Will you buy the new away (3rd) kit? [poll]

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The blue colour in the new away kit has ruffled some feathers of many LFC supporters (including myself). Will you spend your money to buy the replica shirt?


  1. Thing is, it is actually quite a nice kit. Just not for Liverpool. I understand it’s to pay homage to the original kit, but seeing as we’re on the edge of a new era with the King back at the helm, maybe a kit honouring our glory days would have better?

  2. its nice but kits are to expensive so i can’t afford to buy it .. Liverpool did used to play in blue an white squares



  4. I like it, why are people complaining its not red! its a third kit ffs! I used to have our old white shirt but had that traitors name on the back so had to send it to Africa. will be getting this one with (hopefully) Mata’s name on the back!

  5. do you wonder why…
    first song that will be sung at us…

    blue and white s***

    massive disaster, you have made us the laughing stock of the league in my and many others eyes, looks like money talks, this is the colour of the sposnor is it not??

  6. This cheapens the traditions of the club. Yes we had blue in our kit in 1892 but we abandoned it and all links with Everton. I suppose it will be a hit with daytrippers and Sky ‘fans’.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more m8, it sickens me. Would BARCA wear White? Would Celtic wear blue? Would everton wear red. Point proven!!

  7. So now it seems there are parts of our history we like to crow about,yet other parts we can dismiss for childish reasons(because it incorporates the colour blue).The “blue” in question is better known as “cyan blue” equates to “OUR” first shirts worn in 1892. Unfortunately some confuse this shade of blue with the Royal Blue worn by our near neighbours,and throw the toys out of the pram in a bit of a strop.”Our history is our history” don’t knock it,we are Liverpool FC………. Y.N.W.A. JFT 96

  8. What a bunch of little women, ouhhhhhhhh ouhhhh theres a hint of blue, ridiculous, its just a fucking strip.

  9. how are we the laughing stock of the league?? it’s a fecking shirt with a bit of blue thrown in. Did you not celebrate the cup finals of 2001 because the kit had dark blue (closer to everton) in it????

    some of you idiots need to get a grip and sense of reality. if you dont like it dont buy it. if you’re aiming to be the greatest liverpool fan ever, dont buy it. simple. to think we’ll be the laughing stock is ridiculous!! are man city the laughing stock because they have red in their away kit? no. knob heads.

  10. Why do we even need a third kit?
    No europe, no other teams have home kits which are red and grey?
    So why do we even Need it?
    The only reasob would be if our second kit clashes with the officials. This would only happen like once a season anyway. Referees in the league can wear blue or yellow anyway, SO WHY DO WE NEED ONE THIS SEASON?
    and the kit is terrible to boot.

  11. Wont be buying it for my lad, personally I think it looks cheap. All down to choice I suppose?

  12. i don´t know why , but i like the color a lot! i know we a the red´s and the other stuff, but thats just something different and something fresh! I will buy this Shirt defenetly.
    Not the color on the shirt shows you for what your heart is beating, is the picture of the liverpoolbird !

  13. I’ll buy both the away & 3rd kit.. It has blue on it, so why? The LFC crest still on it right? So it’s still Liverpool

  14. Why do we need a shirt to commemorate our first kit of 1892? Its not like its a proper anniversary or anything of our formation.
    Is it the sponsors colours?
    But when and how often will we wear it?
    I won’t be buying it, though it does look nice.
    The only thing of blue I buy is toilet paper to wipe my arse on.

  15. Nah, I don’t buy that whole ‘Kit we played in in 1892… or whenever’. That Just seems like a tagged on excuse to me.

    What seems more likely is that it’s Standard Charterd’s colours… If that is the reason, then fair play. They’re paying for it.

    After a whole day of looking at it, I do like it.
    It’s smart and crisp. Looks good. However, no. It’s blue.

    I remember the outrage when the ’96 away shirt was printed in the Echo, the green and white squares one (beautiful kit!), and there was outrage over that because the poor quality of the photo and/or the ink used to print the paper made it look a little blue.

    Just buy the red one. Lasts 3 years and doesn’t look as dated as the away shirts do!

  16. If it’s to pay homage to the original kit, then why isn’t it anything like it? Reason is, it’s to pay homage to Standard Charter, being as it’s their corporate colour. Fair enough being as they are the clubs sponsors but please don’t mug us off with tales of previous kits! Absolute tosh. As for buying it, hopefully not but then that will depend upon the wish list of an 8 year old!

  17. I have no problem with blue although I prefer Red, but I can’t justify a third kit even if we were in Europe, makes so sense as a fan, I will never buy a third kit.

    Ps it’s fucking ugly as shit, would suit Chelsea or Evertoes down to the ground.

  18. Regardless of what statement it is trying to make, regardless of what tone of colour you want to label it with this is still fucking blue. We are the mighty reds, not the blue and white shite. What a load of bollox

  19. Are you all forgetting the older and far more “blue” kits of the last few years. 01/02 had much more blue and that shade was closer to EFC blue.

    Wind your necks in its a 3rd kit and will probably be worn 4 times tops.

    Also who gives a flip what the kits like if we when every game in it 4 nil. Its the players and support that matters more than the kit.

    If we lift the title in this kit at old trafford how many of you will still be whining like little girls.

    Its a 3rd choice kit and we have worn blue many times before.

      1. Our 2nd shirt in the 2001/02 season was White shirt LARGE dark blue panneling on the sides and blue shorts.

        Also FA cup final when we beat arsenal, We had blue on our shirts and shorts.

  20. man u play in blue so do arsenal but the sky blue will wind the mancs up it will look good on the tarts

  21. I like the kit, and I am aware that it is to honour the original kit some 120 years ago.

    Wearing this at home I could be mistaken for a blue nose, thats my prob.

  22. Surely the club has got to listen to the fan’s on this one and retract this kit.

    The newly formed supporters committee need to pipe up.

  23. i prefer the black away kit. this one is less impressive. anyway, i don’t see liverpool having many chances to wear this kit.

  24. actually if you replace the ‘cyan’ notice they don’t call it blue, they could remedy the situation quite simply. As a person who has spent close to 3 decades in advertising and branding, colours do and will play a crucial part of creating a relationship with a brand like RED is LIVERPOOL. And a white with red and black accents will make quite a handsome 3rd kit.

  25. Why would they want to pay homage to our first kit? we only had our first kit because Everton left it behind when they left Anfield, yes OUR first kit was Evertons last kit at Anfield!

    So forget that “excuse”, this kit was designed for our new sponsors with standard chartered colours.

    Never buy it

  26. What is everyones problem with this kit?? Its got a bit of feking blue on it. Its not everton blue so who gives a fuck! Its one of the nicest kits of the past few years. Im going to buy it because it is nice and I want to prove a point that it isnt all fans who wont wear blue. I mean come on! I bet you will happily wear a royal blue t shirt. But when a liverpool shirt has a cyan colour on it… nooo… that’s too far. Its nice. Its new. Its different.

  27. Its the 3rd kit, not the home kit. I dont see you complaining about having a black away shirt when we are “the mighty REDS” the idea of 3 shirts is to have different colours. It has a few feking stripes of blue, if it was bright fucking blue, then fair enough, but come on! Be serious mate!

  28. Yeah. I don’t see the big deal either. I like the kit. It looks nice. It’s just a 3rd kit that we’ll probably only wear once all year given we don’t play in Europe. I’d buy it!

  29. The name on the front is far more worthy than the stupid colors you guys talk about. A true LFC fan would buy it.

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