The Daily Antoine: 28th June 2011 – Liverpool F.C. News update

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For the 100,000,000th time Pepe Reina has denied he will leave more…

(Enough of the rumours)

He did however predict De Gea will be a success at United more…
(Don’t say that Pepe)


Doni didn’t join us because of the wages more…
(Oh well)

Shelvey and Darby could be sold to make way for Wickham joining more…
(Would hate to see Jonjo go, he shows a lot of promise)


However reports suggest that he might be headed to Sunderland more…
(Suddenly Sunderland have the money to splash thanks to us buying Henderson)


Ryad Boudabouz is being linked again more…
(I think he was linked last Summer)


Diego would love to move to the EPL more…
(Let’s get him)


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  1. DONI ye lets have a teamfull of central midfielders and not one decent winger FFS mata or forget the title for another season .

  2. Why are people obsessed with Mata?
    Why take a risk on a 20 year old when you know that for the same amount of money you can buy a consistent average performer who will chip in with the goods. We dont need 11 players to be creative, that would just result in fancy football with no results!
    8 solid performers with 3 who with their creativity can change the game.. Is all that we need! Buying British will definitely help… There will be no headaches to the manager while choosing the team… this would mean one less variable to think about while planning for the match ahead…
    Let the fellows do their work… I am sure they know what they are doing.

  3. Let’s just hope that Kenny has some aces up his sleeve so our transfer market kickstarts again. Hopefully, things will pick up speed once KD is back off his jollies.
    No doubt we are paying the penalty for 2years out of the C.L. but LFC should be a global magnet for the world’s best players.
    We need pace in the team as well as width. The shite up the road are leaving us behind at the moment, and with no evidence of slowing down.
    C’mon, LFC! Get your running shoes on please!

  4. I heard Shelvey was going loan to blackpool as a sweetener for Adam. In my opinion he is the brightest talent we have, selling him would be stupidity.

  5. i don’t get why we’re buying midfielders, especially centres. what we need are Left back, the wings and a good backup striker.

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