Liverpool’s 3rd kit, how it should look like

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Thanks to @theJBs for submitting this on what the LFC kit should look like I am sure many will like this :-)


  1. cant wait to get rid of adidas, i have had enough of their kits now, at least with warrior we wil be the only one with the kit, and our new independant identity too! happy days and cant wait to get away from the adidas stuff, chelsea and many other have adidas, lets go on our own.

    buy the way no matter what kits you produce, you have to have quality players wearing our kits, or they will be no revenue at all.

    better players sell the kits and better players bring in the fans, so unless we are ready to go after the better players, then i dont care what kit we put out their? to to get a move on me thinks…..

    1. Well!…when we were using UMBRO and CROWN PAINTS were were the only ones I believe and we use to win every damn trophy almost year after year!….let the good times roll again

  2. Much more like it. Adidas and the Club wan’t shagging for what they have brought out. Blue = shite across the park.

  3. Excellent mock up.

    I liked the kit when I initially saw it, and still do, but this mock up is really what it should look like.

    Chances of convincing those decision makers who can make a difference…?

  4. No problem with the black we have enough to mourn for to justify that but the badge should be red. I don’t have a problem with the blue (cyan apparnetly) but its not our club colour by any means. They were trying to say it goes back to before we separated pre 1892 but unless they are trying to merge the clubs it doesn’t belong. I never liked the grey kit either but at least our players could see each other in it, must have been a different shade of grey :-)

  5. when I saw the blue strip kit for the first time, I couldn’t believe it! It doesn’t show the spirit of lfc, reds fire!! commercial indeed :(

  6. In my opinion sometimes change is good. Before you all start slating the color blue, I will give you all a little history lesion of LFC.

    After the club were formed back in 1892 after the famous rent row at Anfield with Everton the club came into existence wearing a blue and white halved shirt similar to what you see today at Blackburn Rovers. The kit was made to make some distinction between themselves and Everton who were playing in various strips including Salmon Pink or Ruby Red. Just inside the 1900s the two clubs switched to their more commonly known kits. Everton returned to their original colours of blue and white whilst Liverpool switched to a red kit. It was during Bill Shankly’s days though that the kit of today was born. He decided that the players would look even bigger and more importantly more intimidating to the opposition if the players changed their shorts to all red ones.

    1. Danny go tell the history to those glory chasers….we here are already well proud of our history

    2. Yeah cheers Danny lad. Much appreciated that cut and paste job. However, you said it there, it used to be like Blackburn’s. If they made a kit like theirs, then fair play. But its not. Its just a bit of poncy cyan trim. This year is our 119th as a footy club. Not like that is a big milestone to go reminiscing about now is it. The 2012-13 season on the other hand…

      We left blue behind, just like we left Everton behind. The real reason it’s blue? Standard Charterd wanted it blue. Same reason we playin in green under Carlsberg.

      Fair play to them. They’re paying for it. Still, doesn’t mean it’s right.

  7. Agreed! Much much better!

    Although, one further change – maybe change the black stripe to a grey one?

    Then it will really resemble the 80s tracksuit!

    Seriously I think u should get them to change it to this!

  8. Don’t worry guys since where not in Europe we only have to see our boys wear this shirt atleast 5 times this season to the usual around 10 times……YNWA

  9. Could someone do this:
    Reproduce the monogram in original (in red and dull green)
    Replace the black stripe with that dull green

  10. It just looks right, I can’t believe the blue highlights, I’ve turned my nose up at boots cause they had blue on, now my reds kit will have blue?

  11. Now I would buy that kit, one thing I don’t understand is why Gerrard or Carra didn’t point out the error at the photo shoot.

    I am suprised were having a 3rd kit at all this season, I can’t see any need for it. How many teams are gonna clash with Red and Black its not as if we’ll be playing AC Milan.

  12. At least our strips are gettin a little more stylish last season away was awful

  13. So all of you that dont like Liverpool in White and Blue didnt support the club between 2000 and 2003.

    All kits in that period had a darker blue. The 2001/02 away shirt was not fair off Evertons darkest ever shirts.

    Wind your necks in its an away shirt.

    If our title winning game is us beating United at OT in this kit your moaning will shut up pretty fast as you all kiss the badge.

    grow up its a kit.

  14. is this going to be the last season we have with adidas? i heard its one more season, which will mean our home kit will be for one season not the usual 2 because of the manufacturers changing

  15. In fairness black and red has been used in enough Liverpool merchandise for it to not be considered ‘manc’ to use black. Last season’s away kit used black and red and most of the training gear was black with red and white… Its never been blue though… well, not in nearly 120 years….

  16. ok, questions to be asked of this; when are the lads ever going to wear it? we have a black away kit, no team in the prem has a black home shirt, and we aren’t in europe… why do we even need a “3rd kit” at all this season? the trouble is that standard chartered have blue and white as their traditional corporate colours, and so it makes sense for them to have our reds decked out in their corporate colours on our forthcoming tour of asia… however if the club’s website offered us all the exclusive opportunity to buy the “official replica shirt of our lucrative tour of asia”, I don’t think they’d sell too many…

  17. Those are also United colours, don’t you think? I like the 3rd kit, despite the blue. This is ONLY the 3rd kit, so wat’s the turmoil about anyway …

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