Marveaux No Longer An Option

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Sylvain Marveaux no longer an option after has revealed that Marveaux has failed his medical that would allow him to join LFC within the next couple of days. The attacking midfielder failed his medical due to groin problems suffered in a match against the French club Brest last November. Marveaux has not played since. After news of the failed medical, he has now become a free agent. Marveaux was supposed to come in as a free transfer and another

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  1. surely the club doesnt want to add another name to the list of injury prone players which includes aurelio, agger. Cole. It is a good decision. Rather have someone who is available all the time than a sicknote.

  2. I think it might be for the best, his injury record taken into consideration. Although this is probably not a good thing for the possible Stuart Downing deal, as Aston Villa now probably think they can get more money.

  3. Not sure I quite get it. How can he fail a medical when players like aqua and carroll can pass whilst injured?

  4. Good Buisness from Liverpool, maybe we have learnt from the Aquilani deal.
    You wouldnt buy a car that failed its MOT!!

  5. Liverpool should be well accustomed to a player with a groin injury & the length of time it takes to fully heal. So it doesn’t surprise me that he may or may not have passed the medical ( all that depends on who you believe, some saying it was a dispute over wages while others are saying he failed the medical ). But whatever the truth maybe let us regroup and move on to the next target! YNWA.

  6. Ha. According to Sky he has signed with the geordies. Apparently N’castle’s medical is a little less stringent.. Something funny certainly happened. It could be wages or it could be that his injuries worried us more than the Toon. Oh well, just means we will need to find some others for wide men. At least we will get to see what this guy is capable of in the prem and we can judge our decision to pass on him at the end of the season. NEXT!

  7. The non-signing of Marveaux leaves me indifferent. Fact is, if the lad was a no-go medically, howcome Newcastle snatched him us a couple of days later? Are they that desperate???

  8. how the fuck dyou fail a medical after signing aqualani and carroll injured what is a medical for, then passes one same day for toon absolute fuckin joke something stinks doesn,t make sense

  9. A player that makes daniel agger look like a 38 games a season player. his injury record is woefull and that is in the calm surroundings of the french league, can you imagine how he will hold up in the prem?? I think newcastle will be luck to get 10-15 games out of him next season

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