definitely keep it to myself, rather than post it up for the whole world to see. I hope Mr. Antoine doesn’t make u a regular on here.

    18+5 > 19+3

    who gives a rats ass anyways? and who said the above equation was the right one to say who is better? if u asked me it is obvious that the scum have been way more successful than us…its something u gotta accept, not find lame reasons to argue that we’re still up there…geez. we’re up there cuz our past did us proud, not our present.

    let it go already. we are LFC and we will soon prevail!!!

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