Time to free Gerrard

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What can you say about Steven Gerrard, I think it’s fair to say a legend of the club in his early 30’s. He guided us in Istanbul and he’s stuck by us through some very tough times. Mocked by opposing fans for his lack of Premier League titles and disputes over his needs to listen to the Beatles rather than Oasis in nightclubs, I still wouldn’t replace him with anyone.

After a season riddled with inconsistent form and injury, as well as years of holding the club up on his shoulders, I believe it’s time for Stevie G to reproduce some form of old. The squad that Kenny is building is strong, stronger that it’s been for some time, with individuals like Luis Suarez now in the first 11 the pressure for Gerrard to perform every game has been lifted slightly. A Liverpool team that was told up until Christmas last season that it was the worst Liverpool side for years showed that it was so much more than that.

As Gerrard looked on from the sidelines and saw the club bond and strive superbly under Kenny Dalglish he must have been salivating at the prospect of linking up with the likes of Carroll, Suarez, Lucas and Kuyt during a inform spell when they’re all firing terrifically.

I’d like to think I speak for many a Liverpool fan when I say that despite the fact we’ve 431 central midfielders at the moment our number 8 would still be the first name on the team sheet. He came under criticism while Roy Hodgson was at the helm but then so did many if not all, but he showed against a good Napoli side that when called upon he can make a difference, whether it be for 10 games in a row or a 45 minute half. A superb Anfield hat-trick showed a few doubters that he’s still got it.

Although we had Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano feeding Gerrard in recent memory he was always the one we looked to. Even when Fernando Torres was in world class form Gerrard would be the one we would rely on to make something special happen. I want you to cast your minds back to a game in 2005, I’m not sure how many of you will remember a certain night in Turkey. For everything that’s been said about that game the stand out moment for me was just after Gerrard scored the first of Liverpool’s 3 goals. He looked back at his red faithful in the stands and gestured uncontrollably that this game wasn’t over and it was that moment everyone else began to believe.

Of course it’s over 6 years since that day and Steven Gerrard is now an old man in a youthful Liverpool side but his influence can never be underestimated. He’s not a 40 game a season player anymore in my opinion and having that strength in midfield will give others a chance and mean he’ll prolong his career to it’s maximum potential.

We showed at the back end of the previous campaign that we’re good enough without Gerrard and since June we’ve added more strength in depth, so just think about a side with Steven Gerrard in the heart of it, pulling string after string, playing ball after ball, and scoring goal after goal, it’s an extremely satisfying prospect.


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  1. Think you’re right. Though, he is a legend, it’s time we lift a bit of pressure off of him. Not being disrespectful, but he isn’t the player he used to be. Time for change, let the younger players have a game like Spearing ( who was amazing towards the end of the 10/11 season ). As much as I love Gerrard, time to free him, like you say.

  2. I just hope he can get injury free for the first time in years, but I have my doubts. He does need to keep well clear of England games, we know they think nothing of him or he would have undoubtedly been captain permanently.

  3. I agree. Stevie G is the last of a dying breed. He comes from a time where players played for their team because it meant more than the money they earned. At the peak of his career he could have gone to any club in the world and earned obscene amounts of money and still be the manager’s first pick of midfield players, but he stayed at Liverpool. Loyalty is rare nowadays. Respect due.

  4. So what’s your point? Do you mean role wise on the pitch or we need to let him go? Not sure what you are getting @. I’m rather confused actually!

    1. agreed, don’t hear anything in this but recycled opinions. how does one write for this site, pick a number or something!! let’s just say in summary , the author thinks he is very very good and hopes he will still be verry very good next year. Horaah!!

  5. One of our Greatest players but we play better football without him in the team. Similar to David Platt with England who scored many goals, yet the team always looked more fluent without him in it as well. Gerrard is not a one-two touch player and can slow or break down moves by always holding the ball or trying to play a killer pass when a continuity ball would do. Bloody hell I sound like Paul scholes……

  6. Just saw whiskey nose slurring into a mic on their tour of the US that Scholes was in the top 4 midfielders in the world with xavi,iniesta + a.n.other!! Wise the f%*k up you dementia ridden ould b@£$%%d!! Stevie was,is and always will be a bertter player than the ginger gimp!!! When did scholes single handedly win a champ lge final or FA cup???? He was too busy missing the final cause of his piss poor tackling!! w@£$$er!! think stevie will play with Adam at home next season with both rotating to play with Lucas away.

    1. Spot on! It’s obvious to me that that drunken old sot is in the process of saying, “Good-bye” to the last few of his functioning brain cells. If Scholes ever even DREAMED that he was as good as Gerrard, upon awaking, he’d call Gerrard to apologize!! Fergie is f–ked up!!

      1. If Scholes ever even DREAMED that he was as good as Gerrard, upon awaking, he’d call Gerrard to apologize!

        Hilarious! ROFL!

  7. No one will ever be lik Stevie G!!! He is one of the most trustworthy players of the game with the likes of barezzi, del piero, maldini, etc and he never abandoned us during the darkest times in our history even when the likes of mcmannaman, owen, and torres left us. Long live Steve G

  8. I wish stevie could play for liverpool 4ever he is one of the best midfielders if not the best that liverpool have ever had!!
    when he goes it will be heartbreaking!

  9. Tribute to steven G during his haydays but he is still not dead very much alive most importantly is to lift the pressue oFf him on the long run its to the benefit of the club he can instill confidence and experience into the upcoming talents we have moreso those younger lads would look up to him as an inspiration..Long Live Steven G

  10. I stopped reading at “Time to free Gerrard”..
    Are you seriously kidding me?! How stupid can you possibly get if you seriously mean we should sell our best player?! I mean OK! He hasn’t played his best football of late, and he isn’t getting any younger, but WTF.. selling him is taking it too far. Stupid ass article!

    1. Did you read the article? This isn’t about selling him, it is about relieving some of the pressure off him. Read the article before commenting.

  11. Gerrard is one of the best midfielder at this moment. Hopefully he will win his first premier league medal with Liverpool soon rather than later. There is no doubt in any Liverpool fan in my opinion that would say Gerrard is past his best. I dont know what Kenny’s plans for Gerrard next season but I bet attacking midfield or either wing as part of first team whenever he is fit for selection. Its time to show what LFC is all about.


    Johnson, Carragher, Agger and Cissocko/Enrique

    Gerrard, Lucas, Adam, Downing

    Carroll and Suarez.

    Bench: Kuyt, Skter, Pacheco, Spearing, Kelly, Doni, Henderson

  12. If you people have half a clue you would know that Gerrard has had serious problems with his groin in the past 18 months, he has finally had an operation that has sorted the problem and will be back in the side next year 100% fit and back to his old ways, Dont write Gerrard off just yet people he is going to play a provisional part in our title bid this year, him and Adam will be feeding Suarez and Carroll with inch perfect balls we will have a world class strike force, world class midfield and world class defence and the best keeper in the world!Have faith! Y N W A

  13. I know Gerrard has been out of form and injured for the last year and it comes as no surprise that we had an awful season. What people often forget about Gerrard is that its not just his leadership that we have been missing but the fact that he moves the ball quickly, and is willing to risk losing it in order to create a chance. We haven’t had enough of those kind of players. If you remember the start of last season before Woy shipped of Aquilani, Gerrard and the Italian were linking up beautifully. They thought alike and it brought balance to a team that had too many grafters and not enough quality.

    Can’t wait to see Gerrard next season with Charlie Adam behind him. This article is right, it WILL take the pressure off Gerrard and allow him to start enjoying his football again. Now a LB and a winger please…..Anyone know why we arn’t interested in Arda Turan? I have admired him for a couple of years now and he has stated at least twice that he would be honored to play for LFC. I’d rather him than downing.

    Also I really hope we see Pacheco and Sterling Next season. Especially Pacheco. I believe that he will work well with Suarez and he has a formidable cross. I’d like to see him on the right in a 4-2-3-1….Especially if we are up at home.

  14. Gerrard was the best, is the best and will remain the best for us i.e. the kops. The Indian Cricket team gifted the greatest cricketer of all time- Sachin Tendulkar by winning the World Cup for the first time in 28 yrs,now LIVERPOOL will gift Gerrard the premier league by winning it. We have faith in King Kenny.
    You’ll never walk alone

  15. He is a legend playing for liverpool for 11-10 years? and hes still playing were just lucky we still have him! Next season i bet he will score long goals again like in 2008 STEVIE G IS A LEGEND

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