VIDEO : Charlie Adam arriving at Melwood

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  1. Excellent man-management skills. In this day and age, you’ll hardly find a manager who personally drive a player to the training ground for a medical. Well in KK.

    1. Agree totally, also impressed how Kenny had cheesy music arranged for him as he arrived too!

    2. Perfectly said Tundelbz, not even in college years of playing did this happen. YNWA!!!!!

    1. CL500. Wonder what Charlie drives? Or rather, drove. Probably not too many Bentleys in the Blackpool lot.

  2. Delighted the deal has been done. Really think this is a godd signing and one that will return a lot over the season. Reckon our new number 9 will enjoy getting on the end of Charlie’s crosses etc…

    Well done Kenny – now please sort out the left back position and the wings.

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