Why hate the sponsors?

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The new third kit it out. The new third kit is not well received. Most of us hate the blue in the design. And, most of us think the sponsors are to be ‘blamed’ for this!

As fans, we have the bloody right to say almost everything we feel. But I don’t understand the venom against sponsors. I mean, those guys give our club the money, loads of it. We haven’t won much in the last few years and paid thru our noses for the debt that those two idiots brought on our club. It it hadn’t been for our sponsors, I would shiver to think where we would be. Let me summarize that scenario with this: if Standard Chartered hadn’t been our sponsors, Fernando Torres might have been sold in the summer and that £50m wouldn’t have been reinvested to buy the likes of Carroll but to service the debts of Kop Holdings. Standard Chartered pays us ~£20m a year as against ~£7.5m paid by Carlsberg in 2009-10 (figures approximate and based on internet reports). For £20m if someone wants to inspire the colors of the third kit, I say – so be it.

With that in mind, if I were Standard Chartered, wouldn’t I want my logo to have a green ‘C’ instead of a part grey one? I would absolutely love if one of the adidas’ three stripes were green, may be the centre one.

LFC say that the kit is not dictated by SC and that it has taken the color cues from the first kit and design from the 80s. In that case, I would have preferred a kit that was identical to the one worn in 1890s. A blue and a white half would have left no reason to doubt the color cues.

Finally, do I like the kit? No. It’s a lost-in-translation kind of a kit. Looks partially like the Real Madrid kit. Usually the whites and blacks look nice on a kit, but this one doesn’t. There’s a distinct lack of design. Moreover, the kit of a club should represent atleast some of the club’s identity. This doesn’t. If it had to be blue, they should have done the whole thing by having blue and white halves. If they wanted white in majority, they should have had some red or simply used 2010/11’s away kit as next years’ third.

If this kit is only going to be worn two or three times (or may be a couple more since you can wear a third kit to an away game even if the away kit doesn’t clash), I think £45 (plus customization, plus shipping) for a third kit is not going to help its popularity at all.

Whatever you feel about the kit, I don’t think it’s alright to ‘hate’ the sponsors for it…


  1. Nobody is criticising the sponsors just the designers and makers. the stripes could have been red and the sponsors badge could have been as it is but the wording in red or black.

    When sponsors come on board they don’t dictate the shirt colours.

    1. Agree Bill. They don’t dictate colors, and I guess they haven’t done that here either. All I’m saying is that they are sponsors and need some respect and less harshness. You should see how everyone in the twitter world is blaming them for the color.

  2. The new kit is actually a tribute to our first kits when we played in blue and white. I’ll be buying it

  3. I´m argentinian.I think that the home t-shirt must be red with the stripes in white, and the away t-shirt, white with the stripes in red.
    The sponsor (Adidas) is the best. They do the best t-shirts.

  4. I can’t believe all the fuss over the kit. For one, there is actually a historic link as there was blue in our original kit, secondly it is not the same blue as Everton’s kit, and last but not least it is our THIRD choice strip. Calm down everyone!

    1. totally agree!
      Cyan is a shade of blue as pink (for Everton’s away kit last year) is a shade of red!
      Im pretty sure they didnt make half as much fuss! (what are we worried about Everton for anyway?? Yeah i hate them but their a pest rather than a threat!)

      Not really worth loosing sleep over considering what was happening this time last year with dumb and dumber in charge.

      People saying they’d rather have red on there instead of the blue… so youd rather us have a kit with the colours red, black and white… yeah ok, if people dont like that one im sure United can adapt it for their away shirt next season!

      BTW good point about the sponsors.

  5. I’ve been wanting a throwback to the original kit for years
    I love retro jerseys and I wish we as a club used them more often

    Standard chartered can do whatever they like for the 20m, so can warrior when they start making the kits as let’s face it, the 45m they will be paying in is nearly equal to the 50 odd off sky and they dictate when we play! So for 45 they can pick what we wear too,

    I love liverpool but I think we have to accept that as fans we aint got the power we had before sky/shirt sponsors

  6. Personally, i support Liverpool FC. Not the colour red, i’ve bought grey, black, yellow, green and white kits before. If you dont like the colour then thats fair enough, you can still buy the home or away kits. the away kits and 3rd kits change every season where as the home kit changes every other season. So if you want value for money the home kit is always the best choice!
    I dont agree totally with @JB’s black and red kit, that has a bit too much of a ‘scum’ look to it if u ask me!

  7. @adam well said mate, its not even that bad..if it were a home kit I’d understand the complaint but its not even away! It’s third, we’d rarely wear it but like I say its not bad.

  8. I’m not hating, nor criticizing, nor blaming the sponsors. And most comments I’ve seen are blaming Adidas. But anyone who looks at that kit and looks at the sponsor’s logo can see the resemblance. I don’t have a problem with that. As a business student, I’ve had enough marketing classes to understand and notice branding. Sponsors deserve to have some brand recognition thrown their way. Wasn’t there a Carlsberg kit which was very, very green? I will never believe that the color was not intentionally alluding to the sponsor’s brand.

    I do wish they had incorporated more red into the scheme. But overall the jersey is nice. For me the appalling style issue is pairing the white shirt with the white shorts and white socks. But I am not a customer who would purchase a full kit anyway.

  9. adidas has been dropped as our kit maker and i for one am happy, its a nice kit but they obviously dont know the liverpool way – it’s red

  10. My God we really can find some stuff to whinge about.We get rid of waldorf and statler, we dont hear so much nonsense from jamie kanwar, the King has returned and so has the feel good factor,our players are smiling and making very positive statements,and WE find fault with ” the 3rd strip”……. DON’T LIKE IT – DONT BUY IT………… Y.N.W.A. JFT 96

  11. Get over the blue (cyan) folks its actually a great looking away kit – yes away kit usually one where red doednt feature!

    Its not Everton blue, chelsea blue it cyan blue and only a small area. Great kit!!!!

    P.s. Totally agree support the sponsors and we need to wake up a little as fans and stop throwing the rattle out of the pram – we got rid of H&G – I can live with a cyan stripe for that !!!!

  12. Hi,
    I am a designer and I love the kit.
    I like it for Liverpool to be honest and am a firm beliver that bringing fresh things to a club is a great idea. lets be honest if its the kit that Liverpool lift the league trophy in we will love it forever.

    On the idea of tradition. Liverpool in the glory days were at the spearhead of everything. They were the first club to were red (not that long ago), They were the first club with a sponsor on the front of the kit. The trouble of this is that once we were out of the glorydays those things became a tradition, and in some cases didnt help.

    But that is all personal opinion.

    On the kit, as a designer your job is to create a various designs which get whitled down to a few for a pitch. Now to be honest the blue would have been a cause for concern and would have been discussed. Confident move, well I think so, except for the way they are describing it as cyan. The cyan seems to me to be an attempt to bullet dodge and therefore undermines the cyan/old kit reference, (especially when describing the old kit as blue/white) and therefore takes the sincerity out of the ‘pitch’ if you like to us. A dog is a dog.

    Now heres the second problem, I for one like the kit. I think its great and would love to wear it. will I? no. why? Because I will be walking through Liverpool and think, everybody thinks im a knob haha, and that I feel is a serious point.

    No apologies for shite spelling and grammar.

  13. We hated the grey, the yellow and the green a nice looking shirt with an historic link in my view better than evertons pink anyday!!! When we look back we ll fondly remember it n laugh but more importantly well have a liverbird on our chests YNWA

  14. For another team it would be ok, but for me it doesn’t really say ‘LFC’ and I guess that’s what the main criticism is. But, as others here have said, it’s a personal choice and if you don’t like then don’t buy…after all, that’s what 3rd kits are; licence to make money and if people buy it and swell the coffers then fine (as long as the cash is invested in players of course!)

  15. You are clueless. You think its ok that we can be made to wear a blue kit because some greedy company wants to make their rich shareholders a little bit richer?

    1. Er, replica kIt’s are a huge revenue stream for the club, and even though Adidas have got this one badly wrong, it still contributes to our turnover. If it makes LFC richer then I don’t see what the problem is. It’s only for one season mate, and will hardly be worn. Jog on

  16. The kit will barely be worn. We would have to play against a team wearing red and black to warrant wearing it, unfortunately we aren’t in the Champions League playing Milan so I can’t see that happening.

    It will be worn on our tour of Asia and that will be all.

  17. it looks like the marseille French kit, I always liked that cyan colour. it reminds me of the sky with white clouds……but seriously, pool fans I plea with you. stop complaining about a colour. we have a huge , exciting new season ahead, players to buy, league titles to collect, glorious European nights…I guess its a good sign, after the nightmare of owl face, and hicks Gillette mess, our only worry is the colour of the THIRD stripe….good times ahead I hope. I’ve not bought a jersey in years….needed to lose the belly first!!!! but I think the long sleeve might look cool. I think everyone should judge it in the shops, it might look good then, I wouldn’t trust gerrard as a good model, but I would his wife!!

  18. Just let’s clear issue up about LFC wearing blue originally! That was a kit left behind by the blue nose shite when they were evicted. We should never wear blue in our kit under any circumstances – it’s not about it looking ‘nice’ or sponsors or anything other than that is the colour our bitterest rivals wear. Red defines our team like blue defines theirs – let’s keep it that way!!

    1. That is childish we call them bitter but things like the above shows that we are no better than them. So dow e not wear red as we don’t like mancs.
      I hope fans don’t define a club then, because if we act like this over a colour then this is a sad day for Liverpool supporters.

    2. Sorry mate but we have wore blue in a kit, in fact we won an FA cup in a kit that had gold and MORE BLUE in it than this 3rd kit. So kits with blue… green and BLUE.. 1999-2000 away, gold and BLUE 2000-2001 away kit the lucky FA Cup winning one!

  19. Will, i think is a break thru for the Reds. No problem with the Jersey. It’s not bad to look at all. Looks fresh & clean when the players wear it.

  20. What a lot of fuss about nothing. Charted Standard, job done on a P.R. stunt well done. I can’t believe this has got as much press as it has. I just wish there was more blue in the strip so we could actually label ‘this’ a story. FFS….

  21. As a fairly “new” Liverpool supporter, I see good things in the 3rd kit. We are a club based around our impressive history. This kit isn’t going to take away from our current red tradition, but it is meant to pay tribute to our founders. I like the idea because without our founders and their decisions, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Let’s support our history and support our club.

    1. Well said mate. For a club so rich in history, let’s not ditch an important part of our history just because a sad club next door wears the same color. Nonetheless, in that case, I would have liked the kit to be more like the first one instead of just having some blue trim.

  22. It’s not a case of hating the sponsor’s, it’s a concern about their influence on LFC and their approach to fans through this sponsorship deal. The Asia Tour is a good example, were they are trying to bully fans into obtaining a SCB Credit Card, if they wanted to buy tickets. That’s exploiting fans! And that’s not the first campaign this year they have done that! Anyway, SCB’s approach to fans in Asia is not ethical and they would not dare to try that in the UK. It does not mean I hate them, but I am very concerned about the way they are conducting business and their increasing influence on how LFC do things. Previous sponsors did not act this way!

    I also disagree with your point that we should be grateful that we have them since we haven’t won anything recently and they helped pay our debt. SCB are with LFC because we are a global brand, and that gives them huge exposure. Had we not signed with SCB, we would have had someone else. In fact, the second bidder was offering more money than SCB, but LFC felt SCB was a better fit.

    And yes, the new kit does look ever so SCB too. Just a coincidence I guess?

    1. Great to see you on my blog Steve. I read on your website about the SCB criterion of having a SC credit card for getting the ticket to the Asian tour. That’s unfortunate. Sometime back some Standard Chartered also expressed the desire that they want to see Asian players in the team. That ‘desire’ is all well provided they don’t speak about it in public and it seemed like they wanted to score some points with the Asian customer base. SC has been little immature in those two incidents.
      Well, of course, the sponsors and the sponsored see a mutual benefit in the association. Not implying that the sponsors are doing charity. But still, they are associates and I’m just hoping that there’s a mutual feeling of respect between the sponsors and the fans.

  23. The third kit looks very good indeed and the blue is a nice addition.

    Seems to me that a large number of my fellow red supporters have bought into the media stirred hype and started making a fuss for no reason. That’s what happens when you have complete moronic inbreds trying to read newspapers. FFS get over it, quit whinging for the sake of it and try to be appear less idiotic.

  24. Who cares what the colour is? for that matter RED is also the colour for Man Utd, seems extremely stupid to argue about a little blue in a 3rd away kit..As long as its not Barcelonas florescent yellow or pink then go for it.

  25. In answer to your question “Why hate the sponsors” its clear some people can generate hatred over just about anything. I must admit I find this whole thing quite stupid, have we forgotten the emotions of the past two years, bitching, whinging, conflict, venom, division, anger, disappointment, frustration and bitterness etc …. And now we want to go to war over this ….lets get real, you like the outfit GREAT, you don’t like it that’s also fine but lets not get our knickers in a knot of this.

  26. To be honest I’m not bothered. We’re never going to wear the third kit. Last season we only wore it against teams with White and red in their home kits but now we’ll just wear our black away kit so really this third kit is just a waste

  27. A load of our fans are sounding like the bitter blues. Do we complain that our home kit is red the same as manure! I think fans need to really look at themselves if they get annoyed over a colour on a strip. It’s childish and they need to grow up.
    I think it looks nice and the colour is irrelevant. I always thought our fans are above that kind of behaviour, maybe not.

  28. The kit looks fine. I don’t understand everyone’s problem. I like the white on white. The cyan is good as well. IT IS NOT BLUE YOU MORONS. The historical color is enough for me. Why the hell does it have to be the same exact design as before?

  29. The first kits were blue, but back in them days we were also called Everton. Thats why Everton now wear blue. It’s a poor choice of colour, why couldn’t the blue be red or something less controversial. I don’t for one minute think the sponsors are to blame though and if we lift a trophy in that kit I couldn’t care less. YNWA

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