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This transfer window is verging on the secretive with
regards to Liverpool Football Club and as frustrating as it may seem, the twist
is now more on the intriguing rather than disappointment.

The Reds were first off the starting blocks with what proved
to be a surprising, and perhaps curiously expensive move for Jordan Henderson!
Hands up those who ever imagined a month earlier the Reds would bring in this
talent from Sunderland? In the space of a couple of weeks, our fiercest rivals,
Man Utd, left us in their wake with the triple signing of Jones, Young and De
Gea (pronounced De Hea), the first too apparently being on the Reds acquisition
radar as well, taking SAF’s spending to Stg 50 from the word go.

We now seem to have taken a low-profile stance and
even though the media continues to link us with an astounding line up of
candidates, these have not been corroborated by the Club or the people that
represent it. Best stance here is to read, smile, and let the water flow under
the bridge.

What we know for sure is that the Reds seem intent taking
the age of 25 as the benchmark; making exceptions only for proven talent such
as Downing (should this story have any truth in it after all). We also know
that players that seemed on the verge of leaving (or being shown the door) are
not generating the necessary interest from other Clubs. There is no doubt that
one of FSG’s priorities is to drastically reduce the annual wage bill but on
the other hand, no player will accept a pay-cut unless there is a proposition they
can’t absolutely refuse. The situation is still very much works-in-progress.

With Aquilani mooted to return back to Anfield, and weird
rumours of Mireilles being sold to Inter or Juventus , for the time being, I am
just glad that Reina is staying, that Gerrard will be starting the season, and
that Carroll may be in top form from the word go.

Players will come and others will go, but I do suggest to
everyone to take the cool, calm and collected stance and avoid giving much
weight to the rumours and stories we are being asked to read day in day out.
Keep in mind that for the Reds to get a player it’s not just a question of
money: the player has to want to come and his club has to want to sell. As far
as players leaving, remember they have a contract and will only leave if
another club comes for them and they are willing to go to that club. All the
rest is pure speculation.


  1. bored stiff now, all the excitement of who we are going to sign has gone as have are interest in players as manure have left us in there wake

    1. Yeah, they’ve left us in their wake with signings like Young, don’t make me laugh.

      1. I was referring to making three signings for one, and not with regard to whom they signed. I do believe Young was a target for the Red so there is really nothing to laugh about, unless you’ve had a couple of extra pints.

        1. Whether or not he was a target for us, he’s not exactly a world class player nor would he excite me in the least if I was a manc, similar to downing not exciting me in the least either. Anyways its impossible to speculate on this kind of thing as you say, I was just taking issue with chris riles taking a defeatist attitude to it.

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